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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I'll take a shot at our first half of conference play. I'm thinking we finish the first half 3-6 although the OSU game is a tossup to me so we might end up 4-5. The better news is we get TCU at home in the second half, but have two probable losses to TTU and also play OU on the road.

    @ #6 Baylor - loss
    OU - win, OU doesn't play well in Austin usually
    KSU - win
    @OSU - loss
    #3 KU - loss
    @ #16 WVU - loss
    @TCU - loss
    ISU - win
    @ #3 KU - loss
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  2. ViperHorn

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    The conference is like a Mack truck coming right at Smart's team. Right now 3-6/4-5 for the first half are the optimistic projections. The odds of winning 1 game on the road cannot be higher than 40/60.
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  3. longhorn47

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    Can we get out of Waco alive? If the 3s aren't falling, we're looking at a 20+-point whippin'...or should I say whoopin'?
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  4. Statalyzer

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    Not bad, we've almost managed to hit 40 points late in the 2nd - oh, that's right, the men's college game uses halves, not quarters...
  5. MajesticII

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    CDC taking notes ? Time for CDC to pull the string on a couple more head coaches. He fixed the softball he needs to fix the men's and women's basketball next....Havoc ? More like Heimlich.
  6. Htown77

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    CDC has no control or say over women's sports. UT has a separate men's athletic director and a separate women's athletic director. UT lets CDC send out the emails for both, but he is only in control of the men's side. The hilarious thing is he gets paid for more only doing half the work most athletic director's do.

    @Vol Horn 4 Life I agree with your analysis except that you have to remember that Shaka's team will get really hot on the 3s and upset someone they shouldn't and then get really cold on the 3s and lose to someone they shouldn't. In fairness, which games those will be is completely unpredictable.
  7. ViperHorn

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    Htown, CDC is Vice President and the Director of Athletics. The split went out with his hire. Plonsky was demoted to an Executive Assistant.
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  8. Htown77

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    Wow! I just looked at the UT website and they have divided up different sports amongst different people. I never thought UT would ever end the "Darrell Royal Rule" and just took it for granted. This is huge. Did this get media fanfare, and I just missed it?

    Edit: Yep, reading the articles, I missed it! I am even more shocked they changed it with Plonsky still here.
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  9. ViperHorn

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    Agree. She probably knows too much so keeping her was the best course of action.
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  10. FWHORN

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    Really hard to find 7 conference wins on this schedule and 6-12 seems most likely which will put them 17-14 at best and maybe another NIT bid or some even lesser post season tourny.

    I think the $ factor is still at play in any decision to move on from Shaka and I fear he comes back next year regardless because of the payout still being so high.
  11. ViperHorn

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    It would be cheaper to pay some AAC or Conference USA team to take him.
  12. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    There goes my guess on how bad this team can play. We suck!!! I had moderate hopes before the season we would see some improvement but I knew this far into the Shaka era this is the coach we have.
  13. Htown77

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    Do not worry. The game where we get hot, hit a bunch of 3s, beat someone we have no business beating and give everyone false hope has yet to come!
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