Confused in Marriage

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Rayug, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Unfortunately, there is no right answer. Women are just ******* batshit crazy. All of them.

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    It's funny how I see myself in some of these descriptions of women. Or maybe it's not so funny. At any rate, a lot of this advice is dead on.
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    I recommend the book "Men are from Mars, Women from Venus"- it has about 60 pgs on how men and women are different on this EXACT issue. Men are too logical and think women are asking for advice. Us Men assume all problems and issues need a solution. Whereas women associate conversing about a problem as a big part of the solution- or at least therapy for the issue.

    Anyways- this book is a classic and will change forever how you view the two sexes..
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    Whatever you say, don't say, "You don't say." Much better to say, "I told you the ***** was crazy."
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    And she replies, "Billy, when I tell you that I'm thirsty. I don't want you to get me a drink of water. I want you to sympathize with my thirstedness."

    Women want you to sympathize with their thirstedness.

    Which is why in the thousands of years mankind has been ruling over the earth it has been the man who has accomplished things: bridges, roads, inventions, science, etc.

    Sure, there are always exceptions, but it is this "female" focus on empathy and not on problem-solving that limits females' effectiveness and worth in a problem-solving environment.
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    That is no way to get laid, brotha.
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    there are many key words, phrases to use in those situations:

    1. Ask questions like " how'd that make you feel?"
    2. that sucks, i hate it when people do that, why do people do that?
    3. Do you want me to beat them up? always a nice icebreaker.
    4. you have to LISTEN, and engage, but not try to SOLVE.
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    The converse of this is women - if you want to just sympathize with your problems, take it to another woman. If you want to not have to deal with the same problem over and over again, take it to a man.
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    You think you're confused? My wife alternates between the "wants sympathy" woman and the "wants solution" woman and the "just wants to let you know hubby screwed up" woman. It's up to me to decide which one I'm dealing with. I know there's a clue somewhere in the type of sigh she emits, but sometimes I can't tell.

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