Congrats Obama, from a non-supporter.

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by The Creature, Nov 4, 2008.

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    I sincerely congratulate Barack Obama on his vicory in the presidential election.

    I myself am a Libertarian who leans in the conservative direction. I voted for Bob Barr, with an overall leaning towards McCain for the actual office.

    Why have I created this thread? Because although I disagree with Barack Obama on some key issues, I respect not only the office of the presidency but also the struggle that Obama has dealt with to come so far. I made a personal vow years ago, following the political infighting of the late Clinton years, to rise above personal witchhunting and hatred. In addition, while I am fiscally conservative, I am also socially liberal.

    After the last hateful sixteen years, I choose to support President-Elect Obama fully, at least until such time as he gives me serious reason not to. I choose not to bow to the hate-mongering of the major parties. I may not support some of Obama's policies, but as far as I am concerned, he is in fact my President, and I respect that office greatly, and fully recognize that he has earned it.

    So I call on all of you to do the same. Conservatives, don't take a tit-for-tat stance on this. Don't excuse bad behavior with the bad behavior of so-called Democrats during G.W. Bush's presidency. And Liberals, don't be Tech fans about this by trying to rub it in the face of conservatives. Show you can win with dignity.

    I'm looking forward to social changes that I've been hoping for. Granted, I have misgivings in a fiscal viewpoint, but luckily my independent viewpoint means that there's hope for at least some of my stances.

    If there is indeed a God, I hope he blesses all of us, and brings us together. God bless President Obama, and all those who are willing to work together for the good of our nation and the world. And God let us all come together to find the right solutions to the challenges we face for the coming years.
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    I guess this wasn't partisan enough to grab anyone's attention.
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    no its just that a vote for a candidate that had no chance of carrying any state is just stupid no matter what your views. You might as well have written in yourself.
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    I commend you on that post. I too hope all the divisive nonsense is behind us.
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    Creature, I very much value ones principals and absolutely think people should vote their minds, but I guess I still don't see your arguement. The libertarian party isn't even drawing 2% much less any where near 5% to get this funding. Most decisions should be made within the confines of what's realistic. In your vote, you vote for what you fully believe but obtain none of it. That said, I respect your opinion.
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    So, naturally, you're admitting that it wouldn't have made a difference whether I voted for McCain or voted for Bob Barr. McCain would've carried the state either way.

    So honestly it's just as well that I voted my principles.

    But the point of this thread was honestly to show those who supported Obama that I'm not going to succumb to partisan bickering and automatically lambast Obama for what he is purported to support. I meant to show that I am a reasonable human being and will not react to Obama in a partisan way, but will consider his actions reasonably and without prejudice.

    The entire point of my creating this thread was to make people aware that there are some of us who will not allow ourselves to be bound by partisan politics from the get-go. I hope there are more out there who will treat this administration's decisions rationally, rather than fall into the trap of previous years and judge everything by way of rote partisan knee-jerk politics.

    Understand, again, that I am NOT an Obama supporter, and personally disagree with most of his policies.

    However, I do believe that the growing disrespect for the office of he Presidency is unhealthy, and automatic and immediate distrust of the president due to partisanship is highly destructive.

    Here's to independent thought. I hope it lasts. [​IMG]
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