Congrats to Katy!!! 'The Techie' in Nov Alcalde!

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Parrothead, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Parrothead

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    No link yet, but on page 38 of the Nov/Dec edition of the Alcalde!

    Very nice article about the creation of Hornfans, and yes Robert's in there too!

    siap, but I didn't see it anywhere, or know which board to post on.

    too late to type it out tonight, but I will manana!

    congrats again!
  2. Parrothead

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  4. TexasRx

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    Thanks Katy!

    BTW, I was at that Cotton Bowl. I remember Ricky's last game when he ran all over MICHIGAN STATE and struck the Heisman pose in the endzone. That was allsome. [​IMG]
  5. l00p

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    heblhb, paging neblhb, your picture is ready.
  6. Hornilicious

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    Am I nuts? Didn't we play Mississippi State in that Cotton Bowl game?
  7. honkinhorn

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    Shouldn't this go In The Stands?
  8. HoustonHorn93

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    I know Robert is old but damm I didn't realize he was that old.

  9. cochamps

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    I am not sure whether to congratulate her or not. Being called a "Techie" sounds like she is being farmed out to Lubbock!

    Surely not [​IMG]
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    She's probably the type that likes Sci Fi tv shows like Battlestar Galactica and pressures her friends to be addicted by it and all of its magnificent glory. [​IMG]
  15. HatDaddy

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    Someone on another post here was talking about the guy with all the tats....
  16. Endust

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    Katy! Katy! Katy!

    but how did I miss that Michigan State game?

    I thought Horn Fans was conceived on the night Chris Simms switched his commitment to TEXAS?
  17. LonghornGirlie

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    Thanks all. I'm not quite sure that stuck a minor leaguer like myself next to Frank Denius and Coach Royal. It would be more fitting for me to share a page with Wilson or somebody.

    Endust, that wasn't the day HornFans was conceived. It was the day HornFans died.. the first time. [​IMG] Between he and then Cory Redding doing a last minute announcement, we learned a lot aobut how obsessive Horn fans are about recruiting. [​IMG]

    It was shortly after that our first hosting provider kicked us out saying that they couldn't handle the traffic and we needed to buy our own servers.
  18. Texanne

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    I want to let you and Robert know how much I appreciate this website and all that you do. This site keeps me sane much of the time (the the rest of the time, it's what makes me crazy!) and I cannot imagine life without it. Hornfans is a community in every sense of the word, and I am proud to be a part of it.

    But, like a wayward but not hopelessly backward child, it needs discipline every now and again. I share your opinion that this site must be held to a higher standard.

    Hook 'em Hornfans! [​IMG]

    Love you both!
  19. BevoNation

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    Cheers [​IMG]

    I must have glossed over this in the Alcalde this month, sorry! [​IMG] The shiny pictures lured me in first... I'm guilty [​IMG]
  20. Oilfield

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    Ditto what Texanne said.
  21. accuratehorn

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    Nice article, and well deserved praise!
    I have my Alcalde on the coffee table unopened so far, so hadn't seen the story.
  22. J.R.69

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    Thanks, 'Girlie!
  23. RAYHAN

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    Thanks to you and Robert for years of fun on this site and especially the out of town tailgates.

    BTW - The 1999 Cotton Bowl was against Jackie Sherrill's MISSISSIPPI STATE, not Michigan State and it was oh so sweet.
  24. NebLHAB

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    100p, we're here. Anyone else wonder why the high number/correlation with the Hornfans community?

    Wish Lynn had started with Mr Frank Denius. Genuine WW II hero and massive supporter of and donor to our university.

    Really fun crowd to be associated with, tho.

    Beat the HELL outta UCF!

  25. mihm_rules_mom

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    HornFans is the best ever! Thanks, Katy. [​IMG]

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