Cool words we don't use anymore.

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Son of a Son, May 14, 2009.

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    What is hirsel, and what is tass, other than the Russian news agency?
    And while we are on cool words, I saw a bumper sticker with the term fragging on it, as in, My Gamer is Fragging your Honor Student. Is this translatable into English?
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    Speaking of "honky" and "square"...

    Out to dinner at Houston's at Burnet and Anderson a month ago. We had to wait a bit for a table, and the skank at the podium (you'll get the reference in a second) took notes as to which of the folks in the crowd were associated with what table ticket.

    We got called for our table and she (accidentally?) left the ticket with her notes on it, which we read as we waited for the waiter.

    Here note said "grey honky, square blonde". I was mildly amused, the mishtress much less. She was "sore".
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    In reply to:

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    Thanks to you whippersnappers, I can now use fragging in a sentence without being square.
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    surprised I did not see:


    Yeah, baby! [​IMG]

    Not sure these were ever cool, but I don't think I saw these words listed:

    cad - as in he is a cad
    shag - a womans haircut from the 60-70's, form of cheap carpet or he shagged her
    fab - short for fabulous, the Fab Four (otherwise known as The Beatles)
    Cats pajamas
    Aggies - it officially changed to aggy years ago
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    You don't hear many people these days referring to the wife/girlfriend as "the old lady"
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    Scooter bug
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    I second "broad."

    I also use "ice-house" to refer to convenience stores.
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    My FIL sent an email in which he used "persnickity." Add it to the list.
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    trollop (means floozie, tramp)

    My grandparents used to say this all the time and I used to laugh my *** off. It just sounds hilarious in context. I would not be disappointed if this word made a comeback.
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    I know, the Irish use them. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't too. :p
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    When did a "rubber" become a "condom"?
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    bespoke (maybe not in the UK but in the US)

    "For the love of Pete"
    "For Pete's sake"
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    Choice as in...

    "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. "
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    Gadzooks and ods bodkins.
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    I like: Dig

    as in: " She digs him"
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    A beautiful one just came up on the baseball board:

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    Some o' them words are still in use out here... we have not one, but two ice houses (although one's being an insurance agency and the other one's boarded up). And, hell's bells, I just used "whilst" over in the baseball forum. Dang. Small world.

    Ice Box

    I hear "ice box" used a fair amount still (if you're scratchinh your head, it's for that thing in your kitchen you might call a "fridge"), but maybe that's 'cause we're stuck in the "Home of the Last Frontier". I reckon some Alaskans would take issue with that, but the closest place I can see a traffic light that changes colors is 75 miles away, so it's not totally undeserved... yeah, I know some o' them Alaskans gotta go to a whole different country to see the lights change, but they ain't in Texas, so it doesn't count. Now that I think of it, my SECOND closest color-changing light is in a different country...

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