“Coordinator-Level Changes…”–Big Cigar

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by HousHorn09, Dec 2, 2010.

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    I bet Weltlich's teams averaged more points than Vince did.

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    Taps is on a roll lately. Cracking me up.
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    This thread is ridiculous. It's like a bunch of kids arguing with the teacher who deserves credit and who is cheating.

    The real action is at Belmont, and the web sources are merely one of multiple media sources we have to use to find out what the real action is. I come to HF in part because no other website has Longhorn nutty fans like myself that will LINK to NEW NEWS as it arrives any better.

    Unless there is news, I'd like to pass on the speculation and [​IMG]
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    Maybe his real name is Jesus?
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    Just add the word "might" to my last post.

    When the word on the street is that unnamed sources got the inside scoop anonymously, the pre-reported event happening is not proof that the early report was right when it said the event was definitely going to happen.

    That's why this sort of journalism is so cheap. All you need is some sort of source to overhear something and draw conclusions about it and then tell you, and then you look like you broke the story first a week later when it actually happens - even though your source probably didn't have the whole story and the outcome might have actually still been in doubt at that point.

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