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    For perspective, the mini-surge in cases in Texas has not resulted in a likewise response in deaths.

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    Further, deaths are still declining in FL, GA, AZ, and CA.
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    Of course, Trump's mouth has a lot to do with that.
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    It has been pointed out that much of the surge in El Paso comes from llegals crossing for the free care
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    But Daniel Borunda may be reached at 915-546-6102;; never quotes an actual hospital administrator. Just the county judge about hospital. Sounds like shoddy journalism to me.

    Plus they are now fining people for not wearing a mask or violating curfew. Tyranny.

    They should protect old and sick people and let the rest of the people do what they want. They can stay home if they want. They need more immunity in the youth of their population. Once they get that the numbers will all go down. Shutting things down like this just opens them up for another surge later.
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    It is called fun with numbers. The article does not actually assert hospitalizations for COVID-specific issues spiked. And guess what...if you go from 1 to 3, you spiked 200%.

    What has ALSO not been specified is how many of those are actual citizens who LIVED in El Paso as opposed to border jumpers who want care in a US hospital in the false hope that it allows them to stay in the US. Why you think the Valley saw big numbers earlier in the year?

    And no...less than 200 in ICU should not be straining a hospital system.
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    It is all Fake News at this point from any normal news source. They just aren't smart enough to think through the situation enough to understand it and communicate about it in a helpful way.
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    Statewide 5,650 Covid patients in hospitals and 12,867 available beds
    ArcGIS Dashboards
    Data by region is here. I didn't see any capacity issues in any region.
    ArcGIS Dashboards
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    Welcome to the board, first timer. You need to bring a stronger game if you don't want to be slapped with data and facts around here.
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    Did you even read the article?

    El Paso County had 853 patients in hospitals for COVID-19 as of Monday morning, up 67 patients from the day before, which had set the previous record, according to city-county health data.

    I don't know what kind of math you are doing but that doesn't look like "1 to 3" to me.

    Straight from official state government statistics (
    Total ICU Beds AVAILABLE in all of El Paso: 55 (page 9)

    Ok, let's say you are right. What's the next step then? The infections have already spread beyond them and are here.
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    Much of the blame has to go to City Officials who knew there would be illegals sneaking over to get free medical care.
    Why didn't they work with hospital officials to anticipate a surge and maybe have Ft Bliss on stand by?
    Did the city ask the Fed for help?
    Did the El Paso official even ask Ft Bliss?
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    Hospitals are fine managing their own census and operations. The fear created by the media and government has resulted in people not going to the hospital when they need to (heart attacks/strokes) resulting in increased to DOA rates. Additionally, hospitals are seeing double digit decreases in surgeries which cause financial distress.

    The answer is not more government involvement, it’s less that is needed at this point.
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    film about year 4 of the lockdown

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    Good lord. Just bite the bullet and get herd immunity. Not all Indians died of small pox for example. We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have an immune system. This is similar thinking behind global warming alarmism.
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    Total of 55 ICU beds in all of El Paso? That is very hard to believe. El Paso has several very large hospital complexes. I would be very surprised if Wm Beaumont and the TT Medical Center did not have 25-30 between them alone. But not saying I couldn't be wrong.
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  20. Clean

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    "The film follows a dystopian reality where COVID has mutated and the world is in Year 4 of lockdown"

    Sounds like the movie is projecting what will happen in the Harris Administration, oops, I mean the Biden Administration.
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    In addition to the alleged numbers from Mexico, I can say for a fact that the border culture is not one to necessarily give a sh*t about things. They do what they do. I'm from Laredo and I know the pachangas are still going on. The city council of Laredo expressed extreme local frustration at the locals. They said the flat out lack of care was appalling. They slapped a curfew on last spring and announced they'd fine people who violated it (a law to be enforced! Wow!). When questioned about the debt that would inevitably mount on people in violation of the curfew a council member said:

    "I'd rather bury people in debt than in graves."

    They also stated, without equivocation, that they knew the problem on the otro lado (the other side of the river) was not being dealt with properly.
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    Interesting and to your point that the complaint about the curfew and fines was the burden on people as they repeatedly violated it.
    No personal responsibility.
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    It was obvious people were ignoring the situation. I saw it personally as people crowded into convenience store gas stations. The city council probably over-reached but ironically, they were reacting to mass "disobedience."

    However, these same city council members allowed a large "Defund the wall" sign to be painted on the street. Mass disobedience at the border is not to be conflated with mass disobedience of other edicts.
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    The pain in Spain is mainly in the plains

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    I'm so glad its almost Nov. 4th. Trump told us last night that after the election we will not hear about COVID anymore. I'm so happy to hear that cause I'm tired of it....:facepalm::rolleyes1:
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    If he wins, then, correct, the strategy used to make Covid something that it isn't, an extremely deadly and ICU overrunning virus, will go away. The lockdowns etc., will all end. The gamble will not have paid off, so the Dems will open things back up in hopes the electorate forgets all the pain they have caused. They, not the virus.

    If Biden wins, lord help us all. He will work to make everyone dependent on gubment and powerless to do anything without taking up arms.

    Maybe your third party candidate will win.
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  28. theiioftx

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    It won’t be over November 4, but will be over by January 17th after the SCOTUS declares a winner.
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    Thats not what Trump said last
  30. WillUSAF

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    You can say what you will. We agree on many things but I am just pointing out just 1 more stupid *** comment out of Trumps mouth. It is impossible for him not to say stupid ****. The only time he didn't is when he was in Walter Reed. I'm really looking forward to this week if he loses. This is not going to be a good week for America no matter who wins this ******* circus or so called election.

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