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    The data is showing that flu virus is very low compared to previous years. Something is happening.
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    Same here.
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  3. theiioftx

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    The flu has a vaccine and now more people are washing their hands which are the two best protections.
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    Flu Season Never Came to the Southern Hemisphere

    We also pass it back and forth between here and the southern hemisphere. I heard on a podcast that it was down 95% for this season. So, starting in March we didn't send them much virus and we won't be getting back much to pass around.

    The Southern Hemisphere skipped flu season this year, likely because of social distancing - CNN

    Only 51 positive people in Chile, Australia and South Africa.
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    I've noticed that I haven't gotten a cold this year. Usually I have at least one, and I've been working from home since about March time frame, so much less close contact with others.

    Shows that whatever the Wuhan death count is for a country, it should be subtracted by the yearly flu deaths to get to a true difference, as well as looking at the usual deaths in nursing homes from other respiratory illnesses.
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    Stroke, heart attack and cancer deaths too
    Even motorcycle wrecks and tumbles off a ladder
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    Those crazy Trump voters again, putting everyone at risk

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    It’s more than that. Note Covid is 3-4x more deadly than flu, which means it’s less contagious than the flu (since covid occurs in lungs and back of throat). The flu is more easily transmitted since it involves the sinuses (but less lethal). As such, you would expect social distancing, hand washing, and masks make a greater impact on reducing spread.
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    That doesn't seem like a sufficient reason.
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    IFR is about double the flu, ~0.3% vs 0.17.

    If social distancing, hand washing, and masks reduced spread it would be surging in Europe and the mid-West right now.
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    Didn’t understand your last sentence and maybe you didn’t understand mine. Better hygienic practices are going to have a greater impact on diseases that are more contagious and vice versa on less contagious diseases. Thus expect flu to better respond to hand washing etc than covid. This is why flu season will be down this year.
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    • Regeneron will have 30k doses ready to go tomorrow
    • Regeneron to provide 300k doses to US by early Jan
    I had hoped this day would have occurred mid-Oct instead of mid Nov, but here we are. Regardless, every football player could have gotten a transfusion of this on Oct 1 (if I was king) or even Sept 1 as part of the official trial for use as a prophylactic.
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    Also, that would be nice.
  16. theiioftx

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    Maybe not, but the two best ways to avoid the flu are taking the vaccine and washing your hands often.
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  17. OUBubba

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    The potential success of these treatments and vaccinations are great. Trump and his team surely deserve some credit, much like the success of the H1N1 response truly belonged to Bush and his team. If things play out as it looks you'd think that if we re-voted, that he would win, given how close it was. Here's the problem. He spent 4 years saying things like "I know more about ISIS than the generals, we've got a new health care plan coming out that's going to be better than Obamacare and cheaper and I'll release the plan in two weeks, the wall will be big and beautiful and Mexico will pay for it." So, when he says, "they're having great success on a vaccine and we expect it just after the election" people don't believe him. It's the boy who cried wolf.
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    Here is a dad getting arrested by some local Bubbas bc his son wasnt wearing a mask

    These mask ‘rules’ are going to destroy the relationship between the law abiding citizen and police. Democrats want to defund and destroy law enforcement, but if police continue to arrest people for not forcing their kids to wear masks the rest will follow suit.

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    Took me a second to pick myself off the ground. Bubba giving credit to Trump? do you have the virus Bubba? Something is messing with your mind today.
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    Will the real Rachel please stand up
    Which one is it?
    Or, is it both?

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    Any idea on the cost of that therapy?
  22. Joe Fan

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    After Newsome defunds the Police, who is he going to call to arrest Grandma at Thanksgiving for serving 11?
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    Fairfax County, VA (state's largest) showing Fs are up by 83% this year with their online learning program
    Fs for students w/ disabilities up by 111%
    English learner Fs up by 106%
    Hispanic children Fs up by 92% And they are underperforming in English 47% and math 42%
    Overall, 35% of all their kids are underperforming in math, and 39% in English
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  27. 4th_floor

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    I'm surprised public schools give Fs.
  28. Joe Fan

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    Good point
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    "The average age of coronavirus decedents is 80, which is four years higher than the average life expectancy for US males in 2018 and just a year under [that] of females"

    More Salem than Thanksgiving | Spectator USA
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    The guidelines are out folks. Keep those music levels down.

    Singing and shouting? Forget about it.


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