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    There goes another liberal thinking I'm trying to do something political by not wearing a mask. Forcing me to wear the mask is or was (he he) political. Me not wearing one is because I think the mandate is (was, he he) useless based on what I see with my own eyes in data and known facts. We all know the 500k death number is ********. Almost all of this data is those who died with Corona but not necessarily from Corona as admitted by the CDC months ago. I'm not trying to prove anything by not wearing a mask other than me being a free American. On the other hand you're trying to prove how "compassionate" you are by wearing one and expecting me to wear one. I don't expect you to do anything because what you do is your choice. I wear a mask at work because I like to get paid and eat.

    Now go be a hero and triple up your muzzle! I heard that works better than doubling it up.

    By the way, my data is not anecdotal. I have 550+ employees. 100+ have tested positive over the last year most in the last 3-4 months since testing has become so easily accessible. I assume many others actually had covid but couldn't get tested. Every last one of the positive tests were medically cleared back to work within 7 days and have ZERO lasting effects. Outside of work i know several people who have had corona and are fine. These are all facts. What I am NOT saying is my facts apply across the world, however it leads me to believe a gross overreaction and probable significant false information being forced on the public. Now go read up on your liberal rag data and believe what you want.
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    Annual death rates below over the last 8 years. The total deaths per 1,000 has been increasing over the past decade. You can see below the rate of increase declined 2019 vs 2020. Even with "half a million" 'rona deaths the US actually slowed down the death rate growth.

    2020 8.9 1.19 %
    2019 8.8 1.29 %
    2018 8.7 1.35 %
    2017 8.6 1.37 %
    2016 8.5 1.31 %
    2015 8.4 1.21 %
    2014 8.3 1.02 %
    2013 8.2 0.82 %
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    Cite your source please.

    BTW, my sources say your data is ********:

    Link: Preliminary US death statistics show over 3.1 million total deaths in 2020—at least 12% more deaths than in 2019.

    Link: FastStats

    2019 death rate: 8.7 per 1000
    2020 death rate: 9.7 per 1000

    The 2020 death rate is actually an underestimate because the last 8 weeks of 2020 data haven't been incorporated into the overall mortality rate yet.
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    Yep, pretty reasonable.
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    I guess Abbott is worried that his poll numbers are too low for him to be a serious contender for 2024. This is clearly a Hail Mary that goes in the opposite direction from his previous moves. I am still glad he did it and hope he doesn't go limp above the waste when the left starts throwing crap at him.
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    And that’s the truth...
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    Biden announced there will be enough vaccine for all adults by end of May.

    The morons in the Biden admin and their lackeys in the press finally figured out that there are 250m adults in this country and no one under 18 should get the vaccine (note children vaccination receiving FDA approval not likely until summer). Plus, the harm to children is actually LESS than the flu. Thus, number of arms for vaccination is reduced from 330m to 250m. Yet how many articles were written about the slow vaccination rate in January and how poorly were their assumptions. I think most assumed late 2021 for full vaccination. I said from beginning that children should be excluded from the math plus some percentage of the adults who likely won’t take it until Fall or never. Anything to make Trump look bad and create a false crisis of low vaccine supply. Now Biden is the hero!
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    United States of America Death rate, 1950-2020 -

    Seems like a neutral and reliable source to me. Its just facts and according to your link its just facts as well and thats my point. I love statistics but I also say statistics are for losers because they can easily be manipulated. I like to balance out what I see with my own eyes with things I can find online. I don't trust ANY politician nor the media nor any "medical professional" being influenced by politicians to tell me what to think because they ALL lie. They are never looking out for my best interest as far as I'm concerned.
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    They told us the death was initially recorded as a COVID-19 death after the victim tested positive. After the medical examiner and epidemiologist reviewed the death, they say they removed it from the COVID fatality list.

    So they initially recorded a motorcycle death as a Covid death. Makes sense. They later corrected the cause. Why in the world would they record the death as a Covid death initially? Why would Cuomo lie about nursing home deaths? Why did Fauci lie about wearing a mask initially? Why would the WHO lie about masks initially? Why would you ever trust the government to tell you what to do?
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    No, iatrogenic, Fauci didn't initially lie about masks. He was being honest then. He's lying now.
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    7 day daily average for lunch doses now over 1.9m per day.
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    He said that about masks when we were panicked that we didn't have enough masks for health care workers. We had someone wanting to mask up every visitor. Turned out we had 9 days worth of masks on hand to do that and it was difficult to get any at the time.
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    Speaking of free...when are you going to use some of those mammoth $GME profits you claimed to have and send something to Dion to sponsor?
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    And yet there was a medical examiner in Florida who actually stated on camera during an interview that a motorcyclist who died in an MVA *might* have died because of COVID due to the fact that they tested positive.

    Those things did indeed happen.
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    I wear a mask because it's the smart thing to do, not because the government said so.

    So many of you guys seem to think that the fact that the masks aren't perfect means that they are worthless. The truth is that they are partially effective, which is a hell of a lot better than nothing.
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    I'll tell you something else that happened. Thousands of people died from respiratory illness in Feb/March 2020 who had COVID but were not diagnosed with COVID because testing was not widely available yet.

    A colleague of mine runs an ICU in New York, their testing supply was extremely spotty at first and he is aware of at least 100 deaths in that ICU in Feb/early March that died of COVID but were not recorded as COVID deaths because they didn't have enough tests to run at the time and were only diagnosed post-mortem based on autopsy testing.

    Underdiagnosis due to lack of testing is at least an order of magnitude higher than overdiagnosis mistakes.

    The article I linked showed that all of the noted erroneous cases of COVID identification were changed on the death certificates.
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    He said that about masks because no one had told him to contradict everything we knew about masks in 2019 and before. Then, there were political reasons to say masks work not scientific ones. Then he said double masks would be unneeded because he knows that even 1 mask doesn't help. But then there were political reasons to say it would help and a very faulty lab experiment was given as support for it.
  19. Monahorns

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    The actual case and death data disagrees with you many times over.
  20. iatrogenic

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    In other words, he lied.
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    It did show that "all" two of them were changed. (Actually one was changed and the car wreck was correctly attributed to Covid). Again, how could anyone report a motorcycle wreck death as Covid? Are there others? 1? 10,000? Who knows.
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    I wear one too. I don't walk around telling anyone else what to do. Does it help? Don't know. Bank robbing has become substantially easier, however.
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  24. Sangre Naranjada

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    We identified seasonal human coronaviruses, influenza viruses and rhinoviruses in exhaled breath and coughs of children and adults with acute respiratory illness. Surgical face masks significantly reduced detection of influenza virus RNA in respiratory droplets and coronavirus RNA in aerosols, with a trend toward reduced detection of coronavirus RNA in respiratory droplets. Our results indicate that surgical face masks could prevent transmission of human coronaviruses and influenza viruses from symptomatic individuals.

    First, who among the general public wears surgical face masks?
    Second, the word "could"... Not "will", not "definitely does", just "could".

    Your own links are weak sauce.
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    They demanded the public wear cloth masks to prevent the runs on N-95’s that already started. Knowing some of our hospitals were in short supply, we bought cases from Home Depot for our frontline clinicians. Fauci and the CDC came out early on the public not needing to mask. It was only after the PPE revelations that they gave the orders.
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    As per usual for the anti-mask brigade, you didn't read all the links:

  27. theiioftx

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    At least that study admitted an initial reason for masks was to prevent a run on medical masks. Still not sure how you can estimate how the public is doing on wearing properly or having a clean mask. Also not sure why such sophisticated people wouldn’t sponsor this site.
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    Aren't you one of the guys who said masks don't work at all?
  29. Chop

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    Yeah, the winter storm fiasco didn’t chase them off so Abbott made a move.
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    They work barely when worn properly and cleaned or thrown out after each use. So they work as good as sneezing into your arm sleeve. Maybe somewhat better than not wearing one at all, but no real evidence shows differently. The spike in February is the science.
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