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    IMO, the best people to listen to are the Texas healthcare systems. The physicians and executives are, overall, a very republican group of people. Believe me.

    And I know first hand that they are motivated to keep Covid19 numbers down because it reduces elective surgeries, which are the biggest part of the margins.

    Baylor Scott & White Health on LinkedIn: Y’all Stay Safe! | 48 comments
    Hendrick Health on LinkedIn: In light of Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order (GA-34), which

    Seriously, these guys are red. But the facts are the facts for them. No politics or grandstanding.
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    Do OKC and Tulsa have mask mandates? They are the hottest of the hot when it comes to the spread of covid. And not surprising that the surrounding counties are the next level.

    Oklahoma Coronavirus Cases & Deaths by County
  3. 4th_floor

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    Of course these people wear masks in surgery, even though the data clearly shows that masks do not prevent the spread of infection during surgery. But I'm sure they are right this time.
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    Dude please tell me you're not going to post that ridiculous study again which showed that masks in the OR don't prevent wound infections.

    Because that will only prove that you know nothing about surgery or the operating room environment and you know nothing about the type of bugs that cause wound infections.

    You know that study is completely irrelevant right? And you do know that any surgeon you ask will tell you up front that they are going to continue to wear the mask EVEN IF THAT STUDY IS LEGITIMATE.

    You need to go talk to surgeons and find out why they don't care what your study says.
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    Okc and Tulsa both have mandates. In the Tulsa region the suburbs are much more aggressively anti mask.
  6. theiioftx

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    There is no evidence of correlation between mask mandates or lockdowns to Covid surges. Feel free to prove me wrong.
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    There are multiple studies that show that an entire community wearing masks reduces the spread of covid 19. Prove me wrong.
  8. theiioftx

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    Feel free to post a link.

    California and New York had the strictest guidelines. They also had huge numbers of cases.
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    Not sure why the right is anti science.
  10. OUBubba

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    We have a large number of studies that contradict other studies but the pro-science side is what you believe, right?
  12. theiioftx

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    Show me the science you speak of where masks stopped or even slowed the virus. Just because CNN says so, that’s not science.
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    Vaccinations over 2m (7 day avg) for 3 straight days. Where is the hoopla? This is 2x Biden’s goal and 1.33x Biden’s stretch goal. If we can get to 2.5m per day by end of March, we will be in good shape.
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    You guys support closing schools.
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    You mean this science?

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    A reason to be skeptical that Fauci believed masks were effective in March 2020 but just tried to prevent a run on them.

    This is why those in power want to censor dissenting voices on social media. The people can expose their lies and corruption so well otherwise.

  17. theiioftx

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    Why do healthcare workers wear N-95 versus cloth or cotton? If the common mask works, why not just use them?
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  18. 4th_floor

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    Yeah, and why don't they wear 2 N-95 masks like Dr. Fauci?
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  19. OUBubba

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    In this instance good old joe was right. That was a trolling post. I should have added a smiley.
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    Because an EEG would show you still have measurable brain activity?

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  22. AustinHorn24

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    LOL at you using random anonymous dudes on twitter as reliable scientific information.

    His "data" is a load of nonsense for 3 reasons:

    1. It mixes together data from regions that had mask mandates and those who did not have mask mandates

    2. On his BS "state" data he combines cities which had mask mandates with rural areas of the same state that did not, thus ******* up his own data set and making any correlations impossible.

    3. He's an anonymous random guy on twitter who didn't bother to publish anything or go through any kind of peer review

    I gave you a dozen studies, published in real journals, that show masks help. None of them were from random anonymous twitter trolls.

    Here's yet another one proving you wrong:

    Association of State-Issued Mask Mandates and Allowing ...

    Skip ahead to Table 1 if you want to see the money shot: Of course you need to understand what p values are and what they mean. Your anonymous twitter guy "expert" obviously doesn't.
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  23. Monahorns

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    1&2. Yes it is high level data comparing states and countries. Here is the thing. Orders were enacted at country and state levels not city levels. He also looks within regions where different orders were enacted. There is no observable effect. Plus he shows what he is comparing. Your study table doesn't show what is compared.

    AustinHorn24, what state in the US relied on city or rural orders? Texas didn't do that. Florida didn't do that. California didn't do that. New York didn't do that. You made a point that is incorrect at best and dishonest at worst.

    3. OMG! He didn't peer review? It is SOOO important who the person is that puts out the data. The data itself doesn't actually matter to you. It matters if he is "approved" or "official" or from a "government agency" or an official "health organization." Putting out data isn't allowed in your view.

    Wow. That Table 1. What a money shot. No explanation regarding when in the season the mandate was made. 80 days after a mandate was made there was a 1.8% reduction in cases and a 1.9% reduction in deaths. Was the mask mandate the only factor? Was it isolated from everything else going on in the world? Talk about obfuscating your own results. The p-values show statistical significance but such small levels of effect mean that it will be hard to replicate your results and that when you pick a different subset you are likely to get results showing 0 effect.

    You claim to understand science and statistics but based on your output here I wouldn't trust your directions to get to the nearest HEB.
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  24. 4th_floor

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    That's gold, Jerry!
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  25. OUBubba

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    I think school closings are a little out of line in general. I would think aggressive vaccinations for staff and some distancing at the high school level would work. That said, 10 of the 15 girls on my daughter's high school basketball team have had covid since November.
  26. bystander

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    My daughter has been in school, in class since school began last August. There have been cases of COVID including two of her close friends. She's been tested twice, both times negative. It's not a freak-out scary thing if managed.

    Unions are using it as unions use everything with histrionics to get what they want. She is in a private school and they are smart, organized and hold the correct amount of respect for the problem without the hysteria.
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  27. OUBubba

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    My unionized school is the same. So, maybe it's not "unions".
  28. bystander

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    Chicago? California? Is that just an immaterial blip?
  29. OUBubba

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    I think it has more to do with the political climate of the region than the boogeyman that is the union. That's my point. Red state is in person school.
  30. AustinHorn24

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    First off, you're wrong about replication, I already posted several other studies that back up this data several pages ago.

    Secondly, you're going to fault the study over that but take the world of a random twitter guy who won't put his name to the data he collected and does ZERO statistical analysis?


    I'll take the analysis of reputable scientists who actually put their names on papers and show REAL STATISTICAL ANALYSIS in the public domain over a random internet guy who vomits graphs with no statistical comparisons.

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