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  1. Horn2RunAgain

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    Did any of them die? Lose a limb? Or back in school doing what teenagers do?
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  2. OUBubba

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    Of course not. I’m not sure about their family members. That’s the danger.
  3. Horn2RunAgain

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    The real danger is kids not going to school and leading a normal life. JMO

    If a family member is at risk, all precautions should be taken. But kids need to be in school. Teachers (like my wife) need to be in the classroom with kids.
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    I don’t disagree with you on these points. I employ physicians and nurses who have taken care of patients for the last 12 months. I’ve seen medical directors break down emotionally during the two biggest surges due to the number of deaths they experienced. It’s a devastating virus to the compromised community of obese, cancer, heart diseased, COPD and diabetic citizens.

    It’s also devastating to children, business owners and otherwise healthy citizens who have been unnecessarily punished due to terrible decisions made by the government on how to manage a pandemic. The media continues to feed those bad decisions. The majority of Americans-the vast majority - have no idea about your studies. They all just expect to die if they get sick due to the media and idiotic moves by politicians on both sides. I’ve lost two friends due to suicide. Otherwise healthy people who lost everything due to their businesses being closed to save people from a disease with little likelihood of actually killing them.
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    My daughters school announced three things yesterday:

    1) No more temperature taking at school first thing. Here is their comment about this in part:

    "We have taken over 200,000 temperatures during the course of the school year and have not detected a single COVID-induced fever."

    2) No mask requirement when outdoors. Another comment in part:

    "We have conducted over 600 close contact investigations and have not found outdoor contact on campus to be a definitive source of infection."

    3) Indoors, the requirement to wear masks along with classroom/hallway (one way staircases for instance) distancing protocols will remain in force.
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  6. OUBubba

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    I agree 100%. We need to move heaven/earth to get all staff vaccinated.
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  7. OUBubba

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    We have caught no fever related covid cases doing door screenings. The temp checks is a waste of time/effort. Symptom screening, yes. Temp checks, only as a symptom screening box "have you had a fever in the last day".
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    I'm not aware of Biden letting "illegals" into the country. I am aware that he announced that 25k asylum applicants will be allowed into the country this year, pending the results of their application. A small fraction of those 25k have been let in so far. This is entirely consistent with Federal and international law -- making them "legals" by every plausible definition of the word.

    Regarding the coronavirus status of these legal migrants -- I think the Federal government shirked its responsibility by delegating the testing and quarantine process to the State. All migrants should be tested, and those who test positive should be forced to quarantine. Texas should not have that responsibility, with or without Federal assistance.

    So far, from what I've heard, Texas has tested all of the immigrants and around 100 have been positive. However, neither the State nor Federal government took any steps to quarantine the positives. I don't think this is smart, but I also don't think it is a huge calamity given the small number of people involved.
  9. mb227

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    I still recall the temp screening at some properties in Vegas over the summer...a few were doing thermal from a distance, after which you got a thumbs up or thumbs down on permission to enter. Some had a box at the door like the old walk-through metal detectors...they had been modified to add a sensor at the side that you put your wrist up to. Temp was shown on the other side. I never even read over 98 degrees and think I saw ONE person who was even over 99...several 93-94 readings. They put the boxes under the air conditioning vent which likely skewed things but also illustrated that, just like the TSA, it was all theatre.

    On my last trip to Vegas (first week of January), the boxes were gone. Hotel checked me with the temporal gun at check-in and that was it. Still stupid, but the gun is a lot cheaper than paying a firm to staff boxes at each door...
  10. NJlonghorn

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    All I said is that we have a ****-ton of excess deaths. I can't prove that the excess deaths were related to COVID-19, but the data does lend credibility to many/most of the COVID diagnoses that have been dismissively ridiculed on this board. Whether the true number of COVID deaths is 400k or 500k or 600k, who knows. But I haven't seen anything that points to a significantly lower number. That said, I'm all ears.

    Look at the data I linked to in the first place. It's beginning, middle, and end is a comparison of this year to prior years. They didn't just pull "excess" out of their asses.

    Given that we are dealing with 95% confidence, you would expect excess deaths to happen in 1 out of every 20 weeks. This held true between 2017 and March 2020, with only a couple of blips with any excess deaths at all during that period. Then, excess deaths began to pile up each and every week, in very large numbers that can't be explained away by random chance.
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    They are being given court dates which most won't ever show up to. They will remain ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    The State is limited in its ability to quarantine non-citizens. The federal government has control over immigration and has completely punted in favor of a catch-and-immediately release. This means the State would therefore be detaining someone in violation of the law to enforce a quarantine of a foreign national.

    Further, local jurisdictions that DO have some manner of quarantine capability don't have the resources for the Schiffshow that is occurring on the border since, among other things, there is no mechanism to reimburse the jurisdictions for the millions of dollars that have to be diverted to tend to illegal aliens.

    That 100 or so that tested positive was also only out of a small sample...the number I saw was that it was out of roughly 1100 tests. That means they are testing positive at rates greater than is observed amongst legal residents of this nation. The positive test rates, in and of itself, is not what concerns is the left that raises hell over mandates ending because...'rona. Yet the same groups have ZERO issues with the crisis at the border that the federal government refuses to recognize as a crisis.

    Put another way...there were some 100K 'encounters' in the past month from one recent dataset about border contacts. The government is moving to change the definition of a Metropolitan Statistical Area from 50K people to 100K people. This means ICE is basically having to allow an MSA into the nation on a monthly basis. A small city...every effing month. Without funding by the way...
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  12. NJlonghorn

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    I share your disdain for the hypocrites on the left. Now, if you could just redirect a sizable chunk of your disdain towards the equally hypocritical right, we'd be on the same page.
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  13. mb227

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    Let's see...hmm...the right is trying to restore freedoms and liberties for citizens and is voting against the blue state bailouts. Not seeing a problem there.
  14. Mr. Deez

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    From a political standpoint, I'm ok with this. However, I'm not going to pretend that there's a factual or scientific basis for it, because there isn't. It's a matter of greasing the squeaky wheel and taking away reasons for teacher unions to keep their members going to work at the expense of taxpayers and children. I'm willing to pay the extortion money.

    The reality is that moving heaven and earth to vaccinate a group is something you do for people who are at an unusually high risk of getting Covid at work and dying from it. I haven't seen any evidence that this is true of teachers.

    If politics were removed from vaccine priority, we'd prioritize largely according to age, and a 34 year old woman who works with kids who are wearing masks and hand sanitizing several times a day wouldn't be especially high on the list. She wouldn't be at the bottom, but she wouldn't be near the top. A 70 year old teacher with hypertension and diabetes? That's another matter.
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  15. OUBubba

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    It's not the teachers, it's their families. Since you can't be sure who is going home to take care of their ailing parents.
  16. Horn2RunAgain

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    I'm not sure why teacher's families would be any different than any other. The situation is the same. If someone is at risk, take all precautions

    My wife won't take the vaccine. She has graves disease, some vaccines don't work well in her system. She almost died 5 years ago taking an allergy shot. We both take flu shots but the episode from 5 years ago scared her off

    We both have caught the china virus, came through ok. We're 65 but in good health. If she were at risk she'd retire immediately. I'm not sure why all the paranoia in regards to the virus and schools. It isn't as big a threat as keeping kids at home
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  17. Monahorns

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    Children to adult isn't a vector for the disease. Children get the virus from adults, not the other way around.

    That is why schools should be completely open. No exceptions.
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    I'm going to get the shot but I myself have autoimmune difficulties that have done its damnedest over the years to kill me. It does makes me a little nervous to get the shot but I know getting Covid will possibly kill me with my health status. I'm existing at about 60% lung capacity so any more fluid created by Covid wouldn't be a pretty sight.
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  19. OUBubba

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    Harvard disagrees with you a little. Coronavirus outbreak and kids - Harvard Health
  20. Mr. Deez

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    This is true, but there are few professions about which this isn't true. You're not showing me why they are at greater risk than, for example, my criminal defense lawyer friend in Houston who often has to handle a hunk of $1 bills that have been in a stripper's butt crack to get paid.
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    Quite frankly teaching is much safer than many jobs working in person daily. For example, I have 40,000 customers a week and over 500 employees. They see the same 25 kids every day. Teachers and kids need to be in the classrooms.
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  22. Seattle Husker

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    Did school stop for you in 5th grade? ;)

    Not sure you are the model of success. Didn't you claim that >100 of your 500 employees have already test positive for COVID? To me, the teacher's unions are trying to be more cautious. Your >20% positive test rate is a cautionary tale, not something to boast about.
  23. Monahorns

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    Bubba, there is a lot of hemming and hawing in that article. I think they are trying to shape data around the story they want to tell. But they are still honest enough not to do so blatantly.
  24. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Yeah, that's my point. School is significantly less risky. You also failed to mention the part about everyone came back healthy. Put them back in school.
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  26. Horn6721

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    Do you understand what Catch and Release is. Where do you think those illegals are going once released.

    You said Texas is testing all illegals. I live here and was not aware we were
    Do you have link/source?
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  28. Sangre Naranjada

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    Sounds very reasonable.
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    I'm kind of in the same boat. I have COPD. I got the two Pfizer shots. I didn't have any trouble other than a sore arm at the injection site. I was nervous, but I'm glad I did it. Good luck.
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  30. bystander

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    It is very reasonable especially if you don't take a hysterical zero tolerance approach. OBVIOUSLY, someone has to make the judgment call that SOMEONE will get sick. Liberals don't allow that kind of conversation. They viciously attack people, saying things like, "SOMEONE WILL DIE." They exploit everything in the most vile manner possible.

    Luckily, this school is full of reasonable, rational, mature people who are doing their best.
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