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    The author doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Let's look at this particular passage:

    The author of that article doesn't understand the R value of viruses and how those varying numbers affect spread. COVID has an R value that is 2-5 times higher than flu.

    Of course he's an environmental science PhD whose research in ecology/climate change/hydrology has almost no relevance to viral spread.

    He needs to stay in his lane. I don't pretend to know anything about the science of hydrology so I'll stay out of his realm of expertise.
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    If masks ended flu then virologists would have suggested masks 100 years ago. The R value might be relevant if the case rate merely decreased on some level.

    "Stay in your lane" is a logical fallacy based on the belief that a person has to have a certain certificate to make trustworthy statements. How else can we learn and grow if we have to only study and discuss one subject. It's illogical.

    Plus, did you miss the part where he quotes 2 paragraphs written by virologists explaining what is going on? Did you miss the discussion about the similarity of the sizes of the viruses? You miss the facts looking for the title.

    The point remains. The flu didn't disappear because of masks. That statement was an answer looking for a question. No facts back up the claim.
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  3. AustinHorn24

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    There's another reason why that paragraph I cited from the article is nonsense -- the author mistakenly assumes that because virions are the same size that they must have similar infective properties.

    That's a stupid assertion that people who work in healthcare would never make, and it's disproven easily by evidence as well.
  4. mchammer

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    4th wave has peaked. This is what herd immunity looks like.

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  5. mchammer

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    Deaths are crashing.

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  6. Monahorns

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    If you thought that was the point of the statement then you are losing the iota of credibility you had before. I get the feeling you just throw and words and phrases that you think sound smart.

    Why else would size of a virus be important when talking about masks? Hmmm.
  7. nashhorn

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    Can’t be true, science from admin says we’re in for dark times. Wear you mask!!
  8. OUBubba

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    The flu has gone away for a number of reasons in my opinion.

    1. We quit passing it back and forth to the Southern Hemisphere.
    2. Social distancing.
    3. Masks.
    4. People staying at home.

    Masks are part of it. Suspected influenza patients have received masks in clinic to keep them from spreading it.
  9. mb227

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    If you believe people are staying at home, then you haven't been paying attention . If you believe everyone is social distancing and wearing masks, then you have not been paying attention.
  10. mchammer

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    Take a look at this table. At 60% of pre covid travel.

  11. horninchicago

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    I did quite a bit of flying the last 2 weeks. Airport security lines are very long. We had a few flights at capacity. And I'm talking we put 186 people in an Airbus A320.

    Was rerouted to Florida and Atlanta due to volume a few times. Radios were very busy. Stark contrast to even last summer and fall.
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    I will say that people wear the masks, but they have to be told over and over again by the Nazi flight attendants to pull the masks up over their noses. Frankly, if we said no masks required, we would probably be even busier. I suspect a lot of people don't fly BECAUSE of the masks.

    I have to commute from Chicago to Philly until June. I hate wearing the mask. Frankly, if I didn't have to fly, I probably wouldn't.
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  13. OUBubba

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    I'm saying that's why the flu was down 90% in the southern hemisphere last year due to those factors and then a similar amount here. I think a positive of this pandemic will be that we lowered the base level of the flu. That's a non-medical hunch but I will hope to be right.
  14. mb227

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    Except people really were not staying home last year either. I've been in the office every business day and even several weekends ever since last March. Traveled several times to Las Vegas. The people were out and about.

    The very simple reality is that MANY people were not scared of their shadow. So the scamdemic 'lockdown' is not a realistic basis for why flu numbers decreased, just as there is no real correlation between mask and no mask with respect to rates for the sniffles given that Florida is basically at the same level as Commiefornia despite being open for most of the year...
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    I linked the article because I have seen your opinion being discussed. It is a wrong opinion for the reasons the author describes.
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  18. Clean

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    I see the Biden Administration is proposing covering funeral expenses for people who died of COVID up to $9000! Why stop there? how about $9000 for people who died of cancer?

    9000 x over half a million = billions! They’re trying to buy the election In 2024 too!
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    FEMA was already offering 7k for funerals of covid victims
    Not sure why
  20. Clean

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    OK, I hadn’t heard that.

    What’s interesting is you can get the 9 grand regardless of your income! Seems kind of wasteful to me.
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  21. Horn6721

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    I guess that is just vote buying with our money
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    I'd share that on Twitter or Facebook but I know I would be punished for doing so.
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    I read that and it coincides with what I have read about masks. The media has redefined science, those of us trained in science have nowhere to hide. Our reasoning is trumped by Katie Couric or the like.
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  26. OUBubba

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    I think once 80% of the people took it you'd be right. We're trying to give it to anyone who'll take it (Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J) and we're running out of willing arms to get it into.
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    So correct.

    The Babylon Bee is a national treasure, and fills such a needed role, as every other comic / satire outfit has turned to "Clapture", where they say something not funny or just curse at Republicans, and their trained harp seals in the audience clap away.

    Worst of them all is the suck *** Steven Colbert, who actually referred to Andrew Cuomo as "Your Excellency" during an interview. And that was after he had to toss his salad in the dressing room! Yuck.
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