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    I’m the paisley pattern. You’re the brown courderoy.
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    From the article: Officials said one of the most significant factors is vaccination rate, as regions with lower vaccination rates are seeing a higher percentage of hospitalizations.
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    I agree. I wish she had stuck to her guns and refused the vaccine no matter the social pressures.
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    The pushback is real.

    And meanwhile, not a word about breakthrough infections and deaths from those who demand an absolute bent knee at the altar of the needle.

    A fully-vaxxed Arizona Cardinals team was without players, a head coach and even their GM last week. A Chicago Bears defensive standout is out this week. A much-heralded general died earlier this week.

    These mandates are NOT following the science. If they were, acknowledgement of natural immunity would have been made.
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    The fact that the risk is there is enough to warrant a decision being made by some not to get the vaccine that really isn't a vaccine.

    For as much grief as you and your ilk to give grief to those of us who recognize statistical likelihoods and claim we are downplaying death, you do a damned good job of downplaying deaths directly attributable to an unnecessary shot.
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    Are the Cardinals players and coach actually sick, or are they still being made to test even though they all got the jab?
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    I'm going to guess that everyone tests prior to air travel and each game. The main difference from reading about it is the treatment of vaccinated players v. unvaccinated (or jabbed v. unjabbed, using your vernacular) is that they don't have to quarantine or sit out due to contact tracing. A big deal if you want to keep people in meetings and on the field.

    NFL vaccine rules, explained: What happens when a player enters COVID protocol?
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    Reports were symptomatic.
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    Boy, you gotta hand it to those covid vaccines....real effective.
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    Those tests could be false positives.
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    They're like a defense that's good in the red zone but gives up yards between the 20's.
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    Okay. So, why not just call it a shot instead of a vaccine, which allows no yards?
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    A. So we're trusting the liberal media now?
    B. I've not had enough coffee to listen to that. Does it reference 50% as you said?
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    What's it matter? This is the equivalent of A Longhorn arguing about the length of fringe on the jacket of The Showband of the Southwest. You have OL/DL issues to discuss.
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    I used it because I figured you would trust it. You don't have to listen to it because if you click it will go to the article where you can also read it.
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    You can attempt to redefine language to suit your needs but that doesn't change the facts. The vaccines are effective in stemming serious illness albeit not 100%. All vaccines carry some risk of side effects and none are 100% effective due to the complication of human physiology. Still, the vaccine has a high success rate of being safely administered.

    Fortunately, you have no bias, right? You don't overexaggerate the risk from the vaccine and downplay the Covid risk? Remember your attempt to claim that Co-Morbidity factors are the reason for death, not Covid? Yeah, not your most effective argument.

    Guess what, at least I have the data on my side. You have an amateur opinion with a biting tongue that one can only presume is leveraged to avoid anyone seeing the Wizard behind the curtain.
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    And yet, those who ARE having issues with the non-vaccine vaccine would like to have a word. Oh wait...some of them CANNOT since they are incapable of communicating from the grave.

    The vaccines of yore actually were tested across a prolonged period of time, included some of the dead virus to help the immune system and *checks notes to confirm* don't require boosters within mere months of administration because the first SERIES of shots *checks notes* didn't prevent someone from getting or spreading the illness that the shot was supposed to be preventing.

    The simple reality is that the vaccines are proving NOT to prevent anything and ARE ultimately going to be shown to contribute to the creation/mutation of/into a superbug, not unlike we saw through the over-use of antibotics giving rise to MRSA.

    WHY do people like you refuse to allow for the reality of naturally acquired immunity being better than the nonsense that #EmptyShelvesJoe is shoveling on behalf of his handlers, Klain, et al?

    All the effing LOL's at you having data on your side. The reality is that hospitalizations are down, especially in the States that you and your ilk constantly excoriate for lower vax rates than national averages.

    Bias does not enter the equation when it comes to looking at the situation with my own two eyes and using that lump three feet above my hindquarters.

    Comorbidity is still at play, as we saw with Powell, yet the mandate-enthusiasts refuse to acknowledge that mRNA seems not to play well with certain conditions and that it can serve to hasten death. And meanwhile we still see 'fully vaxxed' people getting AND spreading this and insisting on people ALSO continue wearing masks.

    Guess what...if we STILL have to wear a mask, there IS no point in being 'vaxxed.' I skipped the WSOP and the other series going on right now precisely because of the stupidity. It probably will cost me abut $50K that I would reasonably have expected between tournaments and cash games based upon past experiences, but if I was still going to have to wear a mask AFTER complying with a vax requirement, it was not worth going. I don't wear a mask in my office and have not through ANY of this and I don't wear one when out and about locally. I damned sure was not going to get a useless shot and then STILL have to wear one for 12-14 hours each day.

    People like you keep pushing the fear-porn narrative that suggests everyone who gets this will be hospitalized and/or die when the numbers don't support that. If it were true, we would have bodies piling up on sidewalks like cordwood. We don't.

    You want further evidence that this is all theatrics? How about the fact that all of those relocated illegal aliens don't have to be tested and don't have to be 'vaxxed.' Had they crossed legally, they would need to show proof of testing and compliance. If illegals can be flown to all points across the US and NOT be tested or required to be jabbed, then this is all a load of crap. It would not surprise me if the reason for not vaxxing illegals is that it would be a violation of the Codes established post-WWII since, strictly speaking, a captured illegal IS a ward of the capturing entity, analogous to a prisoner of war.
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    Good point on both. Read the article.

    50% of hospitalized patients. NOT ICU patients. Significantly different. You said this: "Hmm. With 50% of the ICUs in Israel being occupied by vaccinated folks I'll take that "90% against severe disease" number as being too high." That's the reason for the pushback. Splitting pubic hairs? I don't think so.

    Still Israel is no more vaccinated than a progressive state in the US.

    This from the article: "the rate of serious cases among unvaccinated people over age 60 (178.7 per 100,000) was nine times more than the rate among fully vaccinated people of the same age category". 9 times!

    Is that 900%?
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    Odd hill to die on. You may miss it as you're busy checking your notes.
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    I'm not arguing the Longhorns suck. That would be stupid.

    I don't know, if it doesn't matter that it is improperly called a vaccine, what's it matter to properly call it a shot?
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    "The bad news is that half of Israel's seriously ill patients who are currently hospitalized were fully vaccinated at least five months ago"

    Aren't the seriously ill in the ICU?
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    I haven't died on ANY hill...I am just as spry as any other 50+ who thinks this is all a bunch of totalitarian crap in the name of rebranding the flu.
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    I don't believe so. Seriously ill would be those needing to seek ER/hospital care, methinks.
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    Don't most people go to ER then go to a ICU? Most people who are close to death are put in an ICU and will be moved out if they get well or if death is imminent and nothing can be done about it.
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    Look at the report that mb gives me **** for posting:

    44 hospitalized. 20 in the ICU. 84% v. 100%.
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