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    Good Lord LH, give me a break.
    Hey Theo there’s a new Mex place here in Nolensville I like called Tito’s. No, it’s NOT TexMex or even great Mex(I grew up in El Paso) but it’s a good substitute. All I’ve had there is the Mexican plate - lots of meat - and it is good. In fact next day leftover with eggs is great.
    Damn Corona.
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    Get your mind out of the gutter Austin Bill. This quarantine is giving you blue balls!
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    For someone who did modeling for part of his PhD dissertation, this is actually a common joke.
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    The replies to this are lame. How about:

    CK: I want to thank all the medical professionals out there working hard during this pandemic. I was wondering how I can help. For example, hey nurse, how about a hand job, stat!
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    If we didn't have a government, we would have all the accurate Corona virus tests we need.
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    Agree on most of this, but there's plenty of good Mexican food West of El Paso.
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    I'm no fan of illegal immigration, but this is definitely true. When I moved from Oakland, CA to Plano in 1984, the Mexican food in Texas was mostly crap. There were a few decent places, but your run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurant was basically Chef Boyardee with jalapenos. Even places that weren't Panchos were Panchos knockoffs - too much Velveeta cheese, too much hamburger meat, too many chile sauces from a can, and too little fresh salsa. Even mediocre places in California put them to shame.

    Then in the late '80s and early '90s, illegal aliens started showing up and the real hole in the wall places, taco trucks, and cafes started popping up and selling good stuff for dirt cheap. The crappy Tex Mex places folded, and they were replaced by much better restaurants. Nowadays, I think Tex Mex and Cal Mex are roughly equivalent in terms of quality.
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    Had to go thru this in 1974 as a teenager. Painful as hell
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    Saw this on Facebook. A lot of truth to this.

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    Actions have consequences. In Italy, two similar regions, Lombardy and Veneto, took different approaches to the community spread of the epidemic. Both mandated social distancing, but only Veneto undertook massive contact tracing and testing early on. Despite starting from very similar points, Lombardy is now tragically overrun with the disease, having experienced roughly 7,000 deaths and counting, while Veneto has managed to mostly contain the epidemic to a few hundred fatalities.

    Similarly, South Korea and the United States had their first case diagnosed on the same day, but South Korea undertook massive tracing and testing, and the United States did not. Now South Korea has only 162 deaths, and an outbreak that seems to have leveled off, while the U.S. is approaching 10,000 deaths as the virus’s spread accelerates.

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    A lot of apples to oranges comparisons and presumptions of causation. We could look at Sweden and reach different conclusions. They've done next to nothing, and they're in better shape than most countries that have done a lot. Italy was doing shutdowns and social distancing before Germany was, but Italy is in far worse shape.

    There are a lot of factors at play. Culture is one of them. Germans are militant rule followers. Italians tend to be lax. After all, they've already drunk half a bottle of wine by noon. German men are usually self-sufficient adults. Italian men are often bums who live with their parents into their 30s and 40s. That means they were spreading it to their elderly parents. More elderly cases mean far more deaths.

    Also, analogizing the US with Italy is a bit silly. In terms of deaths, the US is much closer to South Korea than it is to Italy.
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    I do.

    Here you go, Mr Internet Tough Guy. Show up off your time out, immediately act like a know-it-all jackass, and here's your reward: a thorough *****-slapping to put you back in your proper place.
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    I’ll give it a try. My go to places in Nashville are SATCO (San Antonio Taco Co) and the carnitas enchiladas at Taqueria Del Sol are excellent. When I run out of my homemade tamales from my source in Texas, Bar Taco makes a great tamale.
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    Interesting age distribution for the cases in San Diego County

    The city of San Diego has 1,307,402 people (not not including the surrounding rural counties). As of today, the city has has 1,112 tested positive, 211 hospitalized, 85 intensive care cases and 17 deaths 17. Not exactly overwhelmed

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    Is Baltimore still #1 in syphilis cases per capita?
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    After the UV light for the phones, a bidet for every toilet and nanotechnology washable face masks, I am now searching for the next new product to protect my people

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    This is a common theme around various parts of the country

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    So just took Mrs. II’s in for testing. She was notified by a co-worker that tested positive. Mrs. has cold/allergy symptoms too, but no fever.

    Test was very “uncomfortable” with test results in 24-48 hours. Instructions if positive? “Quarantine at home and treat with cold/flu medications.”
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    All but one hospital I work with are very low census with a 90% reduction in surgical cases . The one relatively busy facility is a level 1 trauma center in a metro area. However their surgical volume is also down 90%.
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    In DFW, the trauma center is reportedly cutting hours cut and working on empty floors.

    In Phoenix, they have plenty of supplies and workers are "on call." At least one large hospital is forcing employees to use their PTO as the hospital is empty and losing money.

    In Colorado, they say they have lots of staff are standing down waiting for the surge. They have reduced hours and even furloughed some employees. Medical practices are being strained just to make payroll.

    From someone working in the In Springfield/Peoria area of Illinois --
    "I’m Home Health, daughter is an RN, daughter-in-law in charge of hiring RN’s ... our LARGE hospitals in are sending nurses home due to LOW census. Noone Is Coming to the hospitals and only several Covid patients. Get us back to work!"
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    They are not behaving themselves in NY
    Bodega burglaries spike by 400% in New York City amid coronavirus pandemic
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    Working for a Property Management company in a ski town, this is one of the things we're most worried about. Almost all the residences up here are sitting empty, and every one knows they're empty.

    We still walk all our properties multiple times a week. Now we're checking doors and windows as well as the grounds and common areas. So far, most people are behaving themselves. Had a couple of questionable things, but far less than I expected.
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    Still got snow?
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    I hope the weather is still approved to move about freely but I have not seen a state or federal policy on that
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    Heh. My thought was that if it still snowing there, maybe this helps keeps the bad guys inside
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    Yep. Many of the states are close to South Korea levels. As Governor Newsom of California said he followed the guidelines set by the feds at the very beginning. He also said some states didn't follow the guidelines. *cough* New York *cough*
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