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    I'm sure it did, and that's why the Democratic response on this is worrisome. Would they not have done the travel ban? Would they have let thousands of infected Chinese fly into the US citizen and cough on people? That would have been insane.
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    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Yesterday, ABC News claimed that the DIA had warned the White House about the coronavirus outbreak in “late November.” The alleged report from the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), based on “wire and computer intercepts, focused on the threat to US forces in the Asia theater.

    Here is response
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  4. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    This Doc. Dr Ming Lin was fired by a Hospital in Bellingham Wa because he took to social media to plead for PPS. He had been there 17 years
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    The US navy runs the hospital too?
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    Virus related layoffs now hitting my company HQ in Coppell. Several people I know were let go today, including a good friend and former team co-worker... he fortunately got a good severance package but he is the sole breadwinner with a young family. I fear for his prospects finding another job in this market....
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    Stating that counties have zero cases of the virus is like DJT Jr posting the "impeach this" map with all the red, empty counties on it. They're already social distancing in Yoakum County. Counties like Los Angeles, Cook, and Kings have more population than over a thousand small counties spread out over a dozen states or more. So the lack of concern in places like that means they also lack the population density. Unfortunately, rural areas also lack hospitals, so they better continue their healthy living ways.

    I agree that fear-mongering is bad, but I also believe that calling a virus that has killed 3.5% of confirmed, contracted Americans an "inconvenience" is misguided at best. If 450K people owned Ford Escorts, and 3.5% of Ford Escorts were known to drive off of cliffs randomly and spread the "driving off cliffs" disease to other Ford Escorts, people would probably take notice.
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    Ok, I had to laugh at this. It had the caption of "Skydiver who forgot his parachute dies of Coronavirus."

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    Over the last 3 weeks 16.6 MM have lost their jobs per report today and there are probably at least 1-2 MM more not being reported.
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    Except that it isn't JUST the remote West Texas areas...

    A quick look at the map also includes places like Madison and Houston County. Yes, both are smaller...but they ALSO both house prisons that are sizeable. AND Madison County has I-45 running right through the middle of it and, IIRC, has a Bucee's as you get into Madisonville. Ditto for Freestone County, in terms of I-45 running north-south AND having a prison. Granted, the Boyd Unit was opened as a 1000-bed (later added the expansion dorm) and is half to a third the size of Ferguson (Madison County) or Eastham (Houston County) in terms of population. Sabine County, on the border with Louisiana ALSO has no cases reported as of the update today...

    There are A LOT of employees at those three units who do NOT live in the County where the prison is located, so it is entirely possible that an infected employee would be reported elsewhere. But if they were infected, it would stand to reason that you WOULD have residents of the County who were infected.

    As an aside...none of the reported TDCJ cases involving staff or inmate are in those jurisdictions, so it is also not a case of agency infections having been reported elsewhere.

    It was also an interesting note to see no reported cases in Cooke County given the fact that it not only sits on the Oklahoma border with I-35W running through it but is also just north of the metroplex...
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    All of the safety measures collectively have saved 2 million lives. While the travel ban has certainly helped, it only accounts for a fraction of the saved lives. Most experts say that the biggest factor has been social distancing.

    A study released today shows that most of the cases in New York came via Europe. link This highlights the truly global nature of the virus. Anything other than a global travel ban wasn't going to prevent the virus from taking hold in the U.S., and once it takes hold it spreads relentlessly.
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    Shouldn't all the experts on a topic agree?
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    But then people would stop driving Ford Escorts, they would not stop driving altogether.
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    Texas would be well-advised to avoid comparisons of its current situation with the current situation in other places, such as NY/NJ. Instead, you should compare where you are to where other places were a few weeks ago.

    For example, I live in a far-out New Jersey suburb. By way of comparison, think the Woodlands or the Sugarland/Missouri City area. Mileage-wise, we are farther from NYC than that. But our density, demographics, and lifestyle are similar to those areas.

    Three weeks ago, my county had just a few confirmed cases and 0 deaths. People were doing some social distancing, but it wasn't rigorous. Kinda like what I hear is happening in the Houston area right now.

    Currently, my county has thousands of confirmed cases and approaching 100 deaths -- roughly one death per 4000 people -- and both numbers are growing rapidly. It seems inevitable that we will end up with a death rate of at least 0.1%, even with social distancing (which we are doing much more rigorously now).
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    That kind of thinking holds no water to me. Look at the damn numbers. If we multiplied the Texas deaths by *ONE THOUSAND*, the chance of dying of CV in Texas would still be less than 1%. We are wrecking the economy and killing millions of jobs for nothing.
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    Where did you read that? It is wildly inconsistent with what I've heard from many sources, including Fox News.

    My understanding is that a disproportionate share of deaths (but far from all) come from vulnerable populations. That includes:
    • everyone over 70
    • everyone with asthma, COPD, or other respiratory ailments
    • everyone who has ever had cancer
    • everyone with hypertension
    • everyone with diabetes
    People live with these conditions for decades.
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    I don't buy equating "less than 1%" with "nothing", but at least you are making the right comparison. People who are saying we are wrecking the economy for just a few dozen deaths are missing the point that it could increase 1000x, and likely will if we do nothing.
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    I've got two and almost three. Maybe I should quit eating cupcakes & Twinkies every day before I get four.
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    Most Republicans live in less populated areas, while most Democrats tend to live in densely populated urban areas. Makes sense that Democrats are much more concerned. The Republicans who live in populated areas are probably just as worried as Democrats are.

    If I lived in BFE West Texas, I probably wouldn't be very worried.
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    Lol, I saw a similar thing at a red box outside a Walgreens today. It was a double screen and the lines wew 6 feet behind but about two feet apart.
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    It's so hard to think these things through
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    Have officials considered how many people will die of liver failure because of this lockdown?
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    Preach it brother.
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    Politics | Fox News

    Check out this article! I have been saying this. I think Trump’s going to have to take the bull by the horns and push the economy back in motion. Many jobs will be saved and if precautions are prudent, no or very very few lives will be lost. We are runnng out of time on our economy.
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