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I am in Methodist hospital in Houston since yesterday with covid. I would appreciate any prayers from any HornFan. I have several underlying conditions, otherwise I feel ok and want to go home.
EDT, I'm adding you to the prayer list. Hang tough - God is powerful and can deliver healing, and He listens to our prayers.

You are in the best hospital in Houston.

"God has a plan, a future, and a hope"

Hang in there, behave yourself, and get well. We need you for the meet and greet for our new coach.
Just got home. I have to quarantine for 10 days, very strict! Lots of meds and rest then should be good to go. I had blood clots in Feb so been on meds for that since then and it was a huge factor for not getting clots with covid. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers. Felt them all.
Great news

One thing that will make your recovery easier is making sure there are fresh batteries in the remote control.

Dion, get us a "EDT battery fund" going since you know where to send them

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