Cowboys cut Bryant............

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, Apr 13, 2018.

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    He couldn't get separation. Somehow, the referees decided it was OK for cornerbacks to hand check Dez from snap to whistle. Under the "rules" he couldn't get the separation he needed.
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    He developed alligator arms and had issues running routes. He is not gone just yet as Jerry will sign him for half the amount he was due if no other team signs him for what he wants.
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    Dez missed the boat by one year. If McNair had not been forced by his partners to "fire" his master of mental midgetery, I'm sure Houston would have grabbed him up for twice the price. Smith never saw a hasbeen or neverwas wannabe that he didn't covet.
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    He (Cowboys) got cheated in Green Bay. :brickwall:
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    This past season, Dez had a lot of dropped balls last season. He also tipped a pass that was intercepted late in the Seattle game, that helped put the check mark in the loss column.
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    I don’t know the ends and outs of why Dez was cut. I know he could be disruptive. But as far as his pay and what he was wanting or what the Cowboys bottom line is as far as the rest of the team goes. But one thing I’m wondering is if we will see more big names or other high dollar players that have contracts ending will have trouble signing new big contracts for what they want due to the attendence and merchandise sales dropping after the players not standing for the anthem last season. The owners lost a lot of money because of all the ignorance of the players and the league not stepping up and stopping g that crap.

    I’m not suggesting it will affect only the players that didn’t stand. The players that didn’t stand caused problems for the league as a whole. I know Bryant wasn’t one of them that kneeled, but owners got hit pretty good because of it and it makes big contracts harder to do now I believe. Bryant acting like an *** didn’t help his payout or staying with the Boys.
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    i liked Dez. imo, he's like our thread discussing if we'd be more sympathetic to JFF if he'd played at UT. i loved Dez' passion and competitive nature. i loved his atheticism and strength at his position.

    i did NOT love his hands or his salary. imo, you have both or neither. he has neither.
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    He had arguably his three worst seasons (outside of his rookie year, which is tough to pin on him) once he got paid. That's a sure sign of a guy who just can't handle his **** behind the scenes. The fact that it took cutting him to light a competitive fire under him shows that the Cowboys were right to do it. If he goes on to 100 receptions and 1500 yards next season, Jerrah can take the credit for helping him achieve it.

    As for the Cowboys, even if they don't draft a WR high (they should take a LB instead), I still think Hurns and Thompson combined will equal Dez's stats for about half the cost. With potentially fewer drops. I still think they need to nab a big guy on the open market or maybe 2nd/3rd round if they can.
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