Cowboys Elliott suspended 6 games

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Crockett, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Just wow. He wasn't convictable in the courts, but the NFL is convinced he abused his girlfriend. I guess we all have to learn that no matter how mouthy the woman gets, you can't beat her up. (I grew up in a household where hitting a woman was unthinkable...even harsh words were met with astonishment ... so I can't figure out why anybody would ever do that.)

    The Cowboys can't replace Elliott's explosiveness. But they do have the much underappreciated Alfred Morris on the roster, who runs hard and runs effectively every time he's given a chance. I hope the Boys don't outsmart themselves and keep a raw rookie instead of a proven veteran.
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    The Star-Telegram had this: Per the collective bargaining agreement, a player may be disciplined even if not charged or convicted “if the credible evidence establishes that you engaged in conduct prohibited by this personal conduct policy.” Prohibited conduct includes “actual or threatened physical violence against another person.”

    I'm thinking there isn't much that can be changed, he'll appeal but he'll serve a couple of games at a minimum.
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  3. Crockett

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  4. Statalyzer

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    The NFL says they have super-secret evidence, which is apparently worth more suspensions then they gave other people who flat-out admitted that they did it.
  5. easy

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    The leauge is going to screwed when the current cba is over the players are going to stick to them so bad
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    I don't know. The players agreed to the current wording after similar dust-ups before the last renewal.

    While the official declaration is this is only due to the issue with the lying girlfriend, I suspect the league isn't happy with his immaturity and wanted to send a strong message. This is the first strike against him and will follow him throughout his NFL career. So the next time will be strike two which I believe is 10-14 games; with the third strike being banned from the league. He has got to learn he isn't in Columbus any longer.
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    If he did what they say he did he should get the 6 games and then some but too many inconsistencies for me to like the ruling I think back to what happen to our guys sanders and meander life was almost ruined for them over untrue statements and I get it's a touchy situation look what happen at Baylor but when you have legitimate shadow of a doubt that goes against those claims you have to be careful because it's about people's lives
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    He also lifted up a woman's shirt on video without her permission. Albeit it was mardi gras and beads were flying, but women lift their shirts. men don't get to do it without permission...on video.

    I think 6 is too many, but I think there's enough bad judgement and behavior to want to send him a message.

    I like the guy, and hope he matures. if he's not respecting women, it's unacceptable, and must deal with it.
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    Considering there are texts where the woman threatened to blackmail Elliott I think he has a good chance to win on appeal. I know the league said they knew this, but I don't think she could win even a civil suite. No wonder the DA punted on this one. She would have been eaten alive by a good attorney.
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    I read a columnist who said that the Elliott camp proved some of the woman's allegations were lies, but didn't meet the burden of proof on others. Not like criminal court ... the prosecution star witness is a known liar ... there is reasonable doubt that she's ever telling the truth.
  11. easy

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    That's what many thought the suspension would stem from him pulling the girls top down but when they stated a pattern of physical violence as the cause that was what caused the backlash
  12. X Misn Tx

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    1) a beaten woman is easily likely to threaten to blackmail the guy. it's a way to manage his control tendencies.
    2) a pattern of not respecting women's personal space (girlfriend and mardi gras) is an issue. i dont have an opinion on whether he abused his girlfriend, but obviously it was VERY messed up.
  13. wadster

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    But there appears to be no physical evidence to link him to her bruises besides he was around her during that time. What if he never beat her? What if she staged the whole thing to get money? She threatened to do just that. Het story was not consistent with the police. I'm not at all defending him. I'm not a cowboy fan and don't have any ties to him either. Frankly I don't care too much, but it seems to me you're assumed guilty unless you can prove your innocent with the NFL. That part is just not right. You are talking about someone livelihood and it seems to me there has to be some evidence whether an independent witness or physical evidence that can be directly tied to him. Course we don't have all the evidence in front of us so it's all conjecture.
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    My only interest in this is the level of buffoonery the NFL once again demonstrates and why my motivation to be part of the NFL's audience has slowly waned and then was vaporized almost all of last year with the disrespect these people demonstrated ... in their uniform/with their teams.

    I stopped watching NFL games/programming after week 2 of preseason last year and no appropriate response from the league. Jerrah and a couple other owners made their statements and a couple even took their own action with their own teams which brought me back for the playoffs.

    Goodell couldn't prevent a player's first infraction, but he could have (SHOULD HAVE) put the quietus on that nonsense as it related to the NFL.

    Sad that this has been raised again. I shall retain those hours formerly spent attending a game/watching on TV in other pursuits.

    Adios NFL ... as Glanville once said "Not For Long" ... indeed.

    NCAA/ADs would do well to learn from Goodells mistakes. No excuse for bad behavior.
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    The D Magazine story sure doesn't put him in a good light. Even as the author said, Tiffany Thompson could be a lying, petty, jealous, jilted ex, but that doesn't mean he didn't hit her. Or hold her against her will. Or hide her keys/phone in an attempt to keep her from leaving. Etc. I think there's way too much smoke for there not to be a fire.

    Her affidavit is either the work of an evil genius, hell-bent on destroying Elliott, or a bitter ex-girlfriend who had a decent grasp on what was going on inside his head. Based on her texts with her friends, she sure doesn't seem like the evil genius type.

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