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    That would assume 2 out of 3 extra points kicked or one successful 2 point try...both seemingly highly unlikely given the circumstance (e.g. we are talking about the Cowboys).
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    I will say that it's going to be exceedingly rare for another "Dilfer" situation to happen, where an average bus-driving QB wins a Super Bowl. I don't see Purdy winning it all this year (or any year, honestly).

    Foles caught lightning in a bottle that Eagles championship year, and was playing like a Brady or Mahomes down the stretch. Dak might have a sliver of that in him, but he'd probably need some next-level help to make it a reality. Definitely a new OC.
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    and QB coach.
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    This is an interesting point of discussion that I have considered. Candidly, though, I tend to disagree. And this might be the year given the dominant talent San Francisco has on both sides of the ball. So I do believe that they can win it all with a caretaker type of quarterback, although that assessment might be doing a disservice to Purdy.
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    It seems in the NFL you can win a decent amount of games being an average quarterback , based on the quality of the receivers in the NFL, the PI rule, and the amount of blown defensive coverages.
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    I'd love to be wrong about it. Gives me hope for teams like... well... the Texas Longhorns. CFP winners:
    Mac Jones
    Coker - maybe the closest parallel to a caretaker among the winners? Had Derrick effin' Henry.
    JT Barrett

    Right before Winston from FSU, I'd consider that the "golden age" of modern caretaker QBs with AJ McCarron and Greg McElroy.

    I guess what I'm saying is that it's more rare now for the best of the best to "get by" with average QB'ing. You definitely need good defense and skill position players regardless. But the game is now for passers. If you have a great one, things can fall into place that way too.
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    I believe that the significance of an elite QB is more important in the NFL than in college. Anecdotally, I would argue that there was only one elite QB in this year’s CFP, Stroud. I personally don’t put Bennett in that category.

    The disparity in the talent level is much greater in college than in the pros. In the NFL, it’s a much more level playing field. So to me and for that reason, an elite quarterback in the NFL is almost always (but not always) the differentiator.

    Again though I would argue that San Francisco has assembled an unusually talented team. Dominant. For that reason, my assessment is that Purdy — while much more than a caretaker but not elite, is likely more than adequate to take them to the promised land.
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    Id agree that Purdys good enough to win it. It is difficult to say right now what his long term potential is.

    Now, in order for Purdy to win it all this year, he’ll have to travel across the country and beat an equally talented team. Then get an experienced AFC team in the Super Bowl.

    The Chiefs are probably the least talented team of the 4. But they have Mahomes.
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    Since the cap was instituted, only one NFL team has won a Super Bowl with the QB making over 12% of the cap - Tampa Bay in 2020. A very unusual situation unlikely to be repeated soon - a very talented all-around roster, where the main weakness is the QB throws way too many picks, replaces him with an elite veteran QB - who then gets a bunch more talent to join him at a discount,and then the team adds even more talent by mortgaging their future to build for the short term knowing they only have a few years with their new QB still at the top of his game.

    If that were anybody but Dallas playing, this would be by far the majority opinion.

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