Cowboys vs Niners

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    Since Jer'ruh bought the team I've been to a high school game, concert, and a Spartan race at AT&T. I still feel dirty for giving him money.
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  2. X Misn Tx

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    I blame penalties and Dak for the loss.

    1 Penalties absolutely killed us.

    2 I like Dak, but he's inaccurate on his throws too often. Does lots of other things well, but misses one's he shouldn't. Also, when the clock is running down, you get up and look for the official to hand the ball to directly. And he ran too far down the field
  3. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap 1,000+ Posts

    There are only a handful of what I deem to be Super Bowl quarterbacks and he never will be one of them. I do think he is a nice guy.

    Smart money would have packaged him and the one they call Zeke years gone by and built a team of a quarterback and supporting players from the draft. (Jerry could have thrown in a few cases of Johnnie Walker Blue.) Rookies and short timers are lighting it up in that league.
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  4. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    As an adult, I wouldn't care if he had won 5 super bowls, I just find it odd to wear clothing with another man's name on it. I actually never had a jersey when I was a kid either, but not for that reason. Plenty of T-shirts, but I was a kid.

    Have you met him? I haven't, so I don't know if he's a nice guy. He just seems like, from the very peripheral info I glean here and from Facebook, that he is Romo 2.0 in terms of winning games that matter.
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  5. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    I agree with pretty much everything in this post. ;)
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  6. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Well, that ain't right. Let me check my internet settings.
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  7. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap 1,000+ Posts

    Agree with the absurdity of wearing jerseys with other people's names. All of mine have my name. In my opinion, what's dumber is paying good money for them. But you and I can accept the fact that others find this harmless and that is what they choose to do. Some of whom I am sure are on this board. I no longer support the Cowboys and back when I had season tickets for customer entertainment I tried to stay out of as many games as I could. They lost me when Bum dumped them into Jerry's lap.

    Zak is nominated for the Walter Peyton Man of the Year award this year for his charity benefiting children. He is the Cowboys nomination. I have not met him. Nor have I met Billy Grahm, Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King.
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  8. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    Dak thanked the fans for having his back after this incident. :confused2: Dak was the problem and the refs had nothing to do with this loss. Had he slid two seconds earlier and handed the ball to the ref instead of his center they would have spiked the ball with one chance left. Instead he acts like a ***** for his mistakes.

    How do you supposedly practice this scenario every single Friday yet when the lights are bright you don't know who to give the ball to? They pay way too much money for players who only produce against the losers in the league and San Fran wasn't even that good.
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  9. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Agreed, no skin off my nose what others do. Except, I see so many people bemoan the West Mall aspects of the NFL but then turn around and buy tickets/merchandise. It's comical, and as you said, many on this board do it. Their prerogative.
  10. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts


    ...The problem is the culture

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  11. Crockett

    Crockett 5,000+ Posts

    I'm a Cowboys fan. The crazy amount of penalties makes me think maybe it won't be so hard to hang onto our coordinators. Don't know for sure that poor coaching is where penalties come from but it sure gets repeated by fans and analysts.
  12. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

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  13. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    Yep! His nickname should the "Drive Killer".
  14. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    I went to a 5:30 Mass with my wife and mil yesterday and told them we would be the only ones there because of the Cowboys on tv. Sure enough, the congregation was about 1/3 the normal size. When I got out I went home and caught the last few minutes. As a longtime Jerry hater I could not have scripted it better myself. I feel for the players and some of the fans but as a grudge bearer since they let Meredith retire, I have to admit it was kind of enjoyable. The only downsides: I have to watch my mouth around a bunch of friends and that Smith ahole on tv is going to have a ball. He and Jerry need to be locked in a room together.

    I think the coach gets axed and Kellen Moore doesn't get hired as a head coach anywhere, assuming he called that last play.
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  15. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    Truth! I've been saying this for years now. He meddles to much, because he believes he's a great play caller and game strategist. AND he fired Jimmy after shortly after the 2nd SB win, saying he could win a SB with Barry Switzer, which happened because Jimmy's players were still pretty much intact. It has been downhill since. 25 seasons and no SB appearance. I quit being a hard core Cowboys fan when that fool fired Jimmy. I hope they never make if back to a SB until Jerry shuffles off this mortal coil.
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  16. MajorRules00

    MajorRules00 500+ Posts

    I watched two quarters. The Cowboys looked completely undisciplined. Some of the penalties (and play calls) were just flat-out retarded.

    It reminded me of my 8th grade c-team experience. Of course, we were a bunch of dumb kids who had never played football before. I guess the Cowboys' excuse is the refs.
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  17. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    Sad day when the only sensible comment coming from The Cowboys is from their not-so-sensible owner...

    (When asked about the refereeing and, specifically, how that last sequence played out)
    "The team shouldn't have been in position for that last play to be something controversial," Jones said. "So I'm not going to make it something bigger than it is."

    And this telling bit...
    “Really, I thought the score was not indicative of the game.”
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  18. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    Yep! It usually is . . .
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  19. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    This sums it up:

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  20. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    No NFC championships for Jerrah in what? almost 30 years now?

    Laugh. Out. Loud.

    He'd weep but it would bust his stitches.
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  21. bystander

    bystander 10,000+ Posts

    Jerry claims he only wants to win Super Bowls. But there's a catch. They have to win Super Bowls with him in charge of the football operations on the field. You know, including the socks and jocks as he said back in 1989 when he bought the team. I'm surprised he never tried to be the actual head coach. And the criteria for being his coach is the emotional strength to let Jerry be Jerry. He wants it to be done with him in charge of personnel and other matters best left to experts who do it full-time. But he believes he's smart enough to do that AND all the rest of his business interests. If he really wanted to win he would step aside and hire a football man to oversee the operations. Maybe Troy Aikman would be a good selection. But that's not how Jerry wants to win. It's because Jerry is trying to kill the white whale which is to prove that he can do what Jimmy Johnson did.
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  22. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    Well said, bystander.
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  23. dukesteer

    dukesteer 5,000+ Posts

    Jones is a classic narcissist.

    Winning isn’t the goal. Glorifying Jerrah’s genius is. That’s narcissism 101. So if Jerrah hired someone to run the show and they won two or three Super Bowls in succession, that would probably not satisfy him.

    It’s painful to watch.
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  24. Texanne

    Texanne 5,000+ Posts

    I learned all I needed to know about Jerry Jones when he fired Doug Todd, the best PR guy in the league, and then immediately found himself in a public relations nightmare. And nobody left to spin it for him.

    Some of my best work memories are from the two years I got to cover the Cowboys. They were not a Super Bowl team; this was the year after Staubach left. Danny White was QB. But it was fun covering those games. It really was fun. My seat in the press box was on the 50, right next to the pressbox announcer. Blackie Sherrod was on the 35.
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  25. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Who had the largest bank account?
  26. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    Rams putting it on Cardinals....predictably.
    Cowboys be like...
    "Why did we bust our butts in week 18 to move up to the 3 seed??....Would have been much better off in the 4 spot."
    And I would have to agree....regardless of the hype Green Bay is getting.
    If you dont get out of the 1st round doesn't matter who is waiting in the 2nd...though I am not convinced Green Bay>Tampa.
    No matter...They weren't going far anyway.

    Even when the Boys win, they lose.
  27. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    No, it really isn't.
  28. 1sahorn

    1sahorn 1,000+ Posts

    Arkan's-*** moved to the Metroplex.
  29. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    Impossible to look at this without thinking of aggy
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  30. 1sahorn

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