Cowboys vs Niners

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Jan 16, 2022.

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    The fix is simple - new HC, new QB, new OC

    And I still want to know, with 2 min left, what on God's green earth was Randy Gregory doing hugging an O lineman while the RB is going by him? That cost them 40 seconds.

    Among a huge list of things:
    Why can't Moore figure out the proven formula to win is more rushing, less Dak? Why didn't Pollard get 10+ touches rather than Zeke the slug? The Boise St offense won't get it done. Same story every year since '95.

    I like the improvement on the D with Quinn but I don't think Jerry will keep him. Jerry and Dak like the boy wonder Moore for some unknown reason.

    The next time Dak throws open a WR will be the first.
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  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The day a Jones has no influence on the team I will resume being a Cowboy follower. Until then I will laugh at every loss and predict no Super Bowl until I'm dead. The Jones' are the problem.
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    This was not the only game where I saw the issues coming up where a poor unit performance is likely ALSO associated with the coordinator or assistant coach being named in multiple reports as a 'candidate' for some slot elsewhere in the league.

    Moore's mind was NOT on this game or even next week had they won...he is distracted by the outside shiny baubles.

    The Cowboys ALSO need to find a disciplinarian to deal with the penalty issues. I saw an article that they had more yards lost than a handful of teams had RUSHING on the season. And that was with something like 20 penalties that were declined by opponents...
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    New phone, who 'dis?
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    So, I think you've swayed me into agreeance. Being a Cowboys fan is rough. :)
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    When I was young, during the Staubach era, I liked the Cowboys but didn't have a passion. When the Oilers drafted Earl I developed a passion for them and generally continued to feel it after his days in the dome ended. Once they moved to Tennessee I lost interest in them, and had long since lost interest in the Cowboys when Jones fired Landry because he was the coach when I liked them. I later developed my dislike and eventually hatred for the Cowboys watching how he has dealt with and managed all things related to the team, the stadium, etc. At this point I don't follow much of anything in the NFL, but I do enjoy seeing him continue to drive the team into the ground. I guess I have a bit of an evil streak when it comes to karma like that. The game this past weekend was a joy.
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  8. RainH2burntO

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    Lets not complicate this....
    They soft.
    Hard-nosed, blue collar football wins championships.
    They like to shine and flash and be cute and are a product of Dallas, an owner who coddles and plays favorites (usually wasting money on them), a fanbase and city that likes the glam and hype and helps foster a soft mentality, and they just plain aren't "hard" enough to do more than be front runners and win the easy ones, where they can flash and shine and pose and act like they are on top or something.
    Then reality hits when someone comes in with a real football mentality..and hits them in the mouth. They eventually bow up when their backs are against the wall...and say...uh-oh...we better be better if we want to fulfill our hype and get that glory.....but then it's too late. You've been the game or in the season. That's not how glory comes. It comes scratching and clawing in the dirt, one inch at a time.
    Players come there who would be tougher elsewhere and they go soft, too...cause that is the culture.
    And I do not think Dak is near the leader he gets credit for being FWIW
    Crazy..I reread this before posting and realized, with the exception of the locale and the Dak comment, my post could pretty much be about UT the past few years...
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  9. Statalyzer

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    Just be careful - the way you look at the Cowboys is the same way a lot of people around the college football world look at the Longhorns.

    Dear morons who officiated the 2015 Oklahoma State vs Texas game - that is what defensive holding on a run play actually looks like!
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  10. 1sahorn

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    VB, you just about told my story. I have to attempt to conceal my schadenfreude as my wife & 2 sons are huge Arlington CB fans.
  11. bystander

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    The Cowboys have an offensive line problem. It's not what it was. Their #1 pick (#24 in the upcoming draft) needs to be the best lineman available; probably a guard which would beef up Connor's spot (sorry).
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  12. Statalyzer

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    Having Zack Martin, Tyron Smith, and Travis Frederick all at the same time was amazing; even La'el Collins wasn't bad - he wasn't "elite", but was good enough where if he's only your *fourth* best lineman, your team is in great shape. Unfortunately they only had all 4 guys healthy about 10% of the time.
  13. Horns11

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    A couple of mock drafts have them replacing guys leaving through FA instead of Williams due to nonperformance. The tops of the list would probably be Randy Gregory (can't afford a new deal and he's outlived the good graces with his weed problem) and Michael Gallup. So a DE or a WR in the first round means that those experiments are over. Forgot that Cedrick Wilson is also set for a new deal...

    The other issue is all those dudes they brought in on one-year deals, particularly on defense. You got Kearse, Hooker, Kazee, and Neal all set to leave, and so nabbing a high-quality safety in the first round means that at least one or two of them are gone.

    While Williams is going to be a FA as well, I think they make some moves to have McGovern cross-train for LG and pick up a veteran through their own free agency pursuits. It'll be a "1A or 1B" situation at LG, with neither of them making waves.
  14. RainH2burntO

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    That game will forever go down for me as the most baffling and disconcerting travesties, referee-wise, I have personally witnessed in sport. The only other event that comes to mind is the 2002 NBA Western Conference finals game 6 between the Kings and Lakers. A flat out fix that was.
    As for UT-OSU, I will never understand what happened in Austin that day...It was robbery....but I'll never fully grasp the hows/whys/etc.

    I'd love to hear other nominations, UT events or otherwise/all sport in general from anyone...
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  15. Horns11

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    Kris Boyd had just been wrongly accused of pass interference, and Strong wouldn't stop screaming at the refs, so they threw Gundy a bone in the form of the Poona defensive holding call on the very next play. It was bush league to say the least.

    I didn't blame Strong for the ensuing unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. I likened it to Barnes getting the tech call at the end of the Xavier game in the 2004 NCAA tournament. The world needed to see that the refs were crooked, and his penalty gave everyone pause and allowed everyone to see what was really going on. The dumb part is that the D really stepped up and forced the FG 4 plays later, which should have been enough to get us to at least overtime.

    Instead of handing the ball off to Foreman on the next series, Heard tried to do these QB RPO keepers and failed miserably, setting up Dickson's negative-yardage punt and OK State's game winner.
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  16. RainH2burntO

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    You are correct....but I think a few people need to go rewatch the game. There was a stretch in the 2nd half with at least 4-5 extremely questionable refereeing moments....all leading up to the one particular defensive holding penalty and "T" on Strong. It was one call after another in that stretch...and all in OSUs favor and each one reversing a key play at a key moment. I really thought T Boone was up in the box heading the crew that day.
    I never almost never talk this way, but I will forever believe we "won" that game...and by about 10 points.
  17. RainH2burntO

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    Question on Cowboys...

    You need a good HC

    Dan Quinn > Mike McCarthy or No??
  18. Detective Shilala

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    Sadly, schadenfreude might be the only thing making us relevant right now.
    I'll take anything I can get at this point.
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    Me neither, since he was walking away from the official, who followed him and leaned/bumped into Strong before throwing the flag for "contact" that the official himself caused.
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