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    Dallas begins with an impressive 17 play, 75 yard, 9 minute opening drive for a TD. . . . Dallas defender makes a great interception going out of bounds on the one yard line with a toe drag worthy of a top tier receiver. Mixed blessing given the location of the interception. Dallas has to punt it from the five.. . . Chicago takes advantage of good field position after punt and drives for tie score. 7-7. . . .Dallas three and out on next possession. Chicago gets ball with good field position again. . . .And takes advantage again with a field goal. Chicago leads 10-7. . . .Dallas drives into field goal range but misses field goal. Kicker definitely has the yips lately.. . . Chicago ends the half with (simultaneous) TD catch. They lead 17-7 at the half and get the ball to start the second half. . . . .Bears open second half with TD scoring drive. Dallas three and out (three incomplete passes) on next possession. . . . . Another three and out on Dallas' next possession. Have Dallas players just given up on the season? Jerrah gonna have some more 'splainin to do.
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  2. Horns11

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    Lot of similarities between the Cowboys and Longhorns.
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  3. RainH2burntO

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    Been amazed at this fact all year long. Glad I'm not the only one seeing it.
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  4. WorsterMan

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    Yup, and it pisses me off...

    Me thinks Jerrah will have to seriously consider ejecting JG.
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  5. caryhorn

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    bears up 24-7 last I looked. Garrett has lost the team.
  6. ViperHorn

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    About 3 years ago.
  7. SabreHorn

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    The charter flight home should be fun. Midway to St Louis to KC to Tulsa to Dallas. Jones ought to give each player the money for a commercial light.

    Garrett has lost the team, but Jerry needs to get him a QB who doesn't wear his IQ on his jersey.
  8. WorsterMan

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    31-14 early 4th
  9. WorsterMan

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    Cowboys don't really look like they want to be here.
  10. SabreHorn

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    Watching the sideline, is it they don't want to be there OR they don't want to be there with whom they are with?
  11. stanhin

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    Cowboys turn it over on downs again. I'm going to bed.
  12. BevoJoe

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    Cowboys haven't beaten a team with a winning record. The bears are at 6-6 and have a 17 pt. lead. But, they are in the NFC East and will probably win the Division even with a losing record.
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    Dallas' saving grace is that as bad as they are Philly is even worse right now. They'll inexplicably get a chance to face a 12-13 win SF/Seattle team in Round 1 of the playoffs in Dallas.

    They have talent and a punchers chance to get to round 2 of the playoffs.
  14. dukesteer

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    Believe me, I’m not a Dallas or a Jerrah fan but they can lose their way into the playoffs and then catch fire. It’s happened before.
  15. BurntOrangeLH

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    Hello Coach Riley. Goodbye OU.
  16. RainH2burntO

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    You can hear Garrett's schtick in comments from some players (not all)...
    "I thought we/I played pretty good out there, just..."
    Sound familiar??
    Its the same schtick we need to get rid of in Austin. You should go out pissed off at the world demanding nothing less than your very best and victory each time out and if you fail...say we failed, get more pissed off, and go get ready to do better.
  17. El Sapo

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    You look at Dallas over there and it's just all about tradition and they've been firing coaches ever since Jerry Jones thought he could be a coach too.
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  18. bystander

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    As if there is any more evidence needed to prove Jerry Jones' incompetence as a football man and egomania then it would be this quote after last night's debacle in Chicago:

    "We came up here to run the football."

    Really? Did you decide that? Shouldn't the head coach be the one to plan for and say something like that? Well, it didn't work but your place as the face of the team and the destroyer of the legacy is secure. At least you have that going for you.

    America's team is no more. He has seen to it.

    And all his money means nothing. Nothing. Nobody with a soul cares.

    Jerry hired Garrett and kept him when we all saw he was not a championship coach. I thought he was average at best when he was an offensive coordinator. As for the players, Jerry has been getting praise lately for accumulating talent. Well what happened? Were they over-rated? Is it coaching? Are the stars pacing themselves because they just want their money and no CTE? I don't know. It's been since 1996 since the last Super Bowl.That was the year my son was born. He has no idea why they are or were known as America's Team.

    No doubt, Jerry can smell a dollar. Someone once said there's not a dollar that passes through his hands that he doesn't tear a piece off for himself.

    His genius concerning the team is making it an event and not a contest. People almost view it as a vacation to Six Flags or something and winning is secondary. It's the experience and it has been decoupled from the game itself. Look! It's the great stadium! Look! It's Jerry Jones! Look! There's a game!
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  19. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Jerry doesn't want a championship coach, he wants a bobble head yes man and that's Garrett. Hire anyone you want and he won't be successful in Dallas as long a JJ is the owner. Until his death Jerry will try to prove he didn't need Jimmy Johnson.
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  20. ViperHorn

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    The problem is Zeke is just an average threat this season (Dak's passing has helped some, but not enough to overcome Zeke's inability to play at a high level for an entire game). A combination of things starting with not being present at camp when the offense is installed and tested; an OL that has watched too many Texas games; and subconsciously, why put in an effort when he makes millions just by showing up.
  21. Mr. Fiesta

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    Never have been impressed by Dak....
  22. RainH2burntO

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  23. bystander

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    He, quote, understands the fans frustrations with him. No he doesn't. He has no idea the contempt to which he is held in the minds of thousands of long-time loyal Cowboys fans. And this isn't about Landry either. It's about his pathological egomania. He is a sick human being if we consider that his level of egomania is so abnormal that it resides far past the 3rd sigma on a standard deviation graph. I wouldn't have him in my house.

    Quote from Troy Aikman:

    "You look around the league – even really prominent owners that are very visible in our game – they’re not giving the medical reports after games about the team and who’s going to play the next game and who’s not going to play and how severe is the injury? Who played well? Who didn’t play well? Coaches don’t even know, they’ve got to watch the tape. … Those things, I think it undermines a coaching staff and it has an impact. As players, you feel that. It starts to take away some of the authority of the head coach. And it’s been going on for 20 years, and at some level there’s players that start feeling that, ‘Oh, OK. This is the guy who’s really calling all the shots.’ … I think there’s some organizations that truly would do everything possible to win, they just don’t really know where to begin. And there’s different ways to do it – and I certainly understand that – but in Dallas, Dallas knows how it was done. I know how it was done. It was done with a really strong head coach who the players knew that that’s who they had to answer to. And for some reason that model changed, and it hasn’t been very effective for a while.”
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  24. bystander

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  25. RainH2burntO

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    Key quote by Jerry from radio interview in the article I linked above.
    Read this..very...carefully...

    When radio hosts wished him luck fixing it, Jones laughed with mirth for more than 4 seconds.

    “Then I’ll move on to the country’s problems,” he said. “No seriously, man. That’s fair. That’s very fair. Jerry, do something, go fix it, do something different, even if it's wrong. Go fix it.

    “I get it.”

    He thinks he is right and everyone else is trying to get him to do something different that would be wrong. Anything different would be wrong?!? What exactly is right?
  26. Crockett

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    Aikman is very persuasive. He's a nice guy, but he shoots straight.
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  27. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I've said it here before and I'll say it one more time just because. Jerry is a genius business man, but Jerrah is a really $hitty football GM/Coach/Guy.
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  28. mb227

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    His comments seem to suggest that, outside of a Super Bowl win, the Clapper is gone. Jerrah just won't make the change this late in the season...
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  29. mb227

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  30. X Misn Tx

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    The Cowboys have accumulated good talent. Too good to have this record.

    1 Coach has to go. He's not bad, but he's not good enough and not changing (his process). Definition of crazy is not Mensa/Ivy League.

    2 Will McClay is why we've improved our talent acquisition. He's very good. He's a "GM equivalent" for player talent. I'd hate to lose him. We would if they brought in Aikman, unless they gave Will Asst GM title.

    3 I'd be fine with any of the listed options and Sean Payton.
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