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  1. ViperHorn

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    Aikman would make a good GM for the Cowboys. He knows the game inside and out and is a good judge of player potential. However, the Cowboys already have a GM for life; another GM for life after the first GM for life (Stephen); another GM for life (either grandson - Skyler or John Stephen).

    I don't think Troy can raise the $2B+ needed to buy the Jones family out.
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  2. X Misn Tx

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    Viper, I'm an Aikman fan, but he has absolutely no experience to validate that.
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  3. ViperHorn

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    12 years experience (including 5 years with Jimmy Johnson) in the league is a very good foundation in judging what makes good players and how to avoid frauds.
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  4. X Misn Tx

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    There's no judgement at all about development and potential just because you were a player. That would mean every football player that played a long time and is a commentator would be good at drafting and contracts. That's just not true.
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  5. Crockett

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    Aikman was always a team leader and student of the game. In interviews he was thoughtful and sounded like he was seeing the game as a GM when he was a second year NFL player. That said, while I like Aikman better as a GM than the current job holder, I would prefer the Cowboys hire someone with front office experience.
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  6. Pomspoms

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    Thanks for your observation
    However it takes change to fix the situation.
  7. Statalyzer

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    He prioritizes the following above winning more games and making title games / super bowls: making more money, getting more credit, staying in the spotlight, being in control. As long as this is the case, the team will tend to win fewer games than it "should" and will generally not have a winning culture.

    That's an odd criticism of Dak. He's got all the intangibles - intelligence, maturity, leadership. He may not have the accuracy or arm strength to succeed, that seems more of the issue.
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  8. X Misn Tx

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    I'd love Aikman as a GM. I'd just want Will McClay moved to an Asst GM role. They've drafted great the last few years. Top team for young talent in the NFL.
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  9. Crockett

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    I don't doubt that Jerry cares about winning. He also likes control. The problem is that he undermines a coach's authority by letting everyone know that ultimate authority rests with Jerry. Add to it that Jerry makes himself pretty darned accessible. Plus, the Cowboys have been a middling team, not consistently terrible except the time between Aikman at QB and Romo as QB.
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  10. George Bailey

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    Then what makes John Lynch such a good GM for the 49ers?
  11. X Misn Tx

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    i'm not saying he wouldn't be good or couldn't be. i'm saying experience as a player and commentator doesn't mean he's shown he can judge player potential. other ex-players have done it and failed. it's not a given. nor has he shown in any way that he's good at it.
  12. zuckercanyon

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    John Elway says hello....not sure how good he is.....guess he was smart enough to let Peyton Manning test fate and paralysis and went to a couple of Super Bowls, winning one....since then? Meh....
  13. dukesteer

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    Nobody has experience...until they attain it. Some people have a knack for the job. Aikman probably has the skill set and if I was an owner, I would certainly take a look. Look at Mike Mayock at Oakland. (Of course we’ll see how he does.)

    The issue at Dallas is cultural. (Uh Oh! I might get Rain very excited if he sees this...) It’s all about Jarrah, and it has been since he bought the team. If he’d left the management of the team to the guys he hired, Dallas would probably have a few more trophies by now.
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  14. RainH2burntO

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    You threw me a bone, so I'll throw you one....
    Coaches have a lot of impact on culture and JG just ain't cutting it (nor is Jerry as owner or GM).
    Seems the Cowboys have a culture and a coaching issue...the two are related and the trail lands at Jones' feet (or mouth).
    If Jerry was as smart as he thinks he is, he'd look around and see what successful franchises are doing right now. Hint: Not what he is doing.
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  15. X Misn Tx

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    Agree there
  16. X Misn Tx

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    Top NFL rosters 25-years old and younger | PFN

    Dallas with the Top Talent Under 25. And it doesn't consider Gallup, Awuzie, Collins Woods , and Lewis. All starter quality. They've drafted very well the last few years. (Cooper is trade talent )
  17. mb227

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    Nobody is saying that change isn't warranted...but change just for the sake of change sets a franchise back further than where they began at the point of change. The specific change, no matter whether Dallas or ANY other franchise, necessarily needs to be the CORRECT change...
  18. Statalyzer

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    His best move was hiring Wade Phillips. Made everyone else (especially Kubiak) look brilliant as long as Wade was coaching the defense. Guy was a mediocre HC but may be the best DC in the league.
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