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    Raiders have a better record than the cowgirls? No freaking way lol
  2. l00p

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    So sad. Not the records, the thread and posts on other threads. That a person hates another team more than they like their own (or else they would represent with some class) is a mystery to me. some college fans do that.

    And no, I am nothing close to being a dallas fan. About as far from it as it can get. Let it go.
  3. mandingo

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    What l00p said...and I'm no Cowboys fan (or Texans fan) either.
  4. TEASIP84

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    I'm sure most of you boys fans became a fan sometime in the mid 90's ehh? Probably been regretting the decision for years now since jj's been gone.
  5. huisache

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    Dallas fans used to boo Don Meredith when he was out getting his body destroyed trying to steer a mediocre team into contention and a good team into a championship. They called for Craig Morton.

    When Staubach got old they booed him.

    Same with Aikman.

    The team is owned by the biggest ahole in Arkansas, which is saying a lot.

    Disliking them and wishing them a lot of failure is part of my DNA by now, both because of their fairweather fans and their owner. I do think they have a pretty good team though, especially if they had another decent offensive lineman or two.
  6. Bevo5

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    I'm guessing most of these Dallas fans also hate the Yankees in much the same way most people (not in tx) hate the cowboys.

    Screw it.
  7. Detective Shilala

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  8. Crockett

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    I was a Packers fan until I moved to Texas as a fourth grader. An older friend (like 8th grade) told me I should root for the Cowboys and told me about the players. I got really hooked when Calvin Hill used to try to hurdle tacklers and I felt like Hell when the seemingly mediocre Cleveland Browns seemed to figure out a way to beat my beloved Cowboys in the games that really counted. I still follow the Cowboys and enjoy the wins. But I don't feel like breaking things with my bare hands the way I used to. For instance, right now I can't figure out whom I dislike or identify any slackers. I had issues with Roy Williams last year, but he seems to have turned a page and have figured out how to be a significant contributor this year.
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    First Cowboy game I remember was the ice bowl. Used to be a big fan, but could care less what they do. I was pulling for Tennessee today. Vince and co. mean more to me then the joke of a team Jerry puts out there.

    As to booing Roger and Troy, maybe a few here and there, but they were both held in the utmost regard. Meridith got booed for sure, but I can't remember Roger or Troy getting booed. There's always a few nut cases out there, but have a hard time buying that one.
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  11. l00p

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    I dislike the Cowboys AND am not a fan of the Yankees by any stretch of the imagination. I grew up a Dodger fan. My father was a fan when they were still in Brooklyn. I got a chance to see their AAA club growing up and saw many rising stars as well as pros rehab. Hating the Yankees was an automatic thing.
  12. Sangre Naranjada

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    Funny. The OP isn't running Texans smack. I wonder why that is?
  13. stanhin

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  14. Knoxville-Horn

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    You know. This "I'll bet your a bandwagon Cowboy fan" is about as old as it is stupid. The Cowboys were good from about '92 to '97. Before that, they sucked for 10 years; after that they've sucked since then.

    Being America's team with the #1 sales in merchandise has nothing to do with bandwagoning. I'm glad you Cowboy haters spend more time downing the team than admitting support for you own team. (<not directed at Titan fans). Congrats. It must feel good.
  15. JohnnyYuma

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    I am really looking forward to seeing Jerry Jones sitting in his owner's box watching two teams(not the Cowboys) playing in the Super Bowl. He has made it very hard to watch the Wowboys.
  16. ViperHorn

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    Ugh, what is sad is that the Cowboys are the best pro football team in Texas (proved it on the field).

    I just wish Texas would get a shot a TCU so, once again, Texas would prove on the field who has the best college football team.
  17. utmck

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  18. VYFan

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    Cowboy haters come from the fact that it has been one of the most successful franchises ever--whether lately or not. Simple as that.

    As for the Cowboy fans, it's a simple explanation, too. People in Texas were raised to be Cowboy fans, from as long ago as Don Meredith. The Cowboys doing well is the only thing that makes the NFL interesting for this large group of people who are otherwise not necessarily strong sports fans. So, they are "fair weather" only in being less interested in the NFL when the Cowboys aren't so good. They aren't fair weather in the sense of disowning being Cowboy fans or switching to other teams. It really is a far more loyal group of fans than any other team within the nearest 1500 miles or so.
  19. gecko

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    I have only a passing interest in the pro game....except when Vince plays, then I'm all about the Titans.
  20. UTDude

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    TEASIP84 displays the EXACT same attitude as the Okies with their horn-down hand-sign.
  21. Texanne

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    I've rooted for the Cowboys since the days of Eddie LeBaron. And I bet there are many of our senior HF members who can lay the same claim. Not every Cowboy fan jumped on the bandwagon in the 90s.

    At any rate, I root for Dallas when they are not playing Tennessee. And yes, I am a Tennessee fan just because of Vince Young and the other Longhorns playing there. If Vince moves to another team, I move with him. I am a fan of Vince Young more than I am a fan of the Cowboys, and I feel no shame in this.

    My dislike of the Astros is well-documented on the Baseball board, but even in my dislike of that organization, I've never made fun of anyone who was an Astros fan.

    I don't know why some people feel they must make fun of the fans of other teams.
  22. BevoJoe

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    My first Cowboys game was in 1960. All I remember is that they lost and Eddie LeBarron was the QB standing all of 5'9" tall.

    I stopped being a Cowboys fan when JJ fired Jimmy after winning 2 SBs. Would probably have had 4 if he hadn't hired Barry Switzer. So as long as they lose, Jerry ain't happy and I like it! I may go back to following them when Jerry dies or sells the team. I never want him to get close to another SB.
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  25. Statalyzer

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  26. l00p

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    They are amusing yet tragic to observe in their antics and actions. Each fan base has their share of wishy washy people but none on the level of Cowboys fans. The ratio is way beyond that of other teams.

    I don't know if it is a lack of other things to do or just the cold weather but some of those fans in cold weather areas blow the doors off Cowboy fans. I don't expect any to agree with me or even see what I have seen. Why would they? But it's true from the outside.

    I did not grow up a fan of another team. I developed into one.
  27. warrior

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    Bring back Lee Roy Jordan and Bob Lilly please, I want Roger Staubach as my qb and Preston Pearson in the backfield. The Cowboys before Jerry had some class in their organization, with Jimmy Johnson they were awesome, since Johnson left not so good. They tried to get better with Parcells but he did not hang around long, they need a better head coach and a different owner IMO.
  28. Detective Shilala

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    Its impossible for me to like Dallas. The team is usually highest priced **** you can buy. Most of the fans that go to the games are surgically altered dinguses who are there to look good and be seen, and could care less. The owner is a surgically altered huckster who hires the likes of Switzer and Campo to be head coach. And how he managed to build that stadium at the taxpayer's expense is beyond me. There must be something in the water in Arlington.

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