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Discussion in 'Horn Network' started by UTViking, Jan 28, 2012.

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    I'm just about to get my CPA license and at the end of tax season I'll have a year and a half experience (2 tax seasons) under my belt. I'm thinking of moving on from my small public accounting firm (where I do tax, audit, book-keeping, etc.), but not sure what I should be expecting out in the private accounting world.

    Any thoughts on what's available and how much I should be looking to earn?
  2. Roger

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    where are you located? I'm some ideas in Houston you should be able to pull in between 55-65
  3. TxStHorn

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    Not sure what the pay is, or whether it's even competitive, but Capitol Credit Union in Austin could sure use some accountant's, CPA's.
  4. BevoJoe

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    Private companies pay a new 1-2 year experience in the range of what's stated above, $55-65K plus benes, 2 or 3 weeks annual vacation, not the 28-35 business days vacation CPA firms offer. The city is important and what "industry" you want to work in. Also, depends on if you want or have a "specialty" for example Tax. Also, are you on Linkedin? I have a lot of colleagues on LinkedIn and I get requests from headhunters 2-3 time per week asking for referrals from my connections in different areas. Once you are officially licensed, go to the TSCPA local chapter meetings and make connections.

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