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Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by VinceHung, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. VinceHung

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    So I'm in Boston for business working to prepare for a deposition. I've got the tube on and the Mindfreak show w/ Criss Angel is on. What an asshat.

    The whole show is this guy rolling around looking like the most awesomely bad eurotrash I see in Las Vegas casinos. The best part? For like 10 minutes they show him working out! The reason "I hafta be at my top physical conditioning to do this barrell drop trick. Ova' fourteen peoples have lost theya lives, so i hafta be totally ripped."

  2. Ramius

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    He might be a douche but hell if I can't figure our how he does most of his stunts and tricks.

    Some of them really do freak your mind.

  3. VinceHung

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    Funny you mention his magic. I've heard it's just basic camera tricks.
  4. GatorDave

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    Yeah, some of the stuff he does is pretty cool and tough to explain. But the larger majority of it, as in the "bigger, dangerous" escape stuff, could be easily faked. Oh, you just broke through 5 bolted doors on the top floor of a 10-story building which also happened to be imploding on itself? ********. You were just standing out back and had the makeup crew pour ash on you and then you emerged with a douche-erific "YYYEEEEAAAHHH!" after the building was down.

    But the things he does up close where there are no camera cut-aways or people planted in the audience can be interesting.
  5. Knoxville-Horn

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    That's what I've always wondered. How much was fake and how much was "real". For example, I know the dude can't levitate between buildings or make elephants disappear from car parking lots. Is it really just camera related? Does he stop the camera, move the elephant and then just play the video as if nothing happened? If so, that's pretty lame. Hell, I could do that....
  6. YoLaDu

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  7. kmac30

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    i've seen one show. he was walking on water at lake havasue (sp?) the planted ppl were absolute retards and terrible actors. no clue how he did it, but i lost all interest in caring while watching
  8. HornGrad'01

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    Its a fairly dissemintated fact (ont he interwebs) that his "random" audience members are actually plants. I've seen a number of his tricks with said persons broken down. Some were "oh yeah, of course" moments for me.
  9. Gadfly

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    The best part is the plants (and audience) who are horrible actors. Sometimes when douchery reaches epic proportion, it becomes entertaining.

    And I'll agree with GatorDave for the 2nd time today. The escape from the building was a riot and the most obvious hoax I'd ever seen. The worried family had me lol. He even looked different in the taped inside the building "live" footage.

    Chris: "Oh man. I can't get this first lock!!! I'm just going to kick out this window."
    [Chris bravely kicks; hollywood safety glass shatters]

    "CHRIS!!! CHRISS!!! OH MY GOD!!!"
    [camera pans over at last minute in perfect time for:]
    Chris: "YEEEEEEAAAAARGGGG!!!!!!"
    [follow Chris Angel's WWF victory walk]
  10. scottsins

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    i saw him put his hand through a guy once. was that real?
  11. HornGrad'01

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  12. Gadfly

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    He also has a trick where he puts guys things in him too. You can only get that video from his private collection.
  13. GatorDave

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  14. if you put a gun to my head and asked me which was most strange: magicians, clowns or aggies?
  15. TenDeadF1ngerz

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    Methinks anyone who proclaims for no apparent reason that they are in Boston preparing for a deposition is probably a douche.

  16. beaVo

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    it's one of those words that sounds really funny after sayin it over & over.

    and magic sucks. especially if it's on t.v.
  17. Texas0407

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    Prepare yourself for a mind explosion!
  18. TheGallopinGoose

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  19. Steel Shank

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    Steel Shank likes to enjoy a cold beer and a sandwich when he watches his show. He doesn't give a **** about the show, he just likes a cold beer and a sandwich.
  20. Bubba Don

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    Every magician since the beginning of time has been a con artist. That's what they do. I can't believe there is anyone around that doesn't know its just abunch of illusion BS.

    Hook em
  21. GatorDave

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  22. Knoxville-Horn

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    What GatorDave said. I know he wasn't actually levitating or moving elephants with a wand. I was interested in the difference between an actual illusion and a scam. If the elephant scene was nothing more than him moving the elephant (while the camera was stopped) and then having "surprised" actors pretend like the elephant actually disappeared --- then that is rather weak.
  23. VinceHung

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  26. general35

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    i always wanted to know how he likes dealing with all those evil forces....
  27. hornpharmd

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    I guess I"m a douche for watching his show sometimes.

    Freaks me out.
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