Current CFB odds for individual games and natty

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Badass, Jun 3, 2022.

  1. Badass

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    So I am on my annual summer trip to a casino (Biloxi) and thought I would share some interesting odds I could bet on now … anything catch your eye ?

    FanDuel Sportsbook

    Texas natty +10,000 :yes: 10 bucks anyone?

    Bama/Texas … Texas +15

    OU/Texas … Texas -1 :ousucksnana:

    Texas @OkSt … Texas -1

    Baylor@Texas … Texas -5.5

    Heisman: Quinn Ewers +4,000
    Bijan +5,000
  2. I_Dont_Exist

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    Ohio State covering against ND is stealing money. My confidence level covering against Alabama is around is maybe 10%. Their offense vs. our defense has massacre written all over it. Bill O'Brien's critics aren't gonna have a damn thing to say after this one.
  3. Badass

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    Agree on both points IDE

    Last year the AL-Miami line was AL -17, I took it and won easily ... I just cannot bet against the Horns

    thought about betting the OU game but ended up passing on that one too
  4. Handler

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    WVU must be bad on paper if we are favored by 12.5 already
  5. NRHorn

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    I would take the Texas at home +15
    And the OU game.
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  6. mb227

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    Texas shows currently as +5500 at Circa (Vegas). $1K limit but the book will approve higher amounts for counter bettors that are a known quantity (and actually, if anyone from here was going out there, I can put you in touch with Jeff, who serves as the Director of Sportsbook Operations even though he looks like he is about 12...and yes, if I said 'take it,' he would let you do so).

    Bijan +2500 and Ewers +3500

    Those are as of a moment ago on the Circa app...not sure about other Vegas books.

    Texas is a +225 to win the B12 Championship while the land thieves are +207. $3K limit applies.

    As an aside, the numbers to NOT win are also relatively close, as one would expect.

    I usually save my futures bets for closer to the August trip out there...and it helps that Circa will let you use a marker at the book...they are owned by one of the very few that allows that (Derek also owns The D and Golden Gate, all downtown).
  7. Statalyzer

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    We're favored to win in Stillwater?

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