Dating the Hottest Woman at UT, need help

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by WellEndowedUT, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Listen Longhorns. My time at UT is nearly over, I graduate in December, and I am about to leave with a little bit more than just a diploma. I met a girl about two months ago. She is a Micro Biology Graduate and about to be going to med school. She is stunningly beautiful, extremely intelligent, and we are totally in love with each other.

    This summer has been fun already. I just took her sky diving and we have been to all of my favorite bars in Austin. We have been backpacking and gone to a few plays. We plan to hit up a few concerts in the coming months.

    Yesterday, she shows up at my house with a beautiful dress. I just bought a killer suit for law school and she tells me she would like to wear the dress for me. In short, she wants me to take her out on the town so she can show off this dress.

    Here is my problem. If it does not involve UT football games, live music, theater, and/or excessive drinking, I am totally lost. I need some advice from some of the more culturally refined among you.

    Where can I take this girl? What could we do that involves "dressing up"?
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    what a tool [​IMG]
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    It's not a big deal. Austin doesn't really have (that I know of) many suit & tie type places. But, you can easily go to somewhere like the bar at the Driskill for a couple drinks and then to a nice restaurant (Vespaio or the like).

    Frankly, if you have great conversation, that's all you need to do. Come home, have a glass of wine and then show her the difference between micro and macro biology [​IMG]
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    This thread is a joke, right?
  6. MaceHorn

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    You should have learned by now that nobody likes a braggart.
  7. WellEndowedUT

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    Come on fellas, don't be malignant.

    Help a man out.
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    A fern bar in Dallas?
  9. worthless.


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    see if there is anything good coming to the paramount theatre or bass concert hall - you could probably pull off a suit at an event at either of those places. also check and see if there are any cool art shows coming up - that may pass as well.

    something at either of those two venues plus one of the following might work:
    dinner and/or drinks at the driskill, sfa, jeffrey's, iii forks
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    Waht kind of car do you drive? What about your watch? Need pics.
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    I drive a beat up 99 accord. I don't own a watch. My killer suit is my first suit as an adult and I got it on sale a dillards for 199.99 [​IMG]

    Thanks for the advice Fellas.

    Sorry, but I don't think posting pictures of myself or this girl would be a good idea. I can only imagine the insults that would follow.
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    Find a concert/opera/play type thing. Get tickets. Make reservations at Sullivan's for dinner before hand. Rent a limo to take you around for the evening. After the concert-type-thing, head to a nice bar downtown. Finish the night with a room at the Driskall, and grab a few more drinks at the bar there before turning in for the night.
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    Damn, thanks halsteadfrost, that sounds incredible.
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    Have a buddy be a waiter and have a table set up at one of the city's free concerts. The waiter can serve you champagne and maybe a bucket of chicken. No one will bother you, and you'll show her just how classy a dude you really are.
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    Killer suit.

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    You know those situations where there are so many joke opportunities that you can't think of one? You just go blank because so much comedic opportunity has been handed to you? I'm there.
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    the Four Seasons....
  22. PFD

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  23. CaptainEd

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    i'm going to go ahead and agree with that, which is why my suggestion was the same thing sans limo. it's not prom.
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    Try a nice bottle of champagne, a picnic basket, a decent sounding speaker set for your ipod loaded with suitable music (think Cole Porter, Miles, et. al) and then get into the courtyard of the Architecture School/ Goldsmith Hall (you may have to break in/ enhance someone's salary to get in there now).

    It's especially perfect on a full moon framed next to the Tower and when the foutain works. Speaking from experience there is no more romantic spot on campus and worked wonders for me (almost 20 years ago now...where'd it all go?)...although you also wanna make sure you take a really large blanket on the off chance there are late working faculty or cleaning folks.

    Hope this helps.

    [​IMG] Danno
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    [/ladies man] Uh, when I said 'take you out to dinner' I meant, we'd be havin' sex. And when I said 'movie' I meant, we'd be filmin' it. [/ladies man]
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    I apologize for me uncouth fellow posters who have offered nothing but rude responses.

    But I will need to know what type of lingerie she will be wearing before I can respond.
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    Seriously, all bs aside, here's what you do:

    1. Take her to Jeffries.
    2. Take her to the Paramount.
    3. Take her home.
    4. Kick her *** in Halo.
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    Those 2 ******* guys look like Oompa Loompas!
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    No one else is going to question how the hottest woman at UT is a microbiology major?
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