Dating the Hottest Woman at UT, need help

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by WellEndowedUT, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. BDog

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    Dated hotter on campus, and took them out for chips & salsa at Posse East.

    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    Bass is under shows for awhile
    Check out the schedule for the 'Long Center for the Performing Arts'

    I also say "NO LIMO"...if you want something better than the '99, rent a car

    Also..."NO SULLIVAN'S"...Jeffries, Four Seasons, Driskill, maybe Truluck's

  3. HornsHornsHorns

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    Whip it out and say, "Impressive, isn't it?"
  4. jimmyjazz

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    Mansion at Judges Hill
    Green Pastures
  5. WellEndowedUT

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    Thanks fellas. I feel the limo would be too "high school promish" so probably wont go that route.

    The restaurant recommendations are fantastic.

    I really like this girl. I have only been with her for a few months now, but feel she might be the one. We have some major hurdles coming up (grad school, perhaps far away from each other), but I feel if I make a strong enough impression, we might work out.
  6. halsteadfrost

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    I suggested the limo idea because its an excuse for both of you to drink throughout the evening without figuring out who's going to drive. Plus I got the idea that this wasn't a first date or anything. I think it's supposed to be a fun "fancy" night out. As long as she understands that it's just part of the fun, and not you trying to throw any baller game, then I think she should like it, maybe not, I don't know. Anyway if you want to forgo the limo, and still not worry about drinking and driving there are plenty of restaurants and nice bars you can go to dowtown and still be near the Driskall.

    As for the Sullivan's suggestion, some people like it, some don't. I personally prefer Uchi or Trulucks, but Sullivan's has a more suit/nice dress feel to it, IMO.
  7. Mageeman

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    I'm with BDog, if she isn't jive with going to posse dressed up, she's not worth the time.
  8. El_Oso

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    Step 1: Cut a hole in box.

    Step 2: Put your junk in that box.
  9. Benson32

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  10. Stuck_At_Work

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    I'm gonna go ahead and rate this thread highly purely on potential.

    Seriously... why would you call yourself 'well endowed' and expect anyone to take you seriously.
  11. Steel Shank

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    If you want this "hottie" to be impressed, send her on a date with Steel Shank. Also, book them a room at the Driskill.
  12. SubliminalHorn

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    In reply to:

  13. Horns_House

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    whichever mod moved this to the joke board... well done!
  14. Naldadoo

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    Mr. WellEndowedUT -

    you will fit in well at law school.
  15. Jive_Turkey

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    where the f**k is Durkee?
  16. bozo_casanova

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  17. Beau Vine

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  18. WellEndowedUT

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    Steel, you are hilarious. The Bucket of chicken advice is classic.

    Fellas, my name does not refer to the size of my penis, rather it refers to the universities endowment. Moreover, this is a sports message board and having posters on here "take me seriously" is not as important to me as generating laughs.

    As for the girl being a microbiology major and "the hottest woman at UT", this is clearly hyperbole. She is extremely attractive and successful, two traits that are generally never at the same time.
  19. texas0range

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    agree with SubliminalHorn.

    you won't.

    long distance relationships only work if youve been with the girl a loooonnnng time. theres that certain amount of commitment yall have not achieved. but hey, go for it.
  20. HornGrandioso

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    Ok, as long as your username refers to the university, or is a tounge-in-cheek double entendre, you are not a huge tool. For that and other reasons, your last post is going to save you a lot of face.
  21. LonghornLayla

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    Great thread, but something is really strange about a girl buying a fancy dress, showing up at your house in said dress, then tells you to take her out somewhere nice. Then again, maybe I am the atypical girl and every other girl has tried this.
  22. WellEndowedUT

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    Not in said dress, just with the dress in a bag with stuff she had purchased.

    I know that distance relationships never work out, but she may end up in Texas (UTSA, UT South Western, UNT, MD Anderson) and I might be in Texas as well (UT, SMU, TTU, UH). If we only have a few hours separating we could see each other a few times a month. Hell, we might even be in the same city.

    As for my handle, I love to use it on rival message boards. It seems that the favorite argument rival fans throw at Texas is generally "you have so much money, you should win every game." I like to head that off and remind people just how much money we have. Moreover, it is nice to jump into sexual threads with.
  23. notreally

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    when a girl shows up at my house in a fancy dress and wants to show it to me, it usually means she would like to make sure it comes off.

    that is my experience.
  24. Statalyzer

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  25. UTeric32

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    Me and my girl made it through "long distance"....after UT I went to Law School here in Texas and she went to Florida.

    Granted we were together for 2 years before seperation, but it could work.

    And as for the date....screw Sullivans, or anything expensive. Crash a wedding...
  26. Homesickhorn

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    SubliminalHorn wins this one in a landslide, that is, unless the initial poster was actually serious about his handle describing the endowment of the university, in which case, I'm actually still pretty fuckin' confused.
  27. HornInDub

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  29. accuratehorn

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    The only place I ever see people really dressed up in Austin is at the opera. So take her to an opera production at the Performing Arts Center.
  30. VYFan

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    Events where your wife/girlfriend dress up are usually things you are invited to. Thus, the gravitation of some girls to guys who tend to get invited to things.

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