Dating the Hottest Woman at UT, need help

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by WellEndowedUT, Jun 30, 2008.

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    [Steel Shank] Baby, I like your dress, but it would look even better laying on my bedroom floor. [/Steel Shank]
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    get drunk and take her to an opera. when you are there, walk up to everyone who looks like they have a corn cob in their *** and ask if it's their first time at an opera or not. the more condescending you can act, the better the response you will get.
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    First of all, the first day, you should have told her how sexy the dress made her look. Then the dress should have ended up on the floor, with you and her having relations on, or next to it. Then, she would have to buy ANOTHER new dress to show you, Repeat as needed.

    With your afore mentioned "skills", and the opportunity to end up with an intelligent degreed supermodel, I would put on my suit, and get on one knee. That way, you won't have to think of fancy crap to do. She will be your wife, let her worry about that kind of stuff. In a year or so, you can sit around in your underwear drinking coffee, and watch your hot wife get out of the shower naked. Bingo! Her degree won't matter that much, as she will constantly be preggers, and unable to work anyway.

    I can't believe you have been at UT long enough to graduate with a bachelor's, and haven't seen any place fancy enough for a suit and tie????

    Good luck to you. If you break up, can I get her number??
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    I guess you got me there. When in college, I didn't spend a lot of time "puting on the ritz" either. Heck, I was lucky if I HAD a Ritz Cracker...... [​IMG]
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    A few months and you think she's gonna last once she's gone off to med school? Med school is a graveyard for long distance relationships. She'll have hooked up with a couple guys in her class before her first year is over.

    Oh and as for microbiology majors not being hot... I dunno. One of the hottest girls I knew at UT was a micro major.
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    Think she'd be down if I came along? I mean, those limos have plenty of room for the three of us. I'm considering UTSA, UT South Western, UNT, and MD Anderson as well, so that's one coversation starter in the bag.
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    There is a med school in San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth (UNT osteopathic program), and in Houston/ Galveston (I assume it is MD Anderson related but could be wrong. Judging by your reaction, I guess I am wrong).
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    I'd walk away and find a babe you could take out in your thong...
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    If you are looking for an enjoyable date with a smart hottie, it sounds like you are getting plenty of advice already.

    If you are contemplating a LD relationship (really only worth undertaking for "the one" in my mind), think about what you would be chasing:
    *4 years more she will be in school (and nothing so mild as undergrad at UT)
    *Then she will have postgrad training (internship, residency, possible fellowship), another 3-7 years in 1-3 cities which may or may not be anywhere near Texas. This job takes 70-80 hours a week plus home study.
    *Practice for her may be in another city in another state, and it may change again after a couple of years.

    In short, she is about to be married to becoming a physician. If that is who you want to date long-term, so be it. The vast majority of LD BF/GFs of medical students get dumped the first year of school, never making it even close to the finish line.
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    A lot of people hook up intra-class first year. They then repeat that process second year, but with different people. By the time third year rotations start, the stage is set and the drama begins. I blame Grey's Anatomy.
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    surely there are some swingers clubs in austin, arent there?

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