Death toll in Texas elementary school; 18 children, 2 adults killed

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by BevoJoe, May 24, 2022.

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    I've seen suggestions for retired law enforcement or military to be considered for school security. Who's advocating for "rent a cops"? I propose substantial funding be allocated to attract qualified candidates for elite, armed (and properly trained) security. I'd think there'd be plenty of interest from current law enforcement personnel or discharged military. Maybe put the money generated through state lottery ticket sales to good use. Do you have a suggestion?
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  2. Mr. Deez

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    You'd be surprised to see that armed rent-a-cops are the primary security to get on most of the US military's bases in Germany. (Interestingly, Ramstein Air Base, where the NATO Allied Air Command and controversially a big USAF's drone control unit are located, is not guarded by rent-a-cops.) When the threat level is elevated, they'll have fully armed US military Security Forces at the gate with the rent-a-cops, but on normal days, they don't. They're nice guys (and the occasional cute German chick) who I'm sure could stop a drunk homeless person from accidentally wandering onto base, but they wouldn't look particularly scary to someone truly committed to getting on and hurting someone.
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    Before 911, airports were basically wide open with the exception of early generation metal detectors. Today, there are multiple checkpoints before you even get to highly sophisticated detection systems. Additionally, there are both openly armed police as well as undercover agents covering the entire airport. With the exception of a view isolated gun incidents, mostly which happened outside of the terminals. Schools would not need to be that complicated, but it seems to be the only choice to stop cowardly murderers.
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    The reports out there now are heartbreaking if true.The 3 armed school security apparently did not shoot at the murderer as he went into the school. Why not?
    There is footage of parents screaming for the officers to go into the building.
    It was 90 mins , not 40. 90 mins for him to murder innocent children

    There is footage of armed police restraining parents from going in the building.
    A Border agent who was west of San Antonio drove to the school and did go in. He killed the 18 yo
    There were signs that in retrospect are flags but in real time were just signs of a deeply troubled 18 yo and his family not equipped to handle.

    Unless facts change I want the 3 armed school security to explain why they didnt do their job. Stop an 18 yo from running into an elementary school
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  5. OUBubba

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    A. I agree that is disheartening.
    B. Bless that brave agent.
    C. Small town law enforcement is not trained or equipped (mentally, physically, firearms) for dealing with this.
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  6. Sangre Naranjada

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    C. Too much of a blanket statement, but not entirely untrue.
  7. theiioftx

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    Lots of conflicting reports, but it is reported that a couple of officers had family in the building. No way they wouldn’t go in to try to stop it.

    As for the first officers, maybe they were afraid to shoot someone for fear of being tried for murder in the new woke world?
  8. Horn6721

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    There is footage of plenty of law enforcement outside including US Marshals restraining parents from going in and apparently making no attempt to go in.
    Hearing anguished parents pleading with the officers to go in wrenches your heart.

    I think you are right. The first security who did not stop the murderer could have thought that
  9. mchammer

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    Remember when you met your parents are the gate?
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  10. huisache

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    we live in a country awash in portrayals of violence and massive theft and a decline in religious and moral standards and this has left us with a lot of very messed up kids growing up in broken homes with meager resources for their one parent families. The incidence of drug addiction, fantasy lives and paranoid delusions are a diagram for producing sociopaths. The latest fad is taking out your frustrations and ending your pointless life by killing a bunch of people. Get used to it. These poor souls are rich in fantasy but poor in imagination so they copy each other.
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  11. theiioftx

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    I can guarantee he played violent video games as it seems all males under 30 play them addictively.

    I got my nephew a job and let him live with me to get started. He would often stay up all night playing violent games. Didn’t drink or do any drugs, but he was definitely addicted to his Xbox.
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  12. Mr. Deez

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    Video games are such a waste of time, and it still baffles me how many adult men play them regularly. I liked video games when I was a kid, but once I became interested in chicks, that mostly shutdown my interest in video games. Dudes who keep it up into adulthood are kinda sad. Go on a date. Hang out with a friend. If you can't do either, read a book, but don't zonk out on some goofy video game.

    My 8-year-old has asked a few times for a X-Box, and I didn't get mad or anything, but I slapped that **** down hard. No chance in hell. And you know what he does for fun instead? If it's nice outside, he plays in our backyard. If it's not nice outside, he writes stories, draws pictures, or plays the piano. I'll take that over farting around all day on a video game console.
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  13. Garmel

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    As long as it's not an obsession it's fine. However, using your logic drinking is a waste of time, watching a movie is a waste of time, etc..
  14. Horn6721

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    Mr D
    Make sure you get him back here in Texas in 25-30 years
    We're going to need him
    Sooner if Beto finds new offices to run for
  15. mb227

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    Tell me WHAT background check would have prevented this incident? The eighteen-year-old had no discernible criminal history. He had no history of mental health treatment. He had no red flags that a background check proposed by the left would have identified.

    And we saw in Buffalo how the background checks and red flag laws failed miserably. Not to mention how they fail on a daily basis in Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC, etc. FFS, the left does not even care that more kids tend to be shot in a weekend in Chicago than were shot in Uvalde...and Chicago is a WEEKLY EVENT!
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  16. Horn2RunAgain

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    My suggestion is get serious about confronting the mentally ill when they post threatening material on social media or speak of threats. I could go on for paragraphs about how, but I have no authority to exact change.

    I don't believe there are thousands of ready bodied, capable ex police, ex military personnel to fill the positions some speak of, as capable security. I respect those of you who think it's possible to do so but I'll disagree. Way too complicated of an issue.
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  17. Horn6721

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    From Fox
    "A resident of Uvalde, Texas tells Fox News Digital that police officers were on the scene and in the building the "entire time" attempting to subdue alleged school shooter Salvador Ramos as questions arise over how long it took law enforcement to neutralize the shooter.

    "I know my brother says they were inside the building the entire time," Patricia Chapa, who says her brother is a police officer in Uvalde, said. "They just never had him at the right angle. He had them in the wrong spot."

    Chapa added, "They were in there, they were in the hallway, they just couldn’t get in there fast enough. But, they also couldn’t just rush in there like people think that it was so easy for them just to run in."
  18. SabreHorn

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    He will always have one because as long as he can raise money for his campaign, his father-in-law can keep him off his payroll.
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  19. mb227

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    They will go for the bolt-actions once they realize that is what Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly used to kill JFK...
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  20. SabreHorn

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    What did Charles Harralson use to make that incredible (probably 1 in 10 million shot)?
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  21. mb227

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    All I have ever seen was "high powered rifle with a scope." But that assassination probably doesn't even merit on the scale for the lefties...
  22. Driver 8

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    If you have children in public school how do you work out the odds in your head to live with the risk of your kid being next? Do you think about it when they go there every morning? I'm not criticizing, I am asking how parents think about this knowing what we know
  23. iatrogenic

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    No one said it would be “easy”. Doing the job right takes courage. That is why first responders get accolades. If they waited, they made an unforgivable mistake. Who in the fug would stand outside with a gun and let that kid shoot small children. That pisses me off, if true. Columbine revisited.
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  24. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    1. if they didn't have security protocols and physical safety measures in place the superintendent should be fired
    2. if they had the protocols and devices and they weren't used the principal should be fired
    3. if it turns out that LEOs of any flavor waited outside the building or room after they heard shots, they should be fired.

    Active Shooter 101 is to immediately engage when the subject is shooting at people. Anything less is a dereliction of duty and IMO ...cowardice.

    We can't physically secure every building and event, but we can sure as heck secure schools. It really isn't that complex to do so. It cost dollars that's all. The process and tools to secure buildings is not rocket science. it is time tested and relatively simple.
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  25. Monahorns

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    Fired and opened up for law suits. Criminal negligence.
  26. Monahorns

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    Children are way more likely to die from drowning, car accidents, and domestic abuse. Any honest risk calculations should take those items into account first.

    But school shootings is an issue to consider for sure.
  27. Horn6721

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    And if it turns out officers were IN THE BUILDING but couldnt get the right angle for over an hour?
    It seems a lot of Border Agents had kids at that school.

    We still don't know how he got in.
    If that school is like most today you enter a secure lobby where you identify yourself to someone behind bullet proof glass.
    All other doors cannot be entered from the outside.
  28. Run Pincher

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  29. Horn6721

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    Just when you think it can't get anymore tragic.
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