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    As tough as that loss was.....

    The guys that suited up and went out there representing THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS at AUSTIN on DEFENSE deserve an immense amount of praise..... [​IMG]

    Knowing that the cavalry was never going to arrive in time....the played their hearts out....

    DEFENSIVELY, we can hang with anyone....

    STRONG will get us there....L@@K what he's done with the DEFENSE!!! two plays taken away and we lead at the HALF (I'll stop right there....that sounded so AGGY....I threw up in the back of my mouth)
  2. Unques prist

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    Second that. The D showed up and played as grown men. Here is to amazing effort, toughness and representing the University well.
  3. IvanDiabloHorn

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    +1 Defense!
  4. Bill in Sinton

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  5. cmtsip

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    Strong defense

  6. Detective Shilala

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    Yep, and they have been getting tougher and more consistent with every game.

    Hook EM!
  7. ProdigalHorn

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    I'm really excited to see what this group does with upgraded secondary and LB talent. It's a small sample size, but it's definitely encouraging to see that Vance looks like he knows how to defend the spread.
  8. caryhorn

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    Amen !!! This Defense plays with giant heart!!

    And that goal line stand was just awesome. [​IMG]
  9. Horn2Run

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    same here....The D seems to have a lot of heart.

    This staff reminds me of a modern day version of the Akers era. I'll take that any day.

    The offense will come around when Heard takes over next yr.....we do have to recruit some big time RB's and O-linemen tho. And quickly. This staff needs to close out huge come Feb.

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