Defensive Line Basics

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    Hi group,

    This is my son's swcond year playing football.

    He's 8 years old.

    He is the biggest player on the team, so I assume that's the reason the coahes put him in the Defensive Guard position, Nose Guard and also my son has a "defense type mentality".

    I'd like to work with my son at home, besides the practices.

    In this weight class, 75 pounders in the league, most of the offensive plays are runnings plays so the defense is defending against the run most of the time.

    My son is taller than most kids his age, hits and tackles like an animal, but I do believe the coaches aren't teaching him the "true" way to play nise guard.

    This is the way I see it as an amateur.

    A nose guard needs to make penetration.

    What are some drills that I can work with my son to help him to be able to take on the center at the snap? He plays over center most of the time.

    What can I do to help him defeat the center to get the penetration?



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