Del Conte Sets a Few Parameters For Herman...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. RainH2burntO

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    CDC sets parameters for TH...

    Chris Del Conte: Tom Herman has one chance to retool Texas staff

    ...then doesn't.....

    Del Conte: Setting expectations for Tom Herman is 'crazy talk'

    I'm not suggesting he is contradicting himself at all..there's two separate subjects in focus here. I do not disagree with CDC's approach here, either.
    I'm simply just sharing two pieces on the subject that I thought interesting to find on the same web landing page.

    (On a side note, I sure wish he'd set some for Shaka....
    Here's a suggestion: You must pack your things, leave today, and give us our money back.)
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  2. MajesticII

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    Throw in Aston on that side note.
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  3. Horns11

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    I think it's fine to say "you don't get to retool your staff again" and "winning a non-playoff bowl game shows progress." I think CdC read a little too much into the Utah win (I saw them as relatively pathetic for most of 2019 because the Pac is/was awful), but at least it was better than the vast majority of the games we played and showed that we weren't messing around with our free time leading up to the game.
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  4. BevoJoe

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    The Utah win was a solid performance. Was Utah truly the #11 team in the country? Well, that is what the guys that vote in the polls decided, and those decisions are made by minds that are much smaller than ours.
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  5. MajesticII

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    3 Bowl wins are fine but gotta consider two of them were against teams who probably would have lost most of their games if they were in the Big 12, ( Missou was meh; Utah was without a few players, and very over-rated ) and the UG win was against a team that was without some players and some say they were not interested in playing that game..Winning bowl games is better than losing them.
    The 4 or 5 losses each year is really who we are with Herman, and if he doesn't improve on that this year he needs to be jettisoned ASAP. If I were calling the shots he would need to go at least 10-4 with a CCG appearance to keep his job. Losses to LSU, OU, CCG, and maybe a bowl loss to a very good team...Something along those lines would allow for a fifth and final year if he didn't win CCG in 2021. Since we are probably going to be rebuilding in 2021.... Herman's best chance to win a CCG is THIS YEAR, since he and Orlando screwed their chances this last season, and many starters will be leaving !!! Bottom line...Herman needs a conference title this coming season; and this year is going to be more difficult than last year with OSU looking stacked and road games in Stillwater, Lubbock, and Manhattan.
  6. Austin_Bill

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    I have my own opinion on expectations. Nothing short of the Big 12 championship will do. Here is a list of our assets going into next year.

    4 year starter at QB
    2 year starter at RB and very good depth
    Veteran offensive line with 3 starters returning
    3 very solid Wrs
    3 TEs we can count on

    Incredible depth at DT
    1 impact player at DE
    2 solid linebackers
    2 starters returning at Safety with incredible depth
    4 corners returning with lots of experience.

    2 year starting Kicker, 1 year returning starter punter.

    If Tom Herman can't get the job done with all of this, he is going to ever get it done.
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  7. X Misn Tx

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    It's hard for everyone to agree with everything, but I'm not sure I agree with these three as reasons for success.

    We are losing our top 2 WRs. The others showed weaknesses last year. not great hands and wrong routes.

    TEs were not impact TEs at all

    Punter was not great.

    Just clarifying that I think we have some holes. dropped balls KILL drives, even if the overall stats are good.
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