Del Conte: Shaka will be Back

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by BevoJoe, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Per 247 Sports: CDC says Shaka will return as the HC for 2019-20.

    "Shaka Smart is returning next season for a fifth year as Texas men’s basketball coach after the Longhorns won their last five games and turned a 16-16 record into a 21-16 season capped by winning the National Invitation Tournament, Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte confirmed to Horns247 Thursday night.

    The Longhorns defeated Lipscomb 81-66 at Madison Square Garden to win the program's first NIT title since 1978.

    “We’re not where we want to be,” Del Conte told Horns247. “But we're making progress.Our goal is to win the NCAA championship. But we won the NIT championship, and that locker room is cohesive."

    "I’m happy and excited for Shaka and our players. Very rarely do you get to win your last game of the season, and we did that tonight."

    Link To Full Article:

    Chris Del Conte: Shaka Smart will return as Texas head coach

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    $ decision as much as anything, winning the NIT makes it just slightly more palatable but it was always going to be a money driven decision and there are 12.9M reasons why Shaka was always coming back next year. Del Conte can do the math and he can make the change next year if Texas isnt at least in second round of NCAA tournament.
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    After having read about of money due him if fired, I figured he would be back. I hope that he's not given a hefty raise based on winning the NIT. A bonus I could understand, provided it is small, but not a salary increase or contract extension.
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    So we lose our two team leaders and Hayes. Seems like things are looking up for next year! :whiteflag:
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    What's the big deal? I don't follow basketball much, but is 10 points a game that impressive? And we sucked. I say....let him leave. Maybe the whole team should hire agents. :whiteflag:
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    That is what Barns did and it got him fired.
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    You mean with the one and dones?
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    Yes. Very difficult to keep regenerating a team year after year without some carryover leadership.
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    I'm not going to say you're wrong (it IS difficult), but the best programs all do this. Kentucky turned over their entire starting lineup, lost some "growing pains" type of games, and made it to the national championship that season. Does anyone perceive Duke or UNC to be complaining about who they're losing this season?

    One of our problems at Texas is that we equate "building" a program with the potential for success in the future. This works for football. It doesn't for basketball. That work is done in offseason buy-in and inside the coach's head. It's done at the AAU level when you recruit a kid who meets those buy-in and scheme needs and not who jacks up the most shots against 16-and-17-year-olds. Coack K stated that he has never coached a team the same way year to year because of how different each year is. There's no such thing as "developing" leaders in basketball... a kid is or isn't. There's not enough people on the floor and years to develop into something. Rick Barnes took a ragtag bunch of 7 regulars and Chris McColpin his first year at Texas and made them regular season conference champs. That can't POSSIBLY be because of carryover leadership... especially when you consider what headcases Clack and Muoneke were.

    That work is NOT done by adding up the recruiting rankings of newcomers and saying "well our class ranking was better than Tech's!" I think Shaka knows this but doesn't have the buy-in or scheme that Beard exhibited these past couple seasons.

    The way he talked to to them after they won the NIT... about how hard their path was through that difficult bracket? That's how weak leaders talk. That they really needed to come together to beat the likes of South Dakota, Xavier, Colorado, TCU, and Lipscomb? No one should "need" to come together to beat those teams... that looks like a jokey nonconference schedule for UNC that they would tear through in November/December. Plus, we didn't need Hayes for that run either. Shows a lot about our coaching problems.
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    Agree but would probably stress that player leadership is what leads to "buy-in". Also, IMHO one of the issues is AAU ball. It is a "look at me" league rather than "let's all work together" league. The basketball world would be in a much better place if they would just get out of the recruiting business - in other words, just go away; but I know it will not..
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    I will now and forever hence forth refer to this as the, "Shaka Con. Shaka. Shaka. Shaka Con".
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