deloss stepping down

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by tamster, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Will have to see it to believe it.
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    believe it......
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    Hopefully, he is not allowed to name Mack's successor, that's a train wreck waiting to happen...
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    Maybe I am misinterpreting this. If Dodds doesn't resign until August 2014, and if Brown won't resign on his own, then I am not sure that Dodds will fire him at the end of the season.
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    Is Dodds really responsible for the hiring and firing of head coaches, or is it the University President that makes the call? I seem to recall with past hires there is a committee of athletic department personnel, administrators, faculty and students that provide input, but who ultimately makes the decision?

    I got the impression that in the USC situation, it was Pat Haden's sole discretion to fire Kiffen and it will be his sole responsible for picking a successor, but I certainly could be wrong.
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    great news for football and basketball fans
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    Dodds will leave after he collects his million dollar stipend on August 14, 2014 this has been said for a long time.
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    About time!
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    ViperHorn, If Brown does not resign, Dodds is still AD in Dec/Jan. It would be up to Dodds to fire him. Even if a new AD was chosen, he would not come on line until September 1.
    I simply don't thing that Dodds can be counted on to fire Brown. Now maybe pressure can be brought on Dodds but it is still his decision to make.
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    Word is Dodds could also be sick.
    Really hope that is not the case, but yes, it was time for change.
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    I believe Dodds already qualifies for the million dollar stipend, whether he retires today or in August, 2014. At least, I have read that. I don't believe that is a factor.
    However, it could create a lame duck situation for coaching changes, if Dodds really wants to leave such decisions to his successor, as he has stated in the past.
    I do believe the President has the ultimate say in hiring, but normally follows the recommendation of the AD, despite what certain power mad regents may think.
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    I recall that Dodds was instructed by the administration to fire Abe Lemons as one of his first duties (or shortly after his fall 1981 hiring). That caused a lot of blame to fall on Dodds, when he was just following orders (supposedly). Maybe he will remember that and not leave a mess for his successor.
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    The man has a few rings and trophies on his résumé. Done well, but as mentioned above time to change things at the top.
    [​IMG] Deloss
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    Finally, the wheels are starting to slowly turn... I anticipate a football HC change at UT in the not so distant future... stay tuned.
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    I never understood the "waiting for August 2014 bonus"

    He is not going to pick the HC nor fire the HC...he is a lame duck now...and everyone knows it...either his successor is not yet available or the negotiations are not yet complete, but Dodds is just a placecard holder with a great parking spot and salary....

    and yes he look ill...

    Oliver Luck would be a great AD choice...
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    All the internet experts out here, I thought that the big cigars picked Mack Brown and that Dodds wanted Barnet who had just taken Northwestern to the Rose Bowl? So how come all the power for the AD now?
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    Maybe they'll combine the men's and women's positions again and Chris Plonsky will be AD. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    What's he still doing here anyway? I thought the mandatory retirement age was 100. [​IMG]

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