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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by tamster, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Then what is this if he can already receive the stipend?

    The Link

    "Dodds will stay on through Aug. 31, 2014, and will remain on as a consultant through 2015. He will receive a $1 million annuity in August."
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    Third Coast,

    I have said on these boards many times, Deloss has NEVER hired or fired a football coach at Texas. Fred was Hired by Governor Shivers and Frank Erwin. He was fired by DKR. David was hired by DKR under the "anybody but Akers" thinking. David really decided to get out rather than being fired, although the heat was enormous. Mackovic was hired by little willie Cunningham and fired by everyone with a clue. Mack Brown was hired by DKR.


    Deloss and Tom Hicks were in Chicago negotiating with Barnett when DKR filled a plane for Atlanta. They scrambled to get from Chicago to Atlanta to participate.
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    Dodds did hire Bob Weltlich though.
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    How probable is it that Dodds staying until August results in Mack not being fired or let go at season's end, no matter how bad the record. Mack could still be the HC in 2014 since the new AD won't be in full charge so that it is too late to make a change with the first game at the end of that month......not good! [​IMG]
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    If you were around for when Kaiser Bob was hired, you will also remember that we were turned down by everyone in North America except a handful of junior high coaches. I recall telling Deloss that I didn't give a damn who he hired, just stop the embarrassment and get someone to take the damn job.
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    "Kaiser Bob" Thanks for that memory. Ha!
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    bevojoe.....I agree with your thought. I also feel something needs to be done now, like this month, to temper recruiting damage.
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    ^^ I hope so.

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