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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by kablooey, Jul 15, 2003.

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    Dollydude - you are conveniently shifting the discussion so that it points backwards into history. When you do that and isolate only a section of time, the Horns here will stretch your memory as far as you want to go and then you don't look so good. You're making a mistake.

    For instance, some arrogant Horn here will retort with something like you getting your *** handed to you the last three years in a row. Getting 50 tatooed onto the WCrew in two of those years .... ouch! So see, don't fall into the Aggie trap of talking 80's and 90's - it works against you.

    Focus on hope that Fran is indeed the man.
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    Mike -

    I'll give you corporate - but do you really need a coach who's everyone's best friend? Only a few of the greats (not saying Fran is one at this point) were warm and friendly. Mack definitely has the nice guy routine down pat - maybe too pat.

    But comparing him to Mac2? I bet Fran's seen the bottom of more longnecks than vintage merlots. I just don't see his personality being that much of a problem. Plus, if he can get us back to beating Tech and defending Kyle against yall, he won't need much personality.

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    Great point Kablooy.

    Fran and his crew really should be downplaying expectations at this point. With the talent on hand there is absolutely no disgrace in winning six games against that schedule. But Fran seems to be swept up in the enthusiasm and appears to be content to play along.
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    All Ag is fond of pointing out that, since 1970, A&M is 16-16 against Texas.

    When we point out that the vast majority of those wins occurred in one dark period for Texas adn that the natural order of things has returned, he throws that stat out again.

    Well, take away the Maroon era of 84-94, when you won 10 of 11, we've gone 16-6.

    We've won 6-8 and beat you in your best year in that period. Our talent has increased every year, and our best talent is just now hitting the field.

    Aggy continually told us that their recruiting classes were actually better than ours. Yet you were losing.

    The talent level is a complete reverse from what it was in the late 80s, early 90s. We have the far better talent now and are just starting another era of complete dominance over Aggy.

    Of course, that is just my $.02.
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    Dollylama, you wrote:

    "Bundy -

    I have to call bs on point #3. No one would argue against the fact that Mack may be the best recuiter in college football history. But because of that very fact, it's going to be tough to argue that he's one of the best coaches in the nation.

    With the studs he's bought err brought to Austin, including the top offensive and defensive players in the nation in the same year, it's hard to believe that a top flight coach wouldn't have racked up more than a bunch of wins against A&M, Baylor, OK St, Tech, Kansas, Rice, etc.

    Give me an example of his coaching prowess. "

    I've never understood the distinction some try to make between "recruiting" and "coaching". Recruiting is probably the single most important job a college coach has. You want an exampe of his coaching prowess? For startrs how about his recruiting prowess.

    Talent usually wins out in the end. Coaching tactics and strategies can make a difference but I submit that difference is small. The history books are filled with poor seasons by good coaches who simply don't have the talent. The history books have just a few entries where coaching defeats talent (Pats v Rams SuperBowl comes to mind).

    Is Mack Brown a great X's and O's coach? I don't think so but he's not that bad where he'll consistantly lose to inferior quality teams.
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    Hollis -

    If I may point your attention to the record, it was you who tried to negate our brief sojourns into the top 10 over the years by saying that anything prior to 2000 doesn't count.

    I was born in 1971 and while I do envy yall your place among the greats in the history of college football, seeing as how I wasn't around during the first 80 years of the rivalry, they don't sting so much. Growing up in the 70s and early 80s was no fun with a Horn for a best friend. Then lo and behold, just about the time I'm headed to CS, the tables turned and Thanksgiving became my favorite holiday.

    The weak SWC aside, the record should show that A&M has earned itself a decent spot in modern college football history. We're no Michigan, but we're more of an Arkansas or an LSU than an OK St.

    The past 5 years have been a living hell. Not only have we been your *****, but Tech's as well. I promise that that won't continue under Fran. I'm not eyeing the Sears trophy as closely as some of my bretheren may be, but to say that our success in the 90s was a flash in the pan and that we'll never compete for the Big 12 again, is just the kind of cockiness that we're hoping for. Not that we expect anything different out of you.

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    Kablooey, you wrote:


    RC coached well enough to beat the #1 team in the nation. AT times, Dennis coached well enough to lose to Rice, SMU and San Jose State with immeasurably more talent. "

    RC also coached well enough that despite never pulling in a recruiiting class that wasn't in the Top 25 in the late 90's early 00's, he managed to go unranked at year end 3 years in a row. He coached well enough to consistantly lose to teams with lesser talent (Tech, Mizzou, OSU leap to mind).

    And I disagree that TCU ever had immeasureably more talent than SMU, San Jose State or even Rice. I think Fran has shown with equal talent he wins much more than he loses.

    "BTW: You guys don't have much talent so expect about what we've seen in the past. "

    And I've been repeating this part quite a bit but I don't understand the "Ags have no talent" mantra. True, the talent does not compare to Texas and OU but that is an unfair comparison. That is like saying Tom Hicks or Drayton McLane aren't rich compared to Bill Gates or Paul Allen.

    TAMU has been in the top 25 in recruiting rankings every year for at least 5 years or so. There aren't that many teams that can say that. There is talent on the roster. Not a **** load, not enough to compete with VaTech in Blacksburg or Texas/OU but enough to make the other games (even in Lubbock and Lincoln) competitive and winnable.

    7-5. 4 sure wins, 3 sure losses. Win 3 of the 5 competitive games versus Pitt, OSU, Mizzou, tech, and Nebraska.
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    Yeah i think it was more Reggie and good coaching by your oc than anything else. But uhh, RC did win a big 12 championship and RC remained respectable in arguably the hardest conference in football while not pulling in the best talent. Fran hasn't played in BIG 12 country before.
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    Re Fran should be downplaying expectations. Sorry, but that is not in his nature, and that's what excites us. He could easily be decrying the talent, the lack of returning starters, the double whammy of an all-new system and staff for the players, plus a murderous schedule.

    Fran knows A&M will be a very good team, sooner rather than later. I don't really think he's too concerned with covering his ***. That's what has people excited. Sure we're hopeful for a good season, but most everyone knows this year is a freebie. You could tell from day 1 (literally) that Fran KNOWS he will be successful at Texas A&M.

    It really is amazing the differences in the program from RC and today. It's like every week something happens where you just think "man! why didnt we have this 8 years ago?!"

    Mike- you are right about Mr. Corporate. But he's also like the company president who shoots straight with his employees, keeps them informed on everything, and actually cares about the details that affect the common worker. There are company presidents like that, and there are coaches like that.

    I'd rather have that than a good ol boy, down to earth nice guy that rarely gives or receives input. Byrne and Fran have been very receptive to ideas- very forthcoming and also great leaders. Sorry for the rambling.
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    Franochio is "like the company president who shoots straight with his employees, keeps them informed on everything, and actually cares about the details that affect the common worker."????

    Are you for real? Franochio may be accused of a lot of things, but "shooting straight" ain't one of them. And if you believe that, there's a football team in Alabama that'll give you a rope to hold. . .[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Kablooey- it's almost laughable the way you all discount those years we were kicking your butt. Yeah, take that away and you were blah blah blah. I sure hope we Ags arent pathetic enough to start discounting 95-02 once Fran starts kicking your rears.

    And it's laughable the way some don't see we are in a different era now.

    By the way, the only thing I find remarkable about your 70-34 record is how close it is, given that no games were played in College Station for the first 21 meetings (TX 15-4-2), given that A&M was a small all male military school in the middle of nowhere; given that TX horded scholarship players to the tune of 200+. By the way, once games started being played in College Station in 1915, Ags went 10-1-2 there between '15 and '39.

    Yeah, you have this "awesome" record against us, but believing that what happened from 1940-1973
    represents the status quo is hilarious. A&M will be kicking your butts regularly from here to the 22nd Century, with some peaks and some valleys, because of what happened in society and in the NCAA rules in the early 70s. Sorry, but that's the way it is.
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    All Ag:

    No, what's laughable is you think that that one period of dominance is the way it should and will be when everything about this rivalry historically has been just the opposite.

    You had a nice run. It's over. It will not return. You will get your game here and there but we are going to win 3 out of 4.

    But what is really laughable is this statement.

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    AllAg, this may be a different era, but we still have a lot of the advantages over your school that we have had for eternity. No matter how much aggy doesn't like it, we are, and will always be the flagship university of the state of Texas. After Fred Akers, (some would say after Darrell Royal)we really made some crappy hiring decisions and paid dearly for them in the win/loss column. We have definitely righted the ship. I do not believe aggy will beat us on a regular basis again, at least not for a good while. There is no cycle. aggy beat us regularly for a short period of time. For the rest of eternity, we have won most of the games. [​IMG]
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    Yeah, I'm not too dim a bulb. You understand my point. I can't help it if you don't like it. [​IMG]
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    Tough talk from a guy who can't spell "genius." [​IMG]

    All Ag:

    I missed this gem:

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    Besides, it's pretty damn late at night. The vocabulary isn't quite as diverse as it might be at, say, 1:00 p.m. [​IMG]
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    I didn't know we were having a spelling B. I'll pay more attention next time. My apologies...
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    "I thought all we had were a bunch of hapless players? So which is it? Our team along with our average coach sucks and we have no chance this year or any other year we play the mighty Texas and the Big 12 or we have a solid team and Dennis will have an okay year?"

    You caught him Rogue. We'll go with the former. Notice, no one else in this thread said those things. [​IMG]
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    kablooey- read. the 8 years ago was in reference to the coach. I could give you a lot more than 3, but what's the point? Oh well, here's a few:

    Day 1 Fran basically telling some young players to shut up when he's talking. Was striking to me that some other player's own admissions were that they didnt have that with R.C.

    Fran's "Fridays with Fran"

    Night of Champions

    Making Spring Game an "Event"

    Completely different emphasis on S&C

    Summer expectations- basically telling the players whoever doesnt get BETTER by the start of 2 a days is getting shoved to the back and bottom.

    Getting almost immediate feedback and action when internet masses voice concern over certain issues/events. [dont misinterpret this]

    Dedication to the Off and Def trenches that we havent had

    Ability to retain and attract recruits on short notice and through the most tumultuous period in 15 years.

    Organization of his professional and personal schedule, and that of his staff. You can see they have it almost to a science.

    Anyway, the whole atmosphere surrounding Texas A&M athletics has changed unbelievably since Dec 1.

    Oh, and others please spare me the sophomoric and rote refutation of each point above.
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    Quite impressive huh? Since we've gotten Fran, it's been a whole new experience. Do other coaches do these things? Because, RC never did. I remember struggling to find bits and pieces of information about our football team in the spring. He has really created some excitement and kept the fans up to date.

    Also, I have been questioning injuries and our s&c for some time and our lack of an emphasis on the offensive and defensive lines. He hasn't coached a game yet and I'm thoroughly impressed with his attention to detail with the off-season.
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    The myth of the Dennis, revealed. aggy hype stripped nekked. Prepare for multiple beatings this year, farmers.
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    I guess Dennis stopped in the Franklin Covey store at the B/CS mall and got a filofax and a calendar with a new inspirational saying for each day. And a "Hang in there, baby!" kitty poster for his office.
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    Llamadude - I don't remember saying anything about corporate (?) Also, come on dude, the 2000 remark was a classic tic. Forget all the past - here's my point again:

    At a major large storied money-ladden university like A&M, it should take no more than three years to "turn it around". By that I mean reach double digits in victories every year beginning with the third and thereafter. It shouldn't take five at a place like that.

    it only took Mack two years.

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