Devloping Logjam at QB

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by ViperHorn, Dec 5, 2018 at 6:21 AM.

  1. ViperHorn

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    Currently, 4 QB's all with playing time remaining - Sam 2 years, Shane 1 year, Rising 4 years and Thompson 4 years. For 2019 Johnson will initially be the QB recruit with Card for 2020. Something has to give after the Sugar Bowl with Shane, Rising, and Thompson. Was the lack of playing time for Shane when Sam was hurt due to an agreement with him to Red Shirt so he can transfer with eligibility? Thompson ran the scout team this season which implies that Rising is the solid number 3 (and would move up to 2 if Shane leaves). Odd man out after the Sugar Bowl at QB seems to be Thompson, but could he play another position?

    Joe Fan what does it look like to you?
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  2. Buck-Horn

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    I think Shane is gone & agree Thompson could move to a new position. The most interesting facet of this QB “problem” (which is a good one!) is Johnson. Is he a JT Barrett? If so, Hernan will have a very tough delimma on his hands. While Sam has dramatically improved over the season, he is not elite yet. If Johnson gives us a VY-type skill set, he SHOULD be our least by 2020. I’ll let Joe give us his wisdom.....
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  3. easy

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    Herman had the same issue at Ohio state and it worked itself out, it will do the same here
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  4. Buck-Horn

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    Good point!!:hookem:
  5. Ajo Macho

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    Shane still has two years of eligibility, since he can take a redshirt for this year.
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  6. ViperHorn

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    I don't think he had 4 with 2 experienced and 2 true freshmen without experience. All I can remember is 3 and one of those was a senior. However it is not a question of Herman working it out - it is a question of how to keep 5+ QB's involved in the team without losing any to another program.
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  7. BabHorn

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    Nice problem to have. I also think Shane is transferring but could be wrong. Whatever Shane decides to do, and it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to stay, Texas is getting into a situation now where QBs coming in can expect to sit at least two years unless they are transcendent talents.
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  8. Clean

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    As long as they don't transfer to blowU like Mayfield and Murray, I'm good with Shane et al. going elsewhere.

    I was glad to see ex-Clemson QB Kelly Bryant transferred to Mizzou. He was rumored to be heading to the mobile home state's top university too.
  9. WorsterMan

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    I'm confident, IF Boo were to be released to transfer, there will be some established boundaries where he can go. He differently will not be allowed to transfer to ou and PERHAPS no programs in the Big 12 that the Horns compete with.

    His sisters attend(ed) ou and I suspect as much as he wanted to go to UT, he would not want to transfer to ou anyway....
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  10. #2is#1

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    I think he would be released immediately.
  11. #2is#1

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    IMO Shane should go.
    He seems to not quite fit the offense.
    He is a great kid, teammate, and leader.
    But, for whatever reason not the apple of TH’s eye.
    Much respect for him as a player. But he should go. I would suggest Carolina.
    But IMHO he should transfer.
  12. slowrider

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    Don’t think you have all the facts on this one. Josh Heuple recruited Shane pretty hard and then when he got fired and Lincoln arrived OU went in a different direction. OU signed Austin Kendall as their 2016 QB.

    His big brother Garret played baseball at OU and was all Big 12. His sisters also went to OU. I believe he would have been a Sooner if Josh Heuple didn’t get the boot. He just wasn’t a fit for Lincoln’s system then or now.
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  13. ProdigalHorn

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    Herman let Bonney go to Tech, so I wouldn't put that in stone.

    I do think that in the long run it probably is better for him to transfer with his two years, but if he stays, he's certainly welcome - although far from guaranteed a spot from what I'm hearing about Rising.
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  14. I_Dont_Exist

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    Sam isn't likely to leave early for the NFL. I can't see Rising waiting patiently for 2 more years.
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  15. Ajo Macho

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    I don't know much about Rising on a personal level, but I could see almost any QB sticking around if they have the idea they'll be the starting QB for two years on a playoff contender.

    If we keep improving next year, it'll go a long way towards preventing transfers and early NFL draftees. If we don't, back to the past 9 years of lacking senior talent.
  16. Austin_Bill

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    I have a few thoughts on the subject.

    1. Shane (can't call him Boo, it's just weird) is going to transfer, there is no other reason that he redshirted this year. Where? I have no idea, but blOwU has a pretty good log jam of QBs as well. My guess is a place like Arkansas or out west. I wish him the best.

    2. I'm pretty sure Sam is a 4 year starter for Texas, but he is also injury prone and I highly doubt he will ever finish a season without an injury.

    3. I think one of Rising or Thompson will transfer, it only makes sense that one will win the 2nd string job and the other will likely move on. I think it likely won't happen next season but the following one.

    4. Roshon is going to come in and redshirt and then he will compete with likely fall into place as the 3rd string for one year. In 2021 he will compete for a starting spot with the winner of Rising/Thompson.

    5. Card is coming in in 2020 and will redshirt and take his place as 3rd string in 2021 and he will compete for a starting spot in 2022.

    I can't believe I am looking at what is going to happen in 2022. I honestly hope we keep Beck for a very long time, he is a really good QB coach.
  17. zuckercanyon

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    Boo should immediately transfer to North Carolina where Mack can coddle him and remind him daily he’s a good kid.
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  18. Austin_Bill

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    You remind me of the little kid in the Movie "A League of their own". I would say you are drunk, but you are a simple minded individual.
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