Dick Tomey passed last night at 9:30.

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    Dick was a great coach, outstanding human being, and always very approachable. In fact, Coach Bill and I called Dick when he was still at Arizona. During the conversation he asked, "When was the last time you guys spoke to Jim Wacker (then SWT AD)? You need to call him. He's been diagnosed with terminal cancer". That was Dick, always concerned about others.

    Very few Texas fans appreciate all he did to get us The National Championship. True he was at San Jose in '05, but his contributions in '04 carried over into 05. Watch any of the 04 games, and there was Dick pacing our sideline; he would have his elbow in his hand with the other hand over his mouth. He would stop in front of Mack (never facing him) and say something. His teaching made Mack's soft team tougher, and I shall always believe was responsible for Brian breaking his assignment and stopping Lindale White on 4th down in The Rose Bowl.

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    Very sad news.
    Thank you for your sharing the insight.
    Coach Tomey was a brilliant man. He orchestrated the “desert swarm”
    defense in the score happy PAC 10 back in the 90’s.
    Developed several greats, like Teddy Bruschi, and Chris McAllister.
    Absolutely a huge contributor to the Longhorn defense in the glory years.

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