Did Joefan get arrested? [closed]

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by OUBubba, Jul 30, 2021.

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  1. Garmel

    Garmel 5,000+ Posts

    Did you notice that with a few of them like McCabe it was also recommended by Hortwitz and the FBI's OPR? Once again you prove yourself to be uninformed on the topic at hand.

    Sometimes I wonder if you're really this out of touch with reality or you're just ******* with me.
  2. Seattle Husker

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    Yes, I'm well aware of that. I'm also well aware that the Bill Barr led DOJ chose not to charge Andrew McCabe in February of 2020. You do realize that the dust up around McCabe had nothing to do with Russia or Trump right? The accusations of wrong doing have to do with his authorizing a leak about the HRC email scandal to the Washington Post in 2016. He's pled innocence, Horowitz recommended charges because he was not "forthcoming" in interviews and the Trump Admin DOJ decided not to pursue.

    Clearly you want to continue on as if McCabe is guilty but that's not how our legal system works. I don't know if he is or isn't guilty but he was never officially charged and the formal record will show as much. Didn't Trump supporters use that same logic in the Mueller investigation to exonerate him? Why wouldn't that apply here...lots of smoke but no fire.
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  3. OUBubba

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    McCabe should get to finish out his federal career if that's all he did. Jeez.
  4. Garmel

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    You are correct on McCabe but the way you look at the Strozk situation is mind boggling. We have an agent planning a clear coup against the president. He doesn't say "I" but "we". He talks about an insurance plan. We both know what this "insurance plan" is but you seem to want to lie to yourself about it.
    He's definitely a high level official and he's planning a coup. This is a lot more than smoke.
  5. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Don't you see the leaps and assumptions you are making? Using those leaps and that same logic you'd have to conclude that Trump also plotted a coup, right? Not even I've gone that far.

    At best, we need an investigation. I'm not certain but I believe Horowitz investigated what you claim and he didn't recommend any charges there. The Trump investigation to his attempts at promoting an insurrection haven't started. No, the 1/6 commission isn't the place to levy criminal charges.
  6. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Yet I'm the one with the opinion based on what we KNOW whereas you've gone off to assumption land that even those who investigated didn't choose to follow (see: Horowitz).
  7. Garmel

    Garmel 5,000+ Posts

    I'm sorry but I'm going by his own words. He made it clear that he and others were going after Trump. Sorry if that's assuming to you but I do take his words seriously.

    The evidence that is here is much stronger than any insurrection or coup was started by Trump.

    If Trump had said we're all going down to destroy the capital would be equivalent to what Strozk said.
  8. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Wait...you stand by Horowitz and his recommendation of charges for McCabe but take the opposite stance when he didn't recommend charges for Strozk? A little self-serving, don't you think?

    Really? Just taking their words?

    DAG Donahue notes from meeting with Trump on 12/27:
    Trump - "Just claim the election was corrupt + me and the Congress R's will do the rest"

    My point is that you assume in one direction then give the benefit of the doubt in the other based only on partisan leanings, not logic.
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