Did Nebraska get jobbed?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by ReaganHorn, Dec 6, 2009.

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    So the jackoffs over on one of the Husker boards think all three pass interference calls were bogus and that the clock ran out. Oh, and they really, really hate Texas.

    I personally think one of the PI calls was questionable, and it led to a FG. The other two were pretty much legit from what usually gets called.

    On a side note, Husker fans are notorious to me about using calls as an excuse. Almost to an Aggy level of myopia.

    Honest thoughts?
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    Anyone that uses the word peeps is gay. Thats my thought.
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    I was at the game so it's hard to know for sure. My brother said the 2nd chop block that was a 28 yd penalty was total BS. Add in the kick return at the 1, and I have no sympathy. Why not let that kick return play out if your not sure and then have it reviewed instead of blowing the whistle? That could have cost us an NC. Wost call I have seen in a while at any level.

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    they did not get jobbed....that is a NATION of very proud college football fans that almost had something to cheer about...they played well on defense...good for them...they had 106 yards of offense...27 in the first half or something like that...

    WE WON!!! and I just got feeling back...
  5. Eichmare

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    Don't give a flying shite what they think. They're all freaking corn sucking husking no nothings and they can job each other all winter long on the wasteland that is snow clogged nebraska. I am so sick of wihining losers.

    Suck your corn, you husker.
  6. atxbomber

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    The clock didn't run out. The replays clearly showed that. One of the PI calls was questionable, the other two weren't.
  7. ReaganHorn

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    At first glance, I thought the ball was uncatchable and I didn't expect the PI call. I DID expect a defensive holding call. Upon seeing the replay, though, that ball was more catchable than I thought originally, and there is no doubt that the defender made illegal contact with the receiver.

    As far as the 1 second goes, it was the right call. The only reason it ran out in the first place is because the clock operator in JerryWorld didn't hit the button in time. Immediately the refs were telling Nebraska to get back on their sideline. It was never said, but I think the call on the field was going to be there was 1 second left and the replay was going to have to overturn that ruling. I also think the ref made the call that the play was under review without the replay booth actually alterting him to an upcoming review... because you knew it was coming. The ball hit the ground and there was still 1 second left. I don't like the way we handled that play and they don't like that there was a second remaining, but that's what happened.

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Short answer no. One of the PI calls was questionable (though there was contact it was probably uncatchable), the others were correct. On the other side we had a chop block where Hall whiffed and missed Suh but the flag came and that killed a drive where we had just completed a 12 yard pass to Shipley out to mid field and then had a terrible call that put the ball on our two on a kick off so at best it evens out. The horse collar was an easy call and even though Texas was mind numbingly stupid in its clock management, the right call was to have 1 second left and the whole purpose of replay is to get the right call made.

    It seems the Huskers want to win by having the wrong call made on the end of the game clock issue, they even admit it would be the wrong call but that doesnt seem to matter.
  10. Tan Ted Deki

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    But they probably feel like ****. And I can imagine that any fanbase in their position (thinking they watched time run out and then losing) would be acting quite foolish in a general way.

    I mean, our fans look like they lost and the world is ending and we're 13-0.
  11. Pentaconta

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    Do I think the officiating in this game was subpar? Yes. But I think there were lousy calls on both sides, and they roughly balanced out. The clock call by the refs at the end was absolutely correct, though. Replay was indisputable.

    Some of the Nebraska fans whining reminds me of Tech fans, who have elevated whining about officiating to a new art form.

    Let the haters hate. We're going to the BCS NCG!


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    No and their incessant whining wont bring back their glory days from the 70s either. Well played defensive game BOTH sides..let the media have fun idolizing Alabama for the next thirty days while we go back to work ala 2005.
  13. Seattle Husker

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    Did NU get jobbed? I thought putting 1 second back on the clock was a good call. Now, the PI that let to the the UT FG was a good call...if the UT WR was 7ft tall. The PI in the endzone was a bogus call because there is nothing in the rule book that says the defensive player has to turn around for the ball. I've watched that replay 10 times and there is no discernable motion by the WR that displays he was interfered with. The referee made the assumption the WR was interfered with.

    That's the breaks. I'd readily admit that there was an ATROCIOUS call on UT kickoff return. That didn't remotely have the effect of a single ATROCIOUS PI call that directly led to a FG.

    With that said, UT is the better team. I think the NU defense was the best unit on the field tonight and Suh is the best player in college football but UT deserves the BCS birth more than NU.

    This is a bitter pill to swallow since I firmly believe that the Blackshirts alone earned the victory. They didn't get it though and I for that UT get's the W.

    Now, does anyone know where we might be able to recruit a QB?
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    The kick return that got placed on the 1 was total unmitigated ******* ********.

    His knee touched when he did NOT have possession of the ******* ball. When he recovered the ball, he advanced it well beyond the 1 yard line.

    Those officials were clearly from Venus. The were not men, that's for sure.

    We'll we won. And my airline tickets, hotel reservations, and rental car reservations that I previously made in MF June! for LA are ALL GOOD now.

    Now, all I need to do is for the Foundation to make good on all those donations I've made for lo these many years.

    I see my crowd sitting there in the Rose Bowl yelling (screaming) for our Horns.
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    I don't think I've ever heard 2 fan basis in a game settled by less than 3 points EVER think their side didn't someone get wronged by refs. It's part of the game. We groan about it, Husker fans will as well, and in the end it is what it is. Move on.
  23. triplehorn

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    With a kickoff out of bounds followed by a horse-collar penalty, I'd be more upset with my team than the opponent or refs.
  24. lnghrn005

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    one of the chop blocks was a terrible call. suh wasn't engaged with anyone and hall went low. thats not a chop block.

    one of the PI calls was terrible. the one where malcolm got pushed and sort of gave up was a terrible call. the one with buckner the guy didn't look at the ball and was all over him. the one with shipley the guy kept pushing shipley and didn't look for the ball, shipley jumped as the guy was pushing him and fell back. questionable call but had the guy just played the ball probably would have been a pass-breakup.

    the refs missed a couple of holding/clipping calls on Pauls' big returns.

    and the call on Goodwin was completely pathetic and obviously wrong.

    there were bad calls all around so we have just as much of a reason to complain as they do about the refs. the last 3 calls were not questionable. the ball went out of bounds, the horse-collar was a clear violation, might not like the rule but that wasn't one of those questionable ones, it was a clear horse-collar. the ball hit out of bounds with 1 second left, they showed it on the replay and it was clear.

    sorry huskers, was a great game, the defense was amazing and suh is easily the best player in the ncaa regardless of position but the call was right and Lawrence still had to make a 46 yard FG to win it, which he did.
  25. Gontex

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    Was I the only one that saw Suh's helmet to helmet contact on Colt very early in the game. Happened on the sideline when Colt was being knocked ob by another blackshirt.
  26. Bill_McNeal

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    My thoughts: Nebraska didn't get jobbed.

    And their fans are entitled to the occasional outburst. They're a great program, a credit to the Big 12, and worthy of a ****-load of respect. If they're irritated in the heat of the moment following a brutal CCG, that's to be expected. God knows we'd be the same way if the situations were reversed.

    It's good for the conference for the Huskers to be good and pissed off.
  27. DVPMD

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    My response to all of this stupid ********:

    Suck my ****.

    TEXAS wins again, as was written in the history of the world before any of us were born. We are triumphant, because we are the chosen ones. Colt is the truth, believe the word, say what you want, but once again we are the destined ones.
  28. CraigHorn

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    Huskers didn't get jobbed and Horns deserved to win.

    With that recognition, I would have to agree with SH that the Husker D was the best unit on the field. They had to manage a much tougher O than the Horns D and did a great job. Just came up short.
  29. UTAustin92

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    When your offense only gained a total of 106 yards on offense, you have no reason to ***** about losing.
  30. djack

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    The Big 12 is back to not calling holding. They showed one against Suh where he made the tackle. Earl Thomas was blatantly held twice right in front of the scrub who did not call the horse collar. One was kick return and the other was before NU's 2nd first down two plays later. No way NU ever converts a 1st and 20. I would bet there were others on both sides.

    The NU receiver did push off C Brown on their last conversion. Brown did engage him, but he did push off.

    They should not complain about the officials.

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