Did UT pull a 'Manti' with Ricky Doak in '98?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by darius, Jan 17, 2013.

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    For the record, I've always thought that Texas milked Doak Walker's death in 1998 in a transparent (but ultimately successful) effort to get Ricky the Heisman. Walker's role as Ricky's "friend and mentor" was overplayed, and Ricky wearing his number at the OU game was pure theater. I mean, c'mon, they met briefly and exchanged cordialities at the award ceremony the year before.

    I'm sure this type of thing goes on everywhere, but I thought it was odd and, as I said, overplayed, even back then.
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    Fairly sure Doak Walker existed...
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    ...and, heck, it now appears the girl Manti claimed to be his girlfriend may exist, too. But what I mean is overplaying the depth of a relationship as part of an effort to garner Heisman voters.
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    Am I wrong about that, Taps?

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    Given that the family of Doak Walker was at the UT/OU game and he presented them with the jersey afterward in the locker room in a pretty emotional moment (watch the video it is online) and that there is video of him and Doak getting together on several occasions prior to Doak's death and both of them talking about how they got close, the answer to your question is no, the two are not at all similar, not even a bit.
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    Please link me to information about Ricky and Doak getting together on several occasions (other than the award ceremony the year before).

    I recall the locker room activity after the OU game, and it was touching. But, UT organized all of that in connection with the death of a man who didn't even play college ball at Texas and was not in any way connected with the University. Heck, we didn't do that much when Tom Landry died. I think UT milked it for Ricky's sake.

    Did Doak Walker exist and actually die? Of course; I'm not attempting to parallel that. But, did Texas seize on it, overplay the depth of their relationship, and use it for Ricky's benefit? I believe so.

    As said, I think a lot of universities do similar thing to get media attention for their athletes.
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    No, not even in the same ballpark.

    Knowing the way Ricky took to the UT and it's history learning about Campbell and Coach Royal, this sounds exactly like something Ricky would have done.

    I want you to link your accusation of them not meeting outside the award ceremony.

    Here is the link and if you read it you will read what Doak Walkers widow says.


    This has to be one of the stupidest comparisons ever made.
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    Nice post, major. The article mentions they met twice, both at awards ceremonies.

    Sorry if you disagree that UT overplayed the Doak Walker connection. It has always felt that way to me.

    Same ballpark as Manti T'eo's fraud? Nope.

    P.S. Reserve "stupid" for aggy visitors; not longtime Hornfans posters and Texas grads. A little courtesy within our own ranks. Thanks.
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    Meeting in Orlando and Dallas and then getting in ski accident a couple weeks later that basically handicapped and ended your life, how would Doak be expected to hit 6th street with Ricky before the end of the Spring Semester as Ricky was going to be traveling playing baseball over the summer?

    I don't think Texas had anything to do with this situation, other than maybe Mack Brown or Darryl Royal or Bucky Godbolt telling him the story of Bobby Layne and Doak Walker and the great friendship and rivalry they had.....

    If you have ever been to the Doak Walker awards when he was alive it was a great tribute to Walker and the Cotton Bowl being the House that Doak built. You can't help but learn about the guy and his rival Bobby Layne who is a Texas Legend.

    Remember, before the OU game Ricky had already played in the Cotton Bowl 5 games, this was going to be his 6th game in that stadium. I will let you figure that out........

    Man, I must be bored............1998 was the funniest year of college football for me!!!

    Sending letters and notes to Doak Walker and then some spare reporter in Houston picking it up and ABC plastering it all over the TV on one Saturday, not much of a conspiracy but hey if you think so, have at it.

    I didn't mean you were stupid just the post, yet I am still replying to it, so what does that make me?

    No harm no foul, I apologize, I have had extensive conversations with both Doak Walker and Ricky Williams. To compare the fiasco that is occuring the Teo, or even in the same light or breath as Heisman hype, in my opnion couldn't be further from the truth.

    ABC, especially, Musburger is notorious for drilling into the ground with stories like Walker/Williams. Also, don't for get ESPN was just starting Gameday and this story was just too easy to hype, hence, I don't think Texas had to call or mention to much for ESPN and ABC to go with this story.

    Now if Ricky would have donned number 20 at the OU game, or 33 at the AM game, then I think you would have been on to something about Texas creating hype and publicity
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    Your depth of knowledge and experience on this topic obviously far exceeds my own, so I yield and defer to you.
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    Well, regardless, Ricky was going to win either way.
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    Did Doak cogitate?
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    I think you meant McElvey in '95 maybe?? [​IMG]
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    The OP is Exhibit A that we have some RETARDED FUCKS as fans.
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    Every year, the Doak Walker Award is given to the best imaginary player in college football. Early favorites to win in 2013 are Sneezy Beltran, Colt McCoy's 3rd roommate, and Johnny Football's cousin, Johnny Badminton.
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    Eloquent post, WashU, very eloquent. Nothing screams class like calling a fellow Horn with a different opinion than yours a "retarded f*ck." Well done. Hook'em, bro.
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    Darius, frankly your post comes across like a major league troll job. I dont know anything about you, this is the internet what someone says about themselves often must be taken with a huge grain of salt. That said if you are a fellow Horn and not a troll, I am sorry you feel disparaged.

    Still to compare the Te'o situation to Ricky Williams just is too far a stretch and invites some biting responses from those of us who lived through the '98 season and who saw and/or knew Ricky then and now. As someone who was just a fan of Ricky and never knew him personally though I was introduced to him once I remember his appearances and actions at Texas as those of a truly classy individual and the stories of him writing Doak Walker and developing that friendship just fit everything I had heard about him and been told about him by people who did know him. He doesnt deserve to have questioned his reputation or integrity and that is what you do when you compare him to the Te'o fiasco.
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    Ricky was really ticked to find that Doak Walker's profile was a lie, and that he was in fact a 38-year-old balding bachelor who lived in his parents' basement and made his living doing internet searches and rating video games.
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    I grade this troll as a D minus.

    At risk of feeding the troll I would say that UT did not do a full Manti but closer to 1/100 of 1% full Manti.
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    Trolls don't usually post over 700 times over a seven-year period on HornFans. But, that's apparently irrelevant, as is the fact that I yielded to Major's superior perspective on the issue once he shared it. I was wrong; I'm sure none of you have ever been. But then, who cares? You guys are having a field day, so have at it. Knock yourself out.
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    Come on guys, le'st channel our scorn on T'eo or the lowly sooners... as Robert DeNiro in Goodfellas would say: Forget about it!
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    you guys are brutal! It was an interesting theory that turned out to not hold much water. Cut Darius some slack. Clearly he is not a troll. He was just sharing some thoughts from 14 years back….
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