Direct Quote From Muschamp About Points vs Yards

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by DRAG69, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. DRAG69

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    "What are you going to do about the problem of giving up so many yards?" the reporter asked.

    "What problem?" Muschamp responded.

    Well, you gave up more than 400.

    "I don't worry about yards. The only thing I worry about is giving up points," Muschamp said.

  2. Texas Taps

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  3. busterbrown16

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    He is playing with fire if he expects to get RZ turnovers against Missouri and Oklahoma.
  4. DRAG69

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    Since the game is decided by who has the most points he is exactly right.

    When you start getting points for sacks or lack of yards allowed then call me.

    Yeah, yeah I know....supposedly if the better teams on our schedule get as many or more yards than our first two opponents they will score more points against us. I guess we will see but it does not mean that this will definitely happen.
  5. Uncle Rico

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    once again most people would argue that if you give up a bunch of yards you will give up more points unless the other team turns the ball over or has penalties and kills themselves. i would argue that the better teams aren't always going to make these mistakes but nobody is going to disagree that if we give up 700 yds and 10 points that it's a success as long as we score 11.
  6. DRAG69

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  7. X-Ray_Horn

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    As Bob Davie might say,

    "Defense wins Camp-ionships."
  8. p_town_horn

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    On the flip side of this I think most hornfans would say VY has been successful with the Titans (although they get no credit) because he has won ball games. Forget that his stats weren't all pro level, he found a way to make his crappy team win, and did so enough to get to the playoffs.

    If you guys keep disagreeing with Boom I will have to bring out some Madenisms. 'The team with the most points at the end of the game is going to win'....please do not make me continue.
  9. Uncle Rico

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  10. Statalyzer

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    So as long as the opposing offense doesn't score, it doesn't matter how good or bad of field position you give your own offense?
  11. DRAG69

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    Baylor is 36th nationally in yards allowed at 283 YPG.

    Texas is 69th at 352 YPG.

    Baylor is 67th in points allowed per game at 23.5.

    Texas is 21st at 11.5.

    Texas is 2-0 and Baylor is 1-1.

    Not that this proves anything but PPG is the most telling statistic a defense can have. If you don't believe me just ask Coach Muschamp.
  12. tbone

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    If we don't get a good pass rush and come up with some way to cover in the secondary we are ****** against ou, Missouri, and tech. The pass rush and coverage displayed in the first two games was not good enough to handle these three. We need to gel quickly.

    And Muschamp knows it.
  13. Clubber Lang

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    The Cowboys played like this under Mike Zimmer and it works to a point, but in a close game you need to get the ball back to your offense. When you allow the other team to chew up yards and TOP you are making your margin of error very small.
  14. whocares2008

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    How long will the Muschamp love affair continue? Is he now your Vince Young or will it all end after you collect 3 or 4 losses this season and find yourself in another Holiday Bowl? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. mandingo

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    Did some of y'all ever consider the possibility that what Coach Muschamp says to some idiot reporter in a PC and what he's really thinking about and working on in practice are two entirely different things?
  16. Mr.Wizard

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    Did he jump around like a giant toddler on 'roids when he was quoted?

  17. lnghrn005

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    Its coach speak, he's not gonna get on his defense about the yards through the media but he and the rest of the staff are not happy with the amount of yards given up.
  18. Texas Taps

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    I wonder if Muschamp realizes how smart we are
  19. HornHuskerDad

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  20. Texanne

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    Darrell Royal used to say, "All that running around between the 20s is just wearing out grass. It's what happens inside the 20s that matters."
  21. ProdigalHorn

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    The point is that we could run a defense like UTEP ran, sell out on the blitz, try to disrupt every single play at the line of scrimmage, and we'd get more sacks and more negative yardage plays. We'd also give up more big plays downfield and more TDs.

    I love how people somehow get from this quote that he's OK with not getting three-and-outs, it's no big deal when an opponent is picking up four or five yards a pop. Sometimes I think you guys really believe our coaches are that stupid.

    If I'd just won a game and given up only 13 points and someone made a crak about how many yards I gave up, I'd probably say something like what he did, except that the word "idiot" probably would have been used.
  22. TWC

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    You guys seem confused, we complain about Greg Davis and Mack Brown here, not Muschamp. He's got a good point about points, but unfortunately the various magic ranking systems take into account defensive production.
  23. rickysrun

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    What Texanne said about what DKR said.
  24. 726

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    ................................................................ UT OU
    FIRST DOWNS................................... 13 13
    RUSHES-YARDS (NET)........................ 32-124 36-124
    PASSING YDS (NET)......................... 108 209
    Passes Att-Comp-Int............................. 18-11-0 27-15-2
    TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS..... 50-232 63-333

    .............UT TECH
    yards...444 468
    score.....52 17

    No matter how hard you try, or who says it, some never learn: yardage doesn't mean anything. Period. You play for yards. I'll play for points. Guess who wins EVERY time?
  25. ngnichols

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    Anyone who complains about yards doesn't truely understand the basics of the game. Points are the only thing that matters at the end of the game. You can give up 500 total yards in a game, but if you hold them to a goose-egg then it doesn't really matter.
  26. WabashCannon

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    Made me laugh out loud [​IMG]

    I guess he forgot to take out his retainer for the game
  27. Uncle Rico

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    so basically all of you claiming that anyone concerned with the other team (even ****** teams) moving the ball consistently on us are using the argument, "points are the only thing that matters". thanks captain obvious. i thought if we outgained another team we won by default.

  28. Extra Large

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    The end results are all that matter, and Trent Dilfer is a better quarterback than Dan Marino.


    Hey, he can sing that song all day right now, but I can promise you that the kick in the *** to pat on the back ratio is still heavily weighted toward the first option.

    If we can still say that "yards don't matter, point do" after Missouri, OU, and Tech....fine. I'll be on board. Until then, I think they need to tighten their game a little.
  29. centexorange

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    How long will the Muschamp love affair continue? Is he now your Vince Young or will it all end after you collect 3 or 4 losses this season and find yourself in another Holiday Bowl?

    Jeeez you guys kill me.. This man hasn't lost a game here yet. Don't you think he knows what needs to be done? Remeber hes playing with players that he didnt recruit for one. What makes you think hes going to fail? You have him tried, convicted and run out of town already.
  30. Uncle Rico

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    i don't think anyone thinks muschamp sucks here. i think we are saying that there is an unfavorable trend here. i think the guy is a hell of a coach and i think he will be able to get results over the next few weeks and we will be ready come time to play our big xii sched. but i'm not going to concede that since we've given up 11.5 pts/game that means we are ploaying kick *** defense.

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