Dirty 6th

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by Larry T. Spider, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Larry T. Spider

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    Looks like Logans is closing after 15 years due to violence that they attribute to the homeless population. Quite a few business owners have been complaining for a while now. I do not know a single person that goes there anymore. Hopefully they will get the situation sorted out as it is a major attraction for visitors to the city.
  2. l00p

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    It's pretty damned sketchy for sure. Whether it is the random people that come by and punch you before running away to the muggings and hold ups at ATM's. It could also be the lurkers in the shadows along the fringe streets in any direction of 6th itself.

    I avoid that area like the plague. I will take the train down there to hit up a friends restaurant and bar in the early evening and head back before 9. Parking is more of a pain in the *** if you can believe that.

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