dish/direct tv/ or cable

Discussion in 'PCL' started by lil'e, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. lil'e

    lil'e First Time Poster

    I living north of Dallas in Frisco, TX and was wondering which was the best--diret tv, cable or dish network. thanks a ton!!
  2. HornsHornsHorns

    HornsHornsHorns 500+ Posts

    Directv, especially if you have any interest in any of their sports packages (NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN GamePlan, etc.)
  3. Grand Master B

    Grand Master B < 25 Posts

    WITHOUT question, DirecTV ! You can also get those cards "reprogrammed" to have access to ALL channels including PPV, Sports, NFL Ticket and ETC for virtually no $$$. I am also in the NorthDallas/Frisco area.

  4. Hpslugga

    Hpslugga 2,500+ Posts

    I've only had cable, so my vote's for cable.

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