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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by caryhorn, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. caryhorn

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    Temple 35
    Maryland 14
  2. ProdigalHorn

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    Since the Maryland game is over and how Maryland plays the rest of the year has no bearing on us at all, I'll go ahead and see how we actually play against other teams before chucking the season because Maryland decided to phone it in and got punked.
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  3. caryhorn

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  4. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    To be fair it was an indicator last year and has been so far this year too with mediocre play including tonight.
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  5. Horn2RunAgain

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    Yes it is an indicator of how far down the tubes we've gone. Twice in a row they beat us. Head up. No excuses. Now they can't stay with Temple? Wow
  6. ProdigalHorn

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    You're right. This USC performance is completely meaningless. The whole season's ruined because Maryland hasn't played well after they beat us.
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  7. caryhorn

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    Who knows, right now, which game--Maryland or USC--will have more impact on how our team is viewed.

    If both Md, and usc have identical 4-6 records, i would hazard a guess that the loss to MD would be a bigger negative than a win over a 4-6 usc team would be viewed as a positive. In terms of how bowl matchups would be chosen.

    Now if usc turns it around, and wins out, then the win over usc will be huge. As long as we win 8 or 9 more.

    If we only win five or 6 games, then the win over usc will not mean a lot. We'd be viewed as a mediocre team regardless.
  8. ProdigalHorn

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    And I think that's the deal. We still have issues. We're playing better but SC is worn out on defense. The o-line is better but still not there yet. Defense is getting better but still not a great QB rush. If this score holds up, we'll feel a lot better about things, but we still look to me like a 7-8 win team.
    But having said that, progress is being made. I'll celebrate that.
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  9. Statalyzer

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  10. Walking Boss

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    The disturbing score was 34-29. Not what the temps did against temple
  11. Horn2RunAgain

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    If TCU throttles us, which game is the more accurate indicator. Maryland beating us? Our narrow victory vs Tulsa (arky state beat them by a a similar margin) . Or tonight?
    We had some fortunate calls, would you disagree? If the safety is called, we give 2 points AND the ball deep in the first half. Different scenario, who's to say we get momentum back after a correct call?
    Let's cross our fingers that TCU punts horribly next week, we get a few sweet calls from refs and their offensive line is as bad as usc's. We'll give em hell if that the case.. /sarc
  12. wadster

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    The safety really didn't mean as much as you think. Even after the ruff the punter, Sam takes the sack inside the 5 and USC got the ball at our 48 after the punt. What mattered way more was the stuff on 4th and 1. That was the play that really changed the game
  13. ProdigalHorn

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    The TCU game will be the most accurate indicator. At some point, the opener was what it was. We played like garbage and got beat by a team we should have beaten. I don't know why we have to keep hanging on to that game and replaying it in our minds. It's completely irrelevant to what's happening right now because this team isn't playing like that right now.
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  14. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    Some people will go miles out of their way just so they can continue to be negative and cynical.
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  15. AC

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    Texas has to move on from USC and clearly they have moved on from Maryland. The past has to stay there. Texas can’t say their back, that has to be proven over time. Hence the TH mantra go 1-0 this week!
    I’ve had to move on from unfair things in business that happened to me and were out of my control. Cost me millions. I’m better off leaving the past there and moving on getting better daily. This team has to do that. They can’t let this one win satisfy them and slow down now. There are still 8 games left in this regular season. 1-0 has to be adopted by the team weekly. They may surprise us when it’s over. There’s a huge life lesson in leaving the past behind. Good and bad.
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  16. Horn6721

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    This:" They can’t let this one win satisfy them and slow down now.":hookem:

    That will be on the coaches.
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  17. X Misn Tx

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    If we're not a top 10 team (I don't think we are), but we don't suck, it seems normal that we'd lay an egg and get a signature win all in the same season.

    I don't think that any one game defines us unless it's the one at the end of the season like 2005.
  18. caryhorn

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    DKR said he would not ever forget a bad loss, because we had better learn from it, and remember the pain of playing poorly, and losing--that this could and should be used as motivation to work harder and play smarter and better.

    I started this thread not to make a blanket statement how the rest of the season would unfold. I was amazed that Temple trampled Maryland. I held hope, after they beat us, that Md was better than I had thought. They are not. That disturbs me.

    After the Tulsa game, I was very depressed, and feared that the Horns were not nearly as good as I had hoped.

    After the USC victory, I am more baffled than ever. We played poorly in games one and two, and played well in game three. And our defense dominated the 2nd half against usc. Remember though, usc played a true freshman QB. We rightfully made them pay for that.

    This week against TCU we will need to bring it on both sides of the ball to win. tOSU scored two (and one was a bad call) defensive TD's to beat TCU. Otherwise the frogs would be coming to town undefeated and top ten.

    A victory over TCU could be a great springboard to keep momentum for a run through the B12. We must develop and maintain consistency at a high level to make it through the next few games.
  19. blonthang

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    The Turtle was just a few days from a temporary new beginning, working under a new, interim head coach, their former OC.

    High on "winning one for the Gipper", that is their fallen comrade who died on the practice field.

    Texas is in town.

    They win.

    The next week the balloon deflates bigly.

    I'm not too surprised. My surprise is that Troy beat NU at Lincoln, though Troy also beat No.25 LSU at Baton Rouge last year.

    Still, NU is 0-2 for the first time since 1957.

    Sucks to be them.
  20. duff_man

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    Just be happy for the win, and hope we can continue to build on this. If so, we'll be fine.

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