DMN Reports Greg Davis Fired

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by TxStHorn, Dec 2, 2010.

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    <Mormon Tabernacle Choir> Hall-elujah! Hall-elujah! Hallelujah!Hallelujah! Hall-e-a-lujah! </Mormon Tabernacle Choir>
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    uhhh...the DMN is reporting that KETCH is reporting.

    Not the same thing.
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    Happy Dance! [​IMG]
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    If Osama Bin Laden was named OC I'd be happy.
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    I won't ever cheer or dance over a person that gets fired, but if true, i embrace the change and look forward to a new look (hopefully) next year.

    Best of luck to Mr. Davis. You represented the University with respect and dignity. (if the report is true)
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    they've retracted and now the link is saying that he has not been fired.
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    I don't expect anything to happen until after the football banquet.
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    I knew it was too good to be true. I've always thought Greg Davis must have pictures of Mack in a compromising situation..... it's the only rational explanation.
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    Team source tells us Greg Davis is expected to assume a "non-coaching role in the athletics department". Tweeted by AInsideTexas
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    News has become lightening fast and totally unreliable.
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    I'm still hopeful. It would seem to me that if the claims by ketch were completely unfounded Bellmont would've made a stronger statement to that effect other than "no decisions have been made of yet blah blah blah."

    My fingers are crossed.
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    So because it hasn't happened yet, now you're taking that as a confirmation that it's not going to happen? Man some of you are jumpy!

    Agreed with Yo, assuming this actually happens, the guy has done nothing to deserve some of the bile and hate spewed at him. I have no problem with wanting him replaced, but the fact that he's not employed by us isn't what I'll be excited about, but the prospect of getting our offense back on track.
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    I'm with You and Prodigal.

    Hate if you want but we won a ton of games under his watch, and I appreciate what he has done under much scrutiny.

    Thanks and Hook'em
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    Where there's smoke there's fire. I'd be willing to bet it happens within the next week or so. There is virtually no way GD can come back at this point.
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    OB reports that he is not fired, but will be reassigned to a new position, possibly one that doesn't exist yet.

    At any rate it appears there will be a new OC. Yahoo!
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    Mack would NEVER fire GD but being reassigned or retire then taking another position within the Athletic Department seems to be what Mack Brown's class behavior would dictate.

    If true thank you for bringing a record amount of wins during your time here as the OC. [​IMG]
  28. i'm with you classy ******** that are thanking GD and wishing him well. he did a great job here and it will be interesting to see if his successor can surpass some of the high water marks set under davis. i hope so.
    i'm excited to see who we will get.
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    FM 104.9 Austin is reporting it right now on the noon hour, and saying it's on the major news sources. But I assume the origin was OB.
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    I would take Applewhite in a heartbeat. He is a great recruiter, is a buddy of Mack and Will, is smart, a former player, is creative...out to prove himself. Hungry...Have you EVER said that about the OC at Texas?

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