Do we have the best Coaching Staff in the country?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RyanUTAustin, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. RyanUTAustin

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    With the addition of Muschamp and Applewhite and the returning coaches, is it safe to say that we now have the best coaching staff in America.
    I think you have to take a serious look at what it means for recruiting by adding these guys.
  2. L.A.Longhorn

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    It looks nice, but I'll wait for results.

    I'd take Norm Chow too now that he's looking for a job.
  3. NativeTXchic

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    I'd definitely have to say that things are looking up! I'm very excited about the coming season and seeing what Texas will produce on the field! Hopefully, we can gain another NC with these changes!! [​IMG]
  4. Texas Taps

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    Unless we win every game this season, someone's going to be pissed off about something
  5. TrashMaster G

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    Best or not, who cares? All you are doing is inviting the poo-pooers out to complain about this, that and the other.

    All I know is that we have an outstanding staff and I'm very impressed with Mack's staff moves.
  6. general35

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    when did applewhite become one of the best coaches in the country? muschamp is a good coach but there are others i would have rather had.
  7. Hobbes2702

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    What defensive coordinator would you rather have than Muschamp at this point? And Major is one of the top up and coming coordinators in America.
  8. longhornfan2818

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    I am going to wait and see the results next year before i make any proclamations of being the best staff. We certainly have the right pieces in place.
  9. Dude

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  10. SubliminalHorn

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    CHETOLONGHORN 250+ Posts

    Mack top 10
    Muschamp top 5
    Greg Davis top 10
    Akina #1
  12. LISD149

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  13. orangeut

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    I am very happy to see the changes Mack has made with the addition of Muschamp, and now Major. It is a huge step in the right direction I do believe. Thanks for seeing your need to make upgrades Mack. That is a good sign. [​IMG]
  14. TheFied

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    Just b/c Major has been at 3 different places in 3 years means (and now 4 in 4 years) means that he is hot. Statistically I would say his job at Rice is probably his best performance.

    But Major is definitely not a top 5 QB coach or OC. Not yet. He hasn't shown this. But he is young and I like making our staff younger.
  15. Beamwalker

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    We may have the best coaching staff in the nation. But we also might have another Chizik who leaves in a year, and a young QBs coach who might be in over his head if he is going too fast. And Akina still might leave for greener pastures, removing an amazing DBs and special teams coach. So your question can't really be answered right now I don't think, except to say that we might.
  16. Third Coast

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    Major's experience at QB, then coaching them and his subsequent hiring as RB's coach can only mean one thing - Chiles to RB.
  17. Jive_Turkey

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    If we got rid of GD and added Kyle Shanahan as OC, then I'd say yes.

  18. burntorangebaybe

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    I have come to believe that people can change...people can learn...and make changes.

    Greg Davis has done this. He is pretty stubborn (or maybe it is Mack in the background who has been stubborn), but I don't hate on Greg Davis like I used to.

    Greg is a better OC today than he was 5 years ago. I certainly wouldn't say he is in the top 5% of offensive coordinators, but I think he is in the top 30% of OC's in the country.

    We have had very productive offensives recently under Greg. He has also had tremendous talent to work with, and he DAMN SURE BETTER have had productive offensives during the past five years with that talent.

    But I think philosophys have morphed during the past 5 years and Greg is a better OC today. He was lacking (in my estimation) when Applewhite/Simms were here.
  19. theropods

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    I'm still not a fan of GD and think we could do a lot better, but he has definitely gotten better over the years. We don't seem to have the same issues with blitzes as we used to. We could still do a lot better in this category, but think back to what we used to look like versus K State or Washington State or Oklahoma. The key to crushing our offense was to blitz us, it was either feast or famine. We would sometimes get a TD if you blitzed and we picked it up, but usually we would get pressured, sacked or commit a turnover and it stayed that way for years. It's better now, but still needs improvement.
  20. ken94che

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    The Major [​IMG]
  21. coolhorn

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    Nope, but we're getting there. By the way, props for Akina staying on staff and apparently going along with the defensive staffing changes. He's not only a terrific DB and special teams coach, but a very good person. I hope he stays here a long time.
  22. The Horn Identity

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    With tongue firmly implanted in cheek, Mack can only win a NC with the best coaching staff and/or the best player in the history of college football. [​IMG]
  23. Sooner-Tuf

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    This thread should be called Dynasty II TNG.

    It is hard to rank the best coaching staff in America but I think you have to wait til they have coached a season to start trying.
  24. Mr.Wizard

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  25. Hornstradamus

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    Then I guess we have no excuse not to win the Big XII 2-3 times in the next 3-4 years?
  26. MexicanVanilla

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    I like the mix of personalities we have on the coaching staff now. I like the fire Coach Muschamp brings to the team. I like that our offense will go against his defense in practice. I like the history and pride Major brings back to the program.

    I will really like it if this trickles down to the kids and they achieve on the field and stay out of trouble off the field. We can have the best of both worlds. Why??

    Because we're Texas!

  27. eflow24

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  28. RyanUTAustin

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    Come on some schools that you think have a better staff than Texas....
  29. LISD149

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