Do we have the best Coaching Staff in the country?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RyanUTAustin, Jan 16, 2008.

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    It's a hell of alot better than it was a month ago, which is all I am concerned about.
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    Duane Akina ? Were you guys not slaughtering him 3 weeks ago? I think we've stepped up but let's not go aggy.
  4. p_town_horn

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    Probably pretty close to the best in the country (Stoops may have our number but other teams have his, that's why he is 4-5 in bowl games). You can't win the NC, or in the Big 12 sometimes even the conference championship, every year even if you have the best talent on the field and in the booth. Players are going to drop a game every now and then, and in college football that is all it takes (if we lose to OU we pretty much lose the conference and NC, and a la two seasons ago can beat OU and still lose both). I will say this though, we have a pretty good team next year (Scott will help significantly if we ink him) and the new coaches make this an excellent staff. So I am excited for the next three or four years.
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    I have always liked Mack, at least since he coached at OU. It is good to see him doing well after all the 1-10 seasons at Tulane and NC. I always figured if someone hung with him he would take their program somewhere.
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    How about we just work on a 2nd Conference Title first?

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